I, Witness: A Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Review

Let me start this review off by being honest. I have been pretty disillusioned with Sleepy Hollow for a while now. I had no intention of writing this review personally, instead I was planning on passing it off to a guest blogger. Fox had other ideas though, granting me only one viewing, which I quickly used up for myself.

Having said that, I was still beyond excited when I got the email informing me season three’s first episode I, Witness, was available for viewing by the press.

Warning… spoilers may follow.

This isn’t our Sleepy Hollow. It feels different, very different. That’s not to say it’s bad… only different. Let me preface the rest of this review by saying the episode I watched may not be the episode that eventually airs, as was the case with Minority Report. Certain parts of this episode were bleeped out and the opening credits were hidden entirely. There were also people talking in the background. I swear I heard Mark Goffman. Seriously.

Anyway, I’m just gonna try and get into what I know you guys care about: Abbie, Ichabod and Jenny.

As we were previously told, the two Witnesses have been separated. They are brought back together when Abbie gets a call to pick Ichabod up. They are reunited, quickly bring Jenny back into the fold, and are off fighting demons again.

Another warning… walk away Ichabbie shippers. Walk away.

Betsy Ross. She’s already been a divisive character in the fandom and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. In this episode, she’s everything we thought she’d be. She’s a kick ass warrior in a corset who gets to kiss Ichabod. Their personal relationship is discussed in this episode and will no doubt be a part of the show as Betsy reportedly makes her way into modern times via her magical flag. Cue the #Ichabetsy shippers and my big fuckin’ eye-roll, because seriously, who gives a flying fig about Ichabod and Betsy’s relationship. (Sorry, I could not hold that in).

Pandora. We have ourselves a female villain. Yeah. She’s gonna be trouble and that’s about it. She raises hell and then sits off on the sidelines… for this episode at least.

Daniel Reynolds and Joe Corbin do not appear in this episode.

Things worth noting in I, Witness, Abbie has a huge office at the FBI that Ichabod loves. Jenny has a job, and that’s about it. If I had to rate this episode on a scale of 1-5, I would give it a two. And this is from a die-hard Sleepy Hollow fan. I ride or die for this show. But not this particular episode. And it hurts me to say that and I struggled with even writing this review because I don’t want to upset anyone. I truly don’t. I want people to tune in. I will. But this review, as poor as it was, my honest opinion on what I just watched.


  1. I saw pics of them kissing and almost threw up. And no Daniel but we get Ichabod’s love life. That’s enough to tell us where the writers minds are. Scandal done won this round.

  2. Yeah, I saw the pics too. I’m not a shipper. I like Ichabbie but c’mon you had to know when they added Ichabod’s ex-girlfriend they weren’t going to allow Ichabbie to happen. If fans choose not to watch because of Betsy that will just prove that they are shippers and are focusing on the wrong thing. As long as Abbie has her sister and her own love interest and storyline, I don’t care who they team Crane up with.

  3. The problem, JBL, is not that Crane teams up with someone else. The problem is that it’s a declaration of intentions, those being that Crane is their main character and Abbie exists to prop him up. Abbie is not going to have her love interest or storyline, she gets an ex and she gets to react to Crane’s antics.

  4. Screenshots of the entire episode are on http://starity.hu/forum/. I think you have to be registered and a contributor to see the good stuff though. That whole episode is going to leak just like Minority Report did.

    Here is one of the images [image removed]

  5. Nikki Reed had better watch out. The Crabbies are mad and out for blood. Crabbies belittled Ichatrina fans with claims of us only caring about shipping and not the storyline as a whole. Well look at what many of you are doing now. You haven’t even seen the show yet and you’re already crying foul because Ichabod has not been teamed up with your precious leftenant. When are Crabbies going to get it through their thick skulls? Ichabod is a man of the past. He would never date someone like Abbie. In his day she would have been his servant and there solely to take care of his needs and the needs of his family. Abbie is not the star and her past does not drive the show. Ichabod’s past life is the basis for this entire show. He is the first witness. His family was important and the Crabbies want to wipe that all away. Kudos to the writers for not allowing themselves to be bullied by a bunch of shippers.

  6. Can anyone explain to me why a show with slave owners as heroes is so beloved by black women? You all are wondering why this show is struggling when the proof is right in your face. Who in their right mind would support such a thing? I watched about half of season one before I moved on. The show is about brainwashing people and teaching them false historical facts. It is insidious and you’re all just falling in line because the star is a black woman who I hear is being treated bad. I know there aren’t a lot of sisters in genre television but you have to know you can do better. This show will never compete with Scandal with accepted racism as its selling point.

  7. I too saw the preview and would like to add a few words seeing as I don’t actually have a blog to share my opinions.

    1. I enjoyed the episode. Ichabod is so funny and he really gets to shine in this episode.

    2. I was disappointed with how easily they moved past Ichabod’s leaving for nine months. I thought it would be more of a big deal but the witnesses just picked up and moved along like nothing ever happened. Abbie was too accommodating if you ask me. She’s become a very weak character in my opinion.

    3. Pandora has the potential to be great if she isn’t treated like Henry. In this episode she just causes drama but doesn’t really seem to have a game plan. Her conjuring up this episode’s demon really didn’t make any sense.

    4. Abbie and Ichabod seemed a bit off to me too. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about but the magic wasn’t as strong and the hugs are becoming gimmicky.

    5. If you’re not into this show solely to ship Ichabbie the kiss between he and Betsy should not bother you. It was tame anyway and Betsy was doing most of the work. It’s clear the show wants the audience to get into them though. Ichabod practically admitted they slept together.

    6. The absence of Lance Gross bothered me the most but the groundwork for his arrival was laid tonight. He should be here by the second episode.

    7. “Crane on a plane” was too funny.

    8. Abbie uttering “Did you miss me?”

    9. Crane and the peace sign. Love that moment. Funniest in the show.

    10. Overall good episode. Not great. Betsy as a kick ass spy is actually pretty cool. She was a bad chick. No blue dress in sight. She wore trousers.

  8. GENESIS, I don’t think anyone believes anything they depict in this show as anything but fantasy. We’re all aware of the racism in Sleepy Hollow, it’s been pointed out and criticized, so it’s not like we’re mindless fans.

    Black women support shows with black women in prominent roles, to help promote more diversity on television. Abbie Mills is not just a black character, she is a wonderful character played by a very beautiful talented actress and should be supported accordingly. We need to be vocal and supportive of her, otherwise the showrunners and writers would have killed her off a long time ago.

    As seen in this review, the fight is not over and it might have been futile for the most part, but Nicole Beharie is worth that effort and more.

    Well as long as #TeamWitness is at the forefront…I guess I can preemptively abide the writers just trying to hook Ichabod up with someone from the past. *hurls*

    Also what is this “Crabbies” stuff above? And also, the writers DO ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE BULLIED. It’s happened so many times before in so many television series.

  10. Oh Zanza. Still butthurt that Katrina was killed off. LOL FYI, she was killed off not because of any SHIPPERS. She was killed off because she stunk up the place. If the SHIPPERS had any POWER, the kiss would be between Ichabod and Abbie. But its not. Its between Ichabod and Betsy. So stop your belly-aching. The white man kisses the white (nearly white) woman. That should make you happy. LOL.

    As for black women loving Sleepy, jeez. The main character didn’t OWN any slaves. The show at its worse glosses over the fact that while some white people in that time may have wanted to end slavery, they didn’t think we were equals. So Ichabod doesn’t order Abbie or Irving around as we all KNOW he would/should. Also their reverence of Jefferson was sickening. But the good part of this is that they aren’t bogged down by this issue. No one wants to be hit over the head with it episode after episode. Its why Ellen’s sitcom failed after she came out of the closet. Every episode was a crusade and people tuned in to laugh.

    So they get points for not making the show about that, but points taken away for not having it be an issue with Ichabod at all. But please no blanket statements on what black women should or shouldn’t do. Thanks.

  11. Well back Klandra, Sandra or whatever. To me all of you are one and the same whether you try to disguise yourself or not. RACISTS….

  12. I am an innocent in all this so please do not jump all over me. But Ichabbie fans need to be honest about why this review is bothering them. If the writer had left out the kiss shared between Betsy and Ichabod, would you all still be so upset? I see you all calling the writer a liar when I just clicked the link provided by Tracie and saw Ichabod and Betsy kissing with my own two eyes. Why can you all not accept that? Why can’t Ichabod have a love interest and Abbie have a love interest. Most of you have been asking for a Abbie love interest since season one and now you have one and you’re still upset. Abbie will no longer be ignored. She will be paired with her sister and have a handsome man to protect her. Ichabod will have a woman more suitable for him and who shares his old fashion values. I look forward to this season and I am sorry the writer’s truth has made you all go on the attack.

  13. Collene, I understood your point of view until you wrote that Ichabod would have someone more suitable for him and from his time. If you meant more suitable b/c she was from his time, okay, I get that. However, you wrote both, which tells me a lot more about why you think this woman is more suitable. Abbie is perfection and she and Ichabod have a chemistry rarely seen on television. I could honestly care less about romance on supernatural-type shows, but I do believe two attractive leads should be endgame. They should take their time with it and let it happen organically but NO OTHER SHOW brings in a love interest for one of the leads that isn’t merely a quick plot device. To do it here, screams racism. I’m white, so you can save all the racist comments you want to make at me for supporting the ship I prefer. Ichabbie doesn’t have to happen now, but it should be where the show is going. If Mulder had a wife on X-Files? Never would’ve happened. Now, if they want to flash on Betsy and Ichabod’s previous romance just for continuities sake? Okay, we’ve been told they had a dalliance, so at least they’re keeping in line with what we’ve been previously told. Show it, talk about it, and let it go. Now that she’s coming back (it’s very annoying that TPTB feel she needs to join Team Witness), take all that garbage off the table. Jumping through time is Ichabod’s thing, and Abbie’s when they sweetly reversed the pilot in that awesome finale, and time travel shouldn’t become a device so easily employed. Just by having BR doing this, they’ve already negated all the magic that came with Ichabod’s arrival season one. If a show doesn’t want leads together, leads with undeniable chemistry, skip the romance altogether. All they’re doing is causing more division in the fandom. Give Jenny and Joe the romantic story lines until Ichabbie happens. I’m uninterested in watching Ichabod date someone else or having Abbie be “protected” by her boss (that’s absurd). So far, Betsy and Daniel are both FORMER flames. Leave that mess in the past. If it has to move forward, let it be on Abbie’s end and let Ichabod stay asexual for awhile and see how all the fans here only for him react. This show works nerves I didn’t know I had.

  14. At this point TPTB at Sleepy Hollow is throwing anything and every thing against the wall to see what sticks. That are trying to satisfy all fans, be it shippers, non shippers, pro Abbie, Anti Abbie, etc. But deep down I feel it will all backfire against them. People are becoming weary of the show and will eventually bail out. They just do not know what they have in Nicole/Abbie and Tom/Crane. All in all, I wish they prove me wrong on Thursday. But deep down I have my doubts. If, as mentioned, Betsy is coming into the present, that is a major failure within itself. I see no purpose….

  15. @Collene,

    What do you mean more suited? She and Crane are both witnesses. Have saved each other. Have fought fights with evil forces. They share a bond that goes deeper than anything Ichabod shared with Betsy or Katrina. Did either tell him they were spies? No. Did either tell him about their magic (Katrina witch magic, Betsy flag). No. Did either tell him about the fight that he was going to face? No. Did she use her magic flag to help him or Abbie at all? I don’t know, but at this point I’m going to say, no.

    They are so well suited that she didn’t tell him about this major thing in his life. Much like Katrina. That is something that I have difficulty getting past. Beyond putting him with Abbie, why didn’t the people who professed to loving him the most, lie so much? He’s a big boy, can’t he take it? And if he can’t, why is he a witness? Get someone who can deal with being told the truth.

    Meanwhile, as soon as Abbie learned his son was born back in the day, what did she do? She TOLD him. She trusted him enough to tell him the truth. Granted he did go off on that tree monster, but still, she’s not lied to him.

  16. I’m going to say what I think and if you all attack me, that’s okay. I’m an Black woman who helped fight to keep Sleepy Hollow on the air, I helped elevate Nichole Beharie by voting for her at every contest that was on the internet. I also ship Ichabbie; probably in a different context than most of you. I hated Katrina, Henry and all of the ridiculous Crane family drama and that dominated the second season and was relieved when it was killed off.

    Here’s the problem; the jealously that some of you seem to display when you hear of another woman possibly coming between Ichabbie is disturbing. The producers have given us practically what we wanted; They got rid of Katrina, they made the show all about Ichabbie but this little addition they’ve added has gotten some of you upset. I mean REALLY upset! Personally, I sometimes think that some of you are trying to live your life vicariously through Abbie/Nichole or have been reading too much fan fiction.

    Either way, if the introduction of Betsy Ross, Pandora and every other (white) female character besides Jenny bothers you so much, you have the right to change the channel but it will only prove that your love for Sleepy Hollow was never about Nichole/Abbie it’s been all about YOU.

  17. Sleepy Hollow is purposely adding white females to mate with Ichabod for the sole purpose of sidelining Abbie and you know it. Plus, whenever I hear someone start off with I’m black, I know they aren’t. For a show that once claimed there was no time for love, they keep going down that road with Crane. Dude has had no shortage of admirers since the show started and shows no signs of slowing down. Even now there is a new white female love interest for him while we’ve heard nothing about Abbie. We’ve rallied for Abbie to have a life outside Ichabod. It was you Katrina fans living through her character who abandoned ship the minute she turned evil. It was you all who got her sidelined in the first place. Luke, Andy, Hawley, any man that cared or showed interest in her was done away with. Don’t tell us we’re Ichabod crazy. He could have kept his wife. We didn’t care. Just give Abbie a life too.

  18. Fans aren’t annoyed at Crane being with women. He came to the show with a wife. Fans are annoyed by Crane’s personal life taking over the show. I too remember Mark Goffman claiming their was no time for romance and dating but then turned the apocalypse into a fight over a woman and sent Crane and his wife on a date. Past behavior often dictates future behavior and with Sleepy Hollow we’ve seen how a focus on Crane’s personal life often takes the focus off the show’s premise and its lead female. The writers need to get out of Ichabod’s pants and use their energy to instead write a coherent storyline, cause episode one leaves a lot to be desired.

  19. Fans are annoyed by Crane’s personal life taking over the show.

    This. All day long.

    Same ish that happened with “Heroes” — it became the Petrelli Family Saga.
    Same ish that happened with “Deception” — too much push and pull with love triangles, flashbacks and Bower family mess.
    Same ish that is happening with “Supernatural” — the back, back, forth and forth with the brothers and their good and evil counterparts; not to mention running out of long-standing story arcs that aren’t ridiculous: leviathans? WHET? Really?!?!

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