I Just Want To Be

Kewe_Mar2[1]I just want to be, I just want to be successful. One thing that you learn early in life is that life doesn’t always go according to plan. I remember being a youngster, mapping out my life, writing down my goals, and pinpointing in my mind the various stages in my life where I should have accomplished certain goals or should have experienced certain successes. I just wanted to be, I just wanted to be successful.

I wanted things to go my way, but reality sets in. It’s not all about the money, the cars, and the clothes. I just wanted to be, I just wanted to be successful.

But what is success? Well, my success is accomplishing my goals. My success is making all my dreams come true. My success is leaving my mark in this world and creating a path for others to follow. It’s not all about the money, the cars, and the clothes. I just wanted to be, I just wanted to be successful.

I wanted things to go my way, but reality sets in. At this point in my life, I realize that I have so many goals that I haven’t accomplished. I have many more dreams to make come true. And I haven’t reached the success that I thought I would have reached by now. But it’s coming. I will be, I will be successful.

So, if you find yourself a little discouraged because life hasn’t gone according to plan or if you are not where you want to be in life right now, keeping striving. Don’t give up, it’s coming. You will be, you will be successful.


  1. The older I get, my idea of “success” changes. For me, success is getting a young lady I mentor to know her self worth and not allow music videos to define who she should be or how she should look. It’s also helping young adults & teens understand how much more important it is to have more money in your checking/saving account(s) than in your closet. Success is making at least ONE person feel good and appreciated with simple, kind words every day.
    The ultimate success will be once I receive eternal life, until then, I’m trying to be successful doing His will on this Earth.

    Of course, at one point in my life, I measured my success by my education and the things I possessed but once I had all that, it was either continue trying to achieve a certain amount of “things” or change my definition/outlook of success.

  2. success to me when I fall and get back up. those moments have been the most dignifying times in my life. there is nothing like winning after all the defying odds were against you. i love to look back and see that i have grown, in every way possible. success is when i can leave some sort of positive impact on somebody. success is putting my all in to something and reaping the earned benefits. success is giving myself completely to somebody with no reservations and getting the love back with no reservations.

  3. NNE & Tutu I agree with you both. At the tender at of 25 I find myself smiling more, laughing more, and definitely learning more b/c of life lessons.

    I have found that my idea of success is inner peace. Money, cars, and clothes are all materialistic false images of success. True success is KNOWING that you have given your all, seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and not feeling like crap after you’ve done whatever it is you set out to accomplish.

    Finding someone in the younger generation to let them know that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from the mistakes you’ve made. True success comes from within.

  4. I love this question. Me i be 35 yr old next month. It so funny because this morning i was like damn im 35 i just want to live comfortable and be a good role-model to my daugther and the little mama that i have custody of. Im about to move into my a house that my step to be successful. Once im in my wonderful new place i know everything is going to fall in place. The quotes that stick with me is what you put in life is what you going to get out of it. Im going to complete my goals before i leave this earth. I hope everyone that believe in yourself i wish you good living and happiness.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement…. I already know I’m going to be successful. Ha no one could stop me even if they wanted to HELLO.

  6. thank you, i was about to leave my job because it’s not were i wanted to be but after reading this i know better is coiming…..and i will be successful.

  7. I love this because now I know that I am not alone in the I want to be because it is something that I struggle with everyday.I am 25 and most people around my age already have 1 or 2 degrees by now and I am now getting started due to circumsatnces beyond my control.I feel that I should be further along than I am and I just feel like I’m lightyears behind my peers.I am slowly learning to not measure my life against others because not everyone are given the same opportunities at the same time.My motivation is the I just have to be successful mentality.It is really depressing turning on the TV and seeing 16 year olds making millions and you have to struggle and go to school for so long and still may end up making only $40000 a year.In my case I don’t want to be a millionaire,I just want to be very well off. I motto is failure is not an option.

  8. My definition of success is have I don’t more good than harm. I learned sometime ago that money,property and prestige are small measure of sucess. Living the best life today is true measure of sucess

  9. @ Melliza, don’t trip do you. I’m 29 in the same boat. I just started school (college) from dropping out, I have no kids and not married, no own home. A lot of people my age have all that. It don’t matter what you have you working to get it. Your time will come. You gonna make it on your time. You can’t live for others and they can’t live for you. You not on the street begging for food or stealing for it. You earning it. That already makes you a bad *itch. Do you mama, keep ya head up. There’s a lot is sistas out here in the same boat.

  10. @ GiGi… 29, no kids, no job, no house… that is OKAY! Girl, it’s just you to worry about. Smile and THANK GOD! You don’t have a kid to worry about, a house note to try to keep up and you’re not even 30. You have time to take on all of those RESPONSIBILITIES. But shoooot, if it were me, I’d hop a plane and take a trip somewhere. Might even leave the city I’m in. The possibilities are endless for you. You are young and free!! Enjoy it!

  11. Each day that’s given to us is successful. So thank God or our higer power for that!!

    Life is what we make out of it!!
    Stay positive in your successful journey!!

  12. This was written for me. I’ve been so saddened lately at the thought of my milestones seeming to come at a snails pace. I’ve been out of school due to financial trouble. Most of my friends and associates have graduated. After three of my closest friends weddings this year; I’m definitely feeling always a bridesmaid and never a bride. I know this seems so ridiculous at my age (I’m 23). However it seems as if everyone is in the fast lane for their lives and I have yet to get on the highway. This encouraged my heart. My mother has said to me “In God’s time.” Now your words really were confirmation! Thank you. And to all those other sistas out there keep thriving; let’s make each other proud!

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