I Just Discovered Singer Jazmine Sullivan

Am I late or what? Oh my gosh, thanks to the sistas here on Brown Sista I took the time and went and checked on Jazmine Sullian- a name I have seen mentioned a thousand times in the comments section of this blog. I first hit up You Tube and watched her video for Bust Your Windows and was blown away. Not by the video but the songs itself. Why haven’t I heard of this sista more? Why isn’t 107.5 WBLS and Power 105.1 (New York) playing this sista more? I can’t remember the last time I have heard such well written and thoughtful material. Jazmine is true talent and a Brown Sista who I will definitely be supporting on this blog in the future.

Haven’t heard Jazmine’s Bust Your Window yet? Check it out below- A TOTAL CLASSIC.


  1. Yeah I love this song too, it is different and she sings it well. She seems like she will make great music. I am glad you finally discovered her I was looking for a fresh face on here.

  2. *hugs Stephanie*

    You have no idea how happy this makes me that you have finally been ‘touched’ by the Jazmine. LOL

    Okay so that sounded weird, but really, isn’t she awesome???

    I dare say this is one of the best, if not THE best, R&B albums of the year. SHE IS AMAZING.

    Her album, continuity wise, covers so much ground in regards to relationships. And I think it is appropriately titled. She goes from love, to being in love, to questioning that love, to betrayal, to being in love with another man, to being abused by the man she loves (love the social awareness of that song), to dating new men, to being afraid to dream, but daring to anyway.


    I tell you, it is on CONSTANT repeat. Love this woman and I wish her NOTHING BUT THE BEST!!!

    (and hopefully I can see her Live one day soon) :brownsista:

    Stephanie thank you for posting on her! πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, Stephanie you are late. I love her she is so awesome. And her CD doesnt do her any justice. I found some songs of hers that i thought would be on the CD and they are 10 times better than what made the CD. But she is talented and i hope she does well in her career!

  4. She is fierce and so underrated. I think a lot of blogs have given her a chance but radio has not. Black radio is a garbage pail full of TI and Lil Wayne records. They would rather play Cassie than Jazmine. I know people don’t want to hear it but I think Jazmine is suffering for not having the right look and the right look today is Cassie, Rihanna and Beyonce. Anything outside of that is just not accepted anymore. Jazmine’s entire album is a gem and and people who don’t get a chance to hear it are missing out.

  5. I really like her voice. I don’t know much about her expect the usual bio stuff. Bust your window is the second song I’ve heard from her, I know she has a reggae song that I don’t really care for, but I hope to hear more from her. Oh and steph………………….here’s your late pass :bag:


    Her cd was the first Female cd I brought legally after BDAY..LOL

  7. @ Stephanie,

    I could’ve written a better treatment for this video. I think it should’ve been more retro-themed as her music has heavy inflections of doo-wop and 60s soul and even reggae (thinks “I Need You Bad”). But this will suffice I suppose.

    I want so much for her because truly, as if I can’t sing this album’s praises enough, this is one of the best records I’ve heard in a LONG TIME. And I just don’t go out and buy cds. I don’t download either…not 100% with the computer technology and whatnot LOL But this was a find and a treat and after reading so much about her and hearing so many awesome reviews I just ‘had’ to check her out. Thank God I did. So pleased with this album. *gushes*

  8. Don’t feel bad Stephanie, I just discovered her like 2 weeks ago! I love her voice, I have not been able to stop playing “Lions, Tigers, and Bears”.

    @ Kanyade: I agree, the video doesn’t fit the song.

    One of the best highlights for 2008!

  9. She’s timeless..She’s amazing….She’s the next best thing.

    One of my fav artist.

  10. Lions Tigers and bear
    I heard that THE day her cd came out, AND thats what got me hooked!!
    I play that song at least 2WICE a day IM SO HOOKED ON HER CD..LOL

  11. I have to agree Stephanie w/ the rest you are late lol. But don’t feel bad b/c it’s not your fault. Just like you stated Jazmine hasn’t had the greatest promotion, but what is helping her is that she has a powerful voice & a great amount of ppl liked her 1st reggae inspired single “Need u Bad”. Had she not had that buzz, she would be like the rest of really good artist who get no play… left in the dust. Jazmine’s entire album is good :thumbsup: . It’s sticks to the mid tempo to slow range, so don’t expect to shake ur tail to it. But I think there are enuff crappy songs out there to do that to πŸ™„ .


    I agree “Bust ur Windows” was not the best video, but once again I think she got shafted on the video b/c there are still a lot of ppl who are not into her yet. I think as soon, hopefully, as more ppl catch on… the videos will be better.

  12. Great artist!!! I find Jazmine S. to be very refreshing in her style and music. She has so much potential to succeed in this industry as long as she stay true to her music – and herself!!!!

    “Bust the Windows Out Your Car” is the bomb. Finally, some music/lyrics that even the average person can relate to. πŸ™‚

  13. “Lions, Tigers and Bears” *sigh* LOVE THAT SONG.

    But again, I love the entire record. Can I get out of this post now? LOLOLOL Can’t seem to stop talking about it.


    Oh and I love “Need You Bad”; I love the sista (I think she’s one of the ones from Floetry?) I love how she says “donnuhs”….”you want donnuhs”. LOLOLOL I even love Missy in the background screaming/yelling. Jazmine is so great. There are YouTubes of her singing live. One where she sang to an audience of YT teens her song “In Love With Another Man”……..I’m wondering if those chirren were even old enough to fully ‘get’ that song. Yet another song that just ‘moves’ me. I try to sing along with Jazmine but it just doesn’t come out well; so I end up just bobbing my head πŸ˜†

    @ Blame it,

    “Bust Ur Windows”………….they could’ve done an in-studio vid in full black-n-white with just her and microphone and the camera making moves, zooming in and out, while various animations floated hither and thither of a car, of a bat, of glass, of a dude looking confused, etc. See? Es facile, no? LOL *considers going to film school……………reconsiders ‘coz I’d have to move and I hate moving* LOL

    Okay, enough ‘stanning’ for Jazmine. I think I might be done now.


  14. jazmines cd is fire the whole cd is great she reminds me of lauryn hill faith evans and kelly pr

  15. Can people just stop with the Beyonce comparisons? I love Beyonce (All the Single Ladies! Putcha hands up!) and I love other singers as well. Singers like Chrisette Michelle, Esperanza Spaulding, Jazmine Sullivan, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu.

    Dang. There’s more than one brand of ketchup, hotsauce and mayo. Can’t we have more than one brand of singer?


  16. Her album is AMAZING!! I love it. Yeah radios don’t give her much airplay as they should. Tired of hearing the same ol people with the same type of songs…Rihanna, Beyonce, T-Pain, Wayne. There are BETTER artists out there, but all you hear are the same people.

  17. I love her CD!! Yeah she doesn’t get the right amount of airplay or exposure. Tired of the same ol washed up people…Rihanna, Beyonce, Pain, and Wayne. There are better and even more talented artists out there. She is just another artist slept on. I got her cd when it first came out. Legally. I haven’t paid for a cd since Ms. Kelly! Bust your windows is on constant repeat. Hurricane is next in line, then Lions and Tigers and Bears. All the others are great too, but those are my favorites

  18. My faves from the cd are Bust Your Windows, After the Hurricane, One Night Stand, Need U Bad

    :iagree: Harlem Chic! I support and love several artists. Let that comparison bs go!

  19. I can’ t even be mad at you for not knowing her Stephanie, The media downplay that girl’s talent soo much it is amazing, then people want to get mad when women like rihanna make it , because they are more marketable, But don’ t be, Here is jazmine sullivan best -30 years old vocalist after and if i say it , then it’ s true leona lewis and alicia keys, She can sing blow, and her songs have meaning to it, Does she get airplay? Did her album sell? I bought two copies of it, so i don’ t feel guilty i don’ t listen to radio but voice always request her songs, so we know we did our part :bag: on all of those that find it more convenient to get into fight about who has the prettiest coochie , instead of rooting for who has the real talent and support them along with those that are less fortunate vocally :bag:

    Don’ t forget to vote tomorow, i’ f you’ re not busy with deciding which air weave swinging is better than the other πŸ™„

  20. She has a great voice :thumbsup: . I bought her CD a few weeks ago and I really like it. I won’t compare her to anyone else because she has a great voice and so do a lot of other singers and there is room for all of them. Everyone is “allowed” to enjoy listening to more than one singer and enjoy different types of music…right?

  21. I dare say this is one of the best, if not THE best, R&B albums of the year

    And i double dare to agree kanyade. ain’ t i always agreing with you anyway? what are you pisces? Lool HOW IS THE AFRO COMING GIRL?

  22. The entire album is great you got to listen to it

  23. Sashay_Shante: U got it black radios are paid, if someone show me i would pay them to play jazmine real talk

  24. That “Bust Your Windows” song is AMAZING! Her voice…amazing. The lyrics…. simple yet story-telling. Amazing. I really like her. Like I’ve said before, if the songs written for Solange’s album were given to Jazmine Sullivan, she would have blown them away. She’s a vocalist extraordinaire.

  25. Lola: Uh uh,No we can’ t stop with the comparison, Because if i didn’t know her and someone said she sang better than beyonce i would have run and listen to her, we need to compare, because you people got the definition of talent Twisted to the fullest, in front of jazmine beyonce is like rihanna, blank as all heck and i’ m a fan of her, gotta keep it real, Yall so quick to jump on other females and put them down for beyonce, rihanna, ashanti or whoever else?but when it’ s done to them, it’ s a crime? Puleeze, we can have different brand of singers fine with me but we need to start by being fair to every sister, like give jazmine some shine even if she ain’ t a red bone!

    Lets start the soon to come new year by being honnest kay? i support beyonce because she takes me back into my ghetto fabulous mood and when you are in society today you can’ t get that side of you ouit, hell she gotta bring the alter ego crap to defend it, I love her! she is my ghetto twin, but real talk i’ ll have jazmine singing “bust your windows” at a reception rather than “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it” What kind on foolishness is that ?

    After the hurricane , bust your windows, need you bad, Lions tigers and bears hell the entire album is a classic, and music connoisseurs knows that mainstream is only good for a minute then it’ s boring, Other wise why the hell did my girl bey started with destiny’ s child?

    Love jazzy and i wish her the very best!

  26. Did you hear her version of “resentment?” Wow……

    UnalteredBeauty :I so see her singing, sandcastle disco

  27. You are soooooo late. Her CD is phenomonal! She has a wonderful voice and she can’t just sing – the girl can SANG!!!!! She a mixture of a lot of great voices – Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle, old Aretha – she has some pipes on her. The production on her CD is one of the best I have heard this year.

  28. @ Amelekia

    really? I was thinking moreso T.O.N.Y. Great song but Solange’s vocals are bad. Jazmine’s voice would work for it. It’s edgy enough

  29. i think solange sing just like her sister the only difference is bey can church scream a song until you swear she the best singer ever, did you hear solange talk? It’ s like baby beyonce loool πŸ™‚

  30. @ Amelekia

    Everyone has a different opinion, that is what makes us all unique. While you may think Jasmine is the best, others will disagree. Does that mean Jasmine is less/not talented? No. Does that mean we have to tear down other artists? No. Is this post about Jasmine? Yes. Can we stick to the topic? Aside from that can we respect all brown sistas doing their thing instead of ripping them apart. :brownsista: We are our own worse enemy at times.


  31. I’m calling BS. I read this blog regularly and saw two things: One, calling out Ciara for having her single drop on Mediabase and two, praising Beyonce for possibly having a #1 single on Billboard (which she didn’t, and thanks for clarifying that with an updated post). But you mean to tell me that NEVER noticed that not only did Jazmine have a NUMBER ONE R&B single this year for a WHOLE MONTH and she has a second song in the top 10? Girl please. Did you NOT turn on the radio this summer? You couldn’t get away from “Need U Bad.”

  32. I agree but in that case don’ t take part in comparison and “bringing other sisters down” and turn around and play the lets get along card that’ s all i’ m saying, because i saw you bringing the comparison thing up i answered i wasn’ t attacking u as a person i meant in general like some people will praise bey bey and insult the next sista those are the people im ttlking bout

  33. Yeah Steph you are a little late on my girl Jazzy but the world is just now noticing her since her song ” I Need You” released on radio. I’ve been in Jazzy for quite some time though. My friend told me about her ever since her song “Resentment”. I’m sorry I know there are alot of Beyonce fans on here but Jazzy sang that song better to me and that is not to take away Beyonce’s vocal ability but I felt it with her mostly. This girl is star and she is going to remembered for her voice for a long time if she keeps it up.

  34. loveroflife I’ m a fan of beyonce and i can’ t even lie! jazzi :bowdown: resentment she sang it like she was having lunch loool so easily yet beautiful

  35. I don’t know what you guys are talking about because here in Chicago they play her music out! lol she is very popular. Now as far as her being compared to Solange. I can see that with the songs that Solange sings on her album. Solange is not a bad singer but she has improved over the years. There are certain notes she couldn’t hit back then, and she can hit them now. However I think Solange needs to make her voice sounds a little more refine than trying to be raspy. Jazmine has mastered a fine line between raspy and refine. She is the truth!

  36. She is definitely amazing….my husband says she sounds like the lovechild of Lauryn Hill and MJB…I sometimes agree.

  37. It’s so weird because I was introduced to Jazmine’s music about 2 1/2 years ago. I think she was 17 yrs old then. The songs I’ve grown to luv by her aren’t even on the album. I always knew she was going to be the new “it” artist someday. Just like I knew about Chrisette Michelle waaaayyyyy before anyone knew of her. It’s good to see them have success.

    Honestly tho’, I get kinda sad when they make it big and I have to share them. I eventually become less of major fan but always silently support from afar after the masses discover “my” up & coming artist. My brother, sis-in-law and I pretend we’re music exec. and we always try to find new artist to introduce to each other and then when they {the artist} get really big, we’ll say that we made a deal with whatever label they are currently on- in real life. It’s silly but fun.

    Glad you discovered Jazmine, Stephanie! :hifive:

  38. I wasn’t the first to bring up comparisons….I actually was agreeing with Harlem Chic. I don’t see the point of bringing up Bey in Jasmine post, Jasmine in a Bey post, or Rihanna in a Jasmine post, vice versa…but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. I have all of the 3 ladies albums, btw, and think they are all different in their own way. :brownsista:

  39. @ Dark sista,

    I’m a Scorpio. But maybe our signs have good kinship or something? :hifive: πŸ˜†

    The afro is coming. January 2009. Be on the lookout LOL :brownsista:

    Honestly tho’, I get kinda sad when they make it big and I have to share them. I eventually become less of major fan but always silently support from afar after the masses discover β€œmy” up & coming artist.

    @ Nne,

    Girl, me too! LOLOLOL I like to think “I” discovered Macy Gray and Jaguar Wright and hell, Erykah Badu because when they came out they were not as known so it made it a little easier for them to be ‘mine’. LOL. I even lay claim to John Mayer and Gavin DeGraw and Maroon 5. LOL. And I do it with actors and actresses’ too.

    There’s just something about the lesser-knowns who are budding artists with burgeoning popularity and worldwide recognition. Makes you feel like you are right there with them and have a piece of them. Hmmmph. Now I can see why some stan so hard (still) for Beyonce. LOL. John Legend was the same for me, too. And hell, Black Eyed Peas BEFORE Fergie.

  40. …when she goes high it feels as though she’s in physical pain,not a good look… Like bust your windows, i give her 2 years and she’l be like ms hill[NOWHERE EXCEPT A NUT HOUSE]

  41. I need to get her album i seen her live with maxwell and she sound so good live.

  42. @ Blah,

    That’s kinda harsh. And I disagree with you. :brownsista:

  43. Oh, but I respect your opinion. LOL Forgot to add that.

    And I thought Lauryn Hill lived at home? :brownsista:

  44. blah
    stop hating fool! u wish your phisical pain could sound like she πŸ˜†

  45. Stephanie girl where you been. Welcome to the party. There are so many talented sisters out like this that just don’t get any pub. I saw her in concert a couple of weeks ago with Maxwell and it was just a great concert. It’s nice to see her on here.

  46. @ Kanyade,

    LOL! I was the one to “discover” Jaguar Wright {still bump her first album} amongst my fam and to this day we all argue over who “discovered” Erykah {but I think we might have to let my brother have that since he does have EVERY Erykah album}. My sister and I fought over Maroon 5 & Coldplay for the longest. I had to admit she put me onto John Mayer though. I still feel sad about not getting John Legend. My sis-in-law goes hard for her artist Lauryn Hill, Floetry and Mystic (we never got into Mystic). My brother introduced me to Jill Scott and Esthero, Eric Roberson {bless him} and Goapele and in return I introduced him to Chrisette, Jazmine, Zero 7, J*Davey & Metric. I’ve been holding off on a couple of new artist cause I’ma introduce them during Christmas. I’m all excited about it like I actually get paid for it πŸ™„ πŸ˜†
    It’s good to know we’re not the only ones who think this way…

  47. @ Nne,

    I have Mystic’s first LP….can’t really…don’t really listen to it much. Likewise, Goapele, have her first one too…but that’s about it. Really don’t play it much. You mentioned Coldplay…SIT DOWN, those boys, no men, were MINE until they blew up. “Yellow” was my song…so beautiful *sigh* The same with James Blunt. Dude was ‘Beautiful’ until I had to share him with the rest of the world.

    But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Paolo Nutini. I ‘have’ him. πŸ˜† Seriously, you need to check him out. His voice is BEYOND his years; like he has an old soul and his music style is kinda bluesy. I wear his album out and so far he hasn’t released a new one and it’s been going on two years. Maybe I should let him out of the dungeon so he can move along and make a new record and gain more worldwide popularity, ‘coz God knows, the critics LOVE HIM.

    Esthero is on the list. Chrisette is definitely on the list; particularly after I heard “I Love You” on the radio. I was like WTF is this? J*Davey I’ve missed the boat with…but may just have to give them a listen again. And yes, Jaguar Wright’s first record (been meaning to buy her second and latest) IS THE TRUTH. I love that woman. And Bilal…even though I don’t know what he’s saying all the time, I love his first album, too. LOL.

    You want to know something? I used to get my artists, rather ‘grab’ my artists before locking them up in the basement, from VIBE magazine’s “Next” articles and where they reviewed music. Because though VIBE is primarily R&B/Hip Hop (but mostly Hip Hop now as it’s changed so much), they did put on for artists like Maroon 5 and Coldplay and so in effect they exposed me to some ‘other’, ya know? But like I’ve said, they’ve changed so darn much it’s just sad. Still, I’ve got a list I’m working on, artists who I’m gonna ensnare and put them in my box until I decide to share them with the world. LOL. We’ll have to get together around Christmas (or after) and compare lists.

    Thanks Nne. This has been fun! :brownsista: :hifive:

  48. @ Nne,

    Also, Gavin DeGraw……..his lyrics alone should make you want to stan hard for him. πŸ˜† Guess what, I saw him in concert a couple three/four months back. Center stage, right in front. He’s a piano man, too. Writes all his stuff. Meaningful stuff. Beautiful. I got to meet him backstage and dude was so nice…and he remembered me. LOL. There weren’t a lot of sistas there, but I was the onliest one in the front row. *sigh* And he remembered! LOLOLOL :brownsista:

  49. @ lets do better, i agree. i was like hmmmm? that doesn’t make any logical sense, she would not have heard of Jazmine at least in passing, especially this summer as you said–she was all over the radio!

    anywho, I like jazmine–although her few live performances have moved me yet so far. She recently was on jay leno–and hate to say it, sounded kinda bad–horse or something.

    but she CAN sing. she just needs to tighten up her live performances a bit.

  50. As far as the video not fitting the song, she mentioned in an interview that for some reason you can no longer bust windows and some other stuff in videos anymore so maybe that is why she had to go a different direction.

  51. Oh yeah, I agree with whoever mentioned that women who don’t fit the industry standard of beauty don’t get as much shine as others. I won’t say it happens 100% of the time but close. I believe there are some sistas who have broken through this like Queen Latifah. I think about Jennifer Hudson and I wonder if she didn’t have a fan base from Idol and DreamGirls and she just came out with music would the industry have embraced her so fast especially since she is considered to be plus or whatever they call it these days. I love me some J-Hud so I would have but you have to wonder about the India Arie’s and others who make great music but just can’t seem to breakthrough.

  52. Well it’s better to be late than never arrive.

    This girl can sang. I love her, her album is the ish for real. I listen to the entire album. She needs to get more shine :thumbsup:

  53. I absolutely love this CD :bowdown:. cant stop playing it in tha car.
    I just hate the way they dress this girl. That big jacket and all that weave make her look bigger than she really is. I think she could look way better.

  54. I do love Jazmine Sullivan so much as well. But as many people have mentioned, if you don’t fit into a certain criteria, then you will be overlooked. The more gimmicky, flashy and outrageous ones will get the attention and pushed on the public. But she is truly talented. I love her video I Bust Your Windows out the Car. Too much!! Love it though.

  55. Jazmine is a very soulful singer..her voice is amazing and I love the her reggae flavor too. :thumbsup:
    Hasn’t she produced songs for some artists? I swear she’s been around a long time, just behind the scenes.

  56. My sister and I catered for Maxwell & Jazmine , on tour in Oakland, Ca. and I must say Jazmine is really good and she has a very pleasant attitude. I will be buying her new cd.I wish her major success. If anyone get a chance go and see Maxwell and Jazmine, a really good show. BTW Maxwell is down to earth and fine.

  57. @Maralena: :iagree: Maxwell is fine as all get up. He sung three songs from his new album and it is going to be a really great cd. Now if we can just get Johnny Gill to start singing again then we will be doing something.

  58. @ Kanyade

    LOL @ “SIT DOWN”. Paolo Nutini? Noted. I’ma check him asap. I never did check out Jaguar’s second album either- I kept forgetting to. OH MY! Bilal! Luv him! Yeah, he loses me when I have no idea what he’s saying but… I absolutely adore him. So, sad that his second album leaked and he shelved it. He had some outstanding material.

    Girl, I forgot VIBE use to put me onto artist too. It’s been so long. I’ll be checking out Gavin DeGraw also. I don’t know how I let him slip cause I loved “Chariot” & “I Don’t Wanna Be”.
    Cool that you got to meet him AND that he remembered you.
    “We’ll have to get together around Christmas (or after) and compare lists. “
    Will do! Can’t wait and thank you, Kanyade. Yes, it was fun :hifive:

  59. Why don’t yall request her on your radio stations, cause bust your windows is the shiz to drive to!!!!!


  60. I guess I need to go ahead and commit to buying the CD. She has been on my list since I saw the Need U Bad video in June.

    Feeling a little sorry I did not commit to going to the Maxwell concert a week ago in Denver. Guess I have commitment issues or maybe I’ve become very cheap.

    I love when you sisters introduce me to new artist, so Kanyade & Nne don’t be selfish. Continue to enlighten your sistas!

  61. Stephanie. I have been a Jazzmine fan since she was on Apollo as a lil girl. She is great. Her timbre is so sincere and I love her vocal style. I love her music too. She uses her her voice like an instrument. I am glad you discovered her, and I think the reason she is not on those kind of stations because she’s not Contemporary R&B like Beyonce, Ciara and Ashanti. That’s not her demographic. You know how these labels are with their artists and what markets they want to reach rather than showcasing good music.

  62. I got issued my Jazmine Sullivan stan card, when I first heard ” In Love With Another Man”, and “Round Midnight” and her version of “Prototype”-she’s awesome! however she’s been the victim of bad promotion, and has always struggled with her weight, and you know the high standards of appearance female artists must adhere to. I was gonna write Clive and J records an angry letter, if they didn’t start promoting this girl! I’m glad she’s getting a “portion” of the exposure she deserves.

  63. Misty knight I did too, but i don’ t think jazmine is big at all if anything she is very coke bottled shaped like me, unless i’ m blind πŸ™„
    Kanyade and nne i see you guys know the truth!

  64. Jazmine is a beast with the vocals! I love her and its a breath of fresh air to have someone that sings from her gut and not shaking her butt! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  65. these other r&b chicks better watch out, because jasmine will definitely be shooting straight to the top. i like her music alot

  66. On sale at Circuit City this week for $8.99!

    Also Deborah Cox “The Promise” is $7.99

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