“I Was Here” Video

So here it is, the premiere of Beyonce’s contribution to World Humanitarian Day, a visual for her single “I Was Here.”


  1. I don’t see how she can breathe let alone sing in those tight arse spanx. sheesh..

  2. I’m so proud of B continuing to use her voice, image, songs, and skills as contributions towards positive movements like World Humanitarian Day.

    The video for I Was Here got me y’all. I love that B showcases the humanitarians and the people affected by humanitarians with dignity. I appreciate B illustrating Black people being here & helping one another very much. For instance, the father holding, laughing, & giving his child a big kiss, the mother & child, the humanitarians in action & celebrating after a successful attempt are so beautiful.

    B got me y’all. Her contributions successfully accomplish her goal to commemorate humanitarians and help raise awareness for the humanitarian movement. Now, let me go and start doing some little things I thought about doing today for someone else. Nope, I’m not sharing with y’all :).

  3. Beyonce is amazing and so glad that she decided to use her song “I WAS HERE” to make awarness throughtout the world that even the smallest things of helping someone counts. Let’s all try and give back if nothing but helping someone acrross the street. Feeding the homeless or donating clothes to a homeless shelter.

  4. Shes a fraud i tellu..she looks like Anna from the tv show V….very scary

  5. I’ll take Brad and Angeline as sincere Humanatarins and he’s a cheater and she’s a husband stealer but on the REAL you can see they care, this video was to shut up Belafonte but this video is only glorifiying one person!!! SAD!!

  6. I know who bedunce can give back to. Royalties to all the ppl she stole from and refunds to the dummies who bought house of dead wrong.

  7. I don’t think Angelina Jolie is sincere at all. Her humanitarian efforts and adopting those kids was nothing more than a tried and true method Hollywood white women have used for years to change their image.

  8. I agree this video was only made after Belafante made his comments. All the disaters shown in the video have come and gone. Where was her tribute when all of them had taking place. I love her and her music but to me this was a little to obvious…..sorry “B”. In my opiion she needs to take a year off and be a mother she will not suffer if she does.

  9. The video was reported on weeks before Belafonte made those statements.

  10. Believe me Beyonce’s management team had already heard about the comment that Bela Fonte made, that is why they jumped and put her on this humanitarian day get up and then she had to make it about her, why not be the humanitarian without making a video of herself.

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