‘Idol’ Bloodbath


According to published reports, the entire judging panel of American Idol, that includes Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, will not be invited back when the show returns for its 13th season in September.

Randy Jackson, the only original judge left, all but substantiated the reports when he announced moments ago his intention to leave the show when the 12th season wraps up tonight.

“Yo! Yo! Yo! To put all of the speculation to rest, after 12 years of judging on ‘American Idol,’ I have decided to leave after this season,” Jackson said via statement released by his representative.

Fox executives are apparently none too happy with the show’s continued ratings slide and feel a whole new panel may help salvage what is left of the ‘Idol’ brand.

It appears, just as I predicted when they foolishly added Nicki Minaj to the panel, that the show’s dive in ratings could not simply be reversed by bringing in new judges. If anything, all the big name/big salary celebs are hurting what the core purpose of the show is supposed to be about… to find an American Idol.

Instead, ‘Idol’ has become all about the judges and no season displayed that more than the one in progress now. This season has been all about Mariah, Nicki and their childish feud. Regardless of who started it, ‘Idol’ producers should have had the balls to end it early on. I think they thought the feud would help ratings, but now that it has done just the opposite, they are looking to rid themselves of everyone, including Randy and Keith, who in my opinion have done their jobs honorably.

If ‘Idol’ really wants to reclaim their throne, for the love of all that is holy, please bring on Aretha Franklin. She’s not young, hip, hot or sexy, but she will tell it like it tis and bring back some much needed authenticity to the show.

No, ‘Idols’ slide in the ratings won’t be reversed with Aretha or any one judge, but with the right LOW KEY panel and the focus put back on the contestants, they can at least continue to compete with ‘The Voice,’ which is quickly becoming what ‘Idol’ used to be… a hit.


  1. Not suprised Nicki was a horrible choice and brought out the worst in Mariah.

  2. Poor Mariah, Nicki brought out the best in her, what could she do, I mean she has no control over herself and her emotiuons!!! *insert sarcasm here*

    Girl please…

  3. Nicki Minaj is extremely unprofessional but Mariah’s diva antics are also legendary.

    But I think Nicki will return. I saw her humble herself and practically beg to keep her job on E! News last night.

  4. The show is past its prime. I understand it still makes nearly a billion dollars in ad revenue for FOX, but still it is no longer the great show it used to be. It has become corny and the winners are predictable and no longer worth anyone’s time. There is no judge they can buy that will turn this trend around. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler didn’t do it. The ratings continued to sink with them and have sunk even lower with the new panel of Nicki, Mariah and Keith.

    I also find it karma that Nicki tried to clown Mariah about her being fired and Jennifer Lopez brought back and now it is her job on the chopping block as well. Nicki thought too much of herself, had zero humility and let her ego get in the way of her professionalism.

    Nicki made lots of comments about the other judges being boring and how she was keeping the show afloat. It was indeed funny to see her on E news kissing butt now that she knows her $12 million paycheck is on the line.

    Idol would be crazy to bring her back. Mariah and Keith are professionals. I don’t care who says they are boring. The show isn’t about the judges. When will the drama seekers understand that?

  5. Nicki Minaj…attitude sucks!!! I wonder if her an Keyshia Cole are sistas! I cannot believe some of these peoples attitude then they talk about GOD…

  6. The show was doomed when Simon departed. In fairness, Mariah is not a bad choice for the show and seeing Randy leave sucks because he does provide perspective and enjoys mentoring the kids. Urban is not bad but at times he and Mariah together make for a double dose of dull. As far as Nicki goes this was a problem from the start. One, she has not been in the game long enough to be a judge (Guess the network figured since they had Ellen as a judge Nicki would do well). Two, having two divas on the show proved Fox wanted the show to be about the judges and the drama they would bring instead of the kids. Finally, Nicki’s attitude does suck; and as you watch you can’t help but wonder why does she feel/think she has to conduct herself in such a manner. Fox better take notes from The Voice before this show flatlines!

  7. Karma!

    I thought it was shameful that Paula Abdul was paid such a low salary in comparison to Simon and Ryan Seacrest. It was shameful how Randy hasn’t known if they were having him back until the 11th hour for the last several seasons! I can imagine his pay rate, while they bring in celebrities and give them fat multi-million dollar checks…diss the two people who were founding judging, set the pace, tone and played major roles in the success of the show. Randy is no chump, his resume should have entitled him to something close to what others have made on the show, but no!

    Karma is in full-effect! The Voice changed the game with kindness, constructive criticism and collaborative efforts with judges and contestants, so they all walk away winners. I don’t know what happens for the winners after the show, but it’s hard out here for the vets!

  8. First let me say I didn’t think Nicki should’ve been a judge because she’s not a singer and/or hasn’t business that long, but since she is… I’m in the minority but I LOVED Nicki as a judge. she’s smarter than I thought, always honest and keepin it real WHILE still being respectful, she lifted the contestants up when they needed it, but would also criticise when needed she’s the female Randy to me. Mariah’s problem isn’t being boring it’s being DISHONEST, you’ve never seen her give negative critique…ever! Everyone wasn’t always phenomenal this season. Mariah always wanted to be the center of attention as well as Nicki. And I’ve seen Mariah do countless interviews over the years and she comes off like she’s better than everyone, snotty, and throws a lot of shade. But the unremarkable talent saved her throughout the years.

  9. I think they both brought diva antics, but we live in a reality TV world, I didn’t expect anything less. It just didn’t work out, the fans said no and departed. Why would Mariah lose fans being critical of contestants, when judging isn’t her day job, I wouldn’t. I think Mariah is very down to earth…with a sister who stayed in the news for misbehavin’…selling stories to the tabloids for drug money…she is most talented, writes a lot of her own music (studio fluff as a lot of it is, she owns it)…she had tunnel vision and took the hip hop road, when most would have gone pop and ballads, she gave us some ballads too, but she went with the wave of the industry. I was initially disappointed until I saw where the industry was headed and outside of MJB and Sade, who are still on the scene? Janet with Jermaine Dupri didn’t work for her. Mariah fell off and age is a factor for women, plus no one is going to stay at the top forever, people get of these artists after awhile. For someone who people may feel is arrogant or egocentric, she never talks about or put out (publicists) stories about her estimated $500 net worth or how well her fragrances are doing. She didn’t come out with some pimped out eye glasses for her daughter, no diva antics with her kids. She told Barbara Walters that she didn’t always trust her husband, Nick…not trying to pretend everything is always great or ideal…I saw her on youtube singing, partially drunk at a jazz club, saw her live, Mariah is a remarkable talent! Her number one “hits” was her ticket to a long career…mission accomplished! “Beautiful” featuring Miguel or vice versa, a smart move is working and charting, they co-wrote together, cha ching and good music! Clever and Talented!

  10. ^^^Smart/talented…YES DEFINITELY, can’t deny that one bit. Her humility? is questionable to *ME*. I’ve seen where she’s been disrespectful, snotty, threw shade etc. many times that’s all I don’t like. Nicki shouldn’t have went off like a lunatic, but I don’t believe she just did that for nothing. When you keep testing people sooner or later they’re gonna erupt. Just last week, I believe I heard Mariah say not everyone gets number one singles, obviously throwing a jab at Nicki when she interrupted her. You can’t treat people like that in life, especially people who isn’t afraid to stand up for themselves. I’m not saying Mariah is a horrible human being, sometimes she just needs to treat people more respectfully, cause one day her bodyguards may be off, and somebody might go upside her head lol.

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