I Like The Way Solange Handled Herself


  1. I definitely agree that Solange was real cool and had no problem interacting with homie. Besides he posed no threat. It`s nice to see an artist not act all big headed and conceited. She also looked extremely gorgeous and fit. The song has an ol` skool vibe to it and I like that; something different.

    MJ & The 80s forever!!!


  3. it’s nice to see an artist who isn’t conceited and big headed. and what would solange be big headed about?

  4. OH MY! 😆

    Ya’ll already know Matthew has taught his girls “one monkey don’t stop no show”.
    Solange is a tru performer and a cool as hell folk, talking ’bout “He ain’t hurtin’ nobody!”
    Sounding like a real southren 🙂 . I luv it cause I sure would’ve been like, “Can somebody come get him?!” -with my scary arse 😉

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  6. This is probably the pms talking, but I would have kicked him off the stage literally with my foot, or thrown him into the crowd Akon-style after I asked him which side of stupid he was on today.

  7. haha…that was funny.
    solange was ’bout her bidnizz. i mean if ol’ boy is not troubling anyone then there’s no reason for her to fret.
    “he aint hurtin nobody!”
    and she was dancin with the homie.

    question is if bodyguards/ security was there how homie get the stage in the first place?

    other than that, good performance.

  8. I love how she was drinking her coffee before she started performing..I am loving this girl..just real and keeps it gangsta..and it defiantly works for her!!

  9. I love me some Solange…that girl is off the hook. You do u girl…don’t let nobody stop you. I will be buying her albumn for sure now.

  10. I feel like she is trying to hard to escape her sister’s shadow. And its obvious.

    She is always going to be Beyonce’s little sister.

  11. Good for her. As long as he wasn’t trying to touch her he was cool.

  12. I like her singing, I love that 60’s sounding song, and I love homie’s “Obama” t-shirt. LOL.

  13. You know what, the more I see of this sister, the more I love her. Even Michelle is holding it down for real. I am so happy to see all these artists truly coming into their own. Welcome Generation X.

  14. Lord, crack kills brain cells, don’t it? 😆

    As for Solange. Awesome and I love the song. If I ever pursue singing (not likely but I’m just saying) sign me up to the Matthew Knowles School of Performance! LOL She was so put together and strong in her voice and the dance moves. I’m a bit amazed. Most professional she was. 🙂 I certainly wouldn’t have entertained the fan ‘that’ long, but wow. She sounds good and I’m loving her performance vibe 🙂

  15. Even thought I liked this song I had every intention on boycotting the Knowles clan, but after seeing how she handled herself, I think I am fan. I will buy(I do not bootleg) her CD when it comes out.

  16. Security was sleeping. He should not have been allowed to get onto the stage. Once he was up there they may as well let him be. If he was going to do something he would have done it when he first walked onto the stage and danced for a half minute before security approached him.

  17. Solange’s personality is cool on its own but I know that good herb she smokes makes her even more down-to-earth.

  18. I really do enjoy listening to this song.

    That guy was an a** and should have never been allowed on stage during the performance. That’s a serious security issue. He might have been a lunatic and had a dangerous agenda.

    I’m not a Solange fan because her voice and style is simply too young and inexperienced for my taste (anything from the Knowles camp grates my ears). Still I wish her the best. And I agree with the comment above, it will take a very long time for her to shake the shadow of B.

  19. Speaking on the issue of it taking a long time, very long time, for her(Solange) to escape Beyonce`s shadow I would have to disagree. It somewhat depends on three things. Her promotion, her material and her performing ability/stage presence; with perhaps promtion being her biggest obstacle. The reason I say this is because we already have a model to go by; that model is Michael/Janet. This is the first family of music and Janet`s brothers, especially Michael, had already made such an impact when she embarked upon her journey.

    No sibling has ever been under more pressure, and probably never will be, than Janet. Afterall, they don`t come any BIGGER than, one, Michael Jackson. Janet`s debut album was released in `82. Although it didn`t set the world on fire commercially I happen to think it was a solid effort; one that I like. By the time she released “Control” in `86 Michael had “Off The Wall” and “Thriller” as part of his resume`. So indeed, the pressure was on for Janet but she didn`t succumb to it.

    Instead she came into her own after just 4yrs. into the business. Janet/Miss.Nasty was no longer just the little sis. of Michael Joseph Jackson. She was about to carve out her own piece of the rock and make an impact. Is Solange a Janet Jackson? Definitely not, far from it. Is Beyonce a Michael Jackson? Definitely not, light years from it. Although Solange has yet to come into her own I don`t think the stakes/pressure is anywhere near as high as they were with Janet.

    So if Janet can come out of Michael shadow in just 4yrs, who`s to say that Solange can`t have a repeat performance with it not taking as long as say may think. Again, Beyonce is NO Michael Jackson. True Solange, nor her sis. is of my generation. However, I`m rooting for Solange and I`ll admit that I may be partial in her favor. Why? Because I`m not a fan of her sis, and imo, I think she`s been greatly OVEREXPOSED/OVERRATED. I just don`t care for her as an artist.

    So in the final analysis the moral of the story is, Solange may fool some people and come into her own much sooner rather than later. I`m definitely rooting for her.

    MJ & The 80s forever!!!

  20. Hello, Smooth Criminal that was a great comparison you made. I agree Solange does not have that much to measure up to. So she does have a great opportunity to do well rather quickly.

  21. Sooth Criminal, I agree, great analogy. Also what comes to mind is Jessica and Ashley Simpson. Jessica, as we all know, came on the scene first and experienced moderate success musically (her claim to fame was really the MTV series with her ex husband). Then, Ashley came on the scene and outsold her sister on the first album by millions of records. So here goes another example that illustrates Solange may be able to outshine or at least be validated as a signer/performer in her own right. I do think she has her work cut out for her though because B is loved by many (me included:)).

  22. I don’t like that clan much either but if Solange keeps this up I may become a fan…

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