If You Ask Me I’m Ready

Whether you are on team Keys or not, there’s no question that Alicia Keys has one of the hottest songs dominating our airwaves right now. “Unthinkable” has struck a cord with so many and thus we have turned to You Tube to pick out some of our favorite “Unthinakble” covers.

We’re putting out a special request for R&B artist Brandy to cover “Unthinkable.” We think she would do her thang on that song! Maybe she’ll get the word. We’ll see.

To see some of our favorite “Unthinkable” covers and to see Keke Palmer and Teyana Taylor cover “Unthinkable,” click here.


  1. I don’t know what it is about this song but I haven’t been able to stop playing it…I think I love Keke’s version so far even though I was surprised that Teyana could sing. Didn’t know that, lol

  2. I think that song and the video is just right for now, the message that it’s bringing. See you can make a nice video with clothes on and it still be successful..

  3. This is my favorite song on AKeys album. Just too beautiful, too earnest, too inspiring, too emotional and all in a good way! I get caught up listening to it.

  4. I love this so sooo much and I listen it to it all the time. Now I have to listen to other songs to I won’t get tire of it!

  5. Besides being a great song, I think the lyrics can be applied to so many situations in life that many are feeling it on a personal level.

  6. yeah, i’m really not on her team right now, but i am in love with that song! Drake is so talented

  7. I like the song a lot. It’s my favourite on the album. … but I have to say that if it’s about recognizing that someone is off limits and going ahead and doing the deed anyway, then that’s just wrong. What’s touching is the honesty and hard truth of what it is like to be in that situation.

  8. this song is on my phone as my ringtone the song is just a all around beautiful song that Drake written for her

  9. I have no respect for A Keys so I have not heard her song. And I do not support B.S THIS WOMEN AND HER MAN HAS A LOT OF BAD KARMA COMING TO THEM THAT ALL I HAVE TO SAY… TEAM MASHONDA FOREVER

  10. Unless you know the whole story people should stop committing on this. She could have start dating him after he and his wife seperated. You have no idea what goes on between two people. And unless you know them I can’t believe you actually know what happened. You are going by what you read on blogs and this is not investigative journalism. They all take the same rumors with no research and post them as if they are true. These blogs should be use for pure entertainment and nothing else. Who are you to say you have no respect for this woman. Let’s put some of your skeletons out and see how many people will still have respect for you.

  11. @bee im with you. He been separated from his ex-wife for two yrs.

  12. I love this song. It reminds me of Faith Evan’s song “I love You”. And yes I think Brandy could wrap her raspy vocals around this song and place it on another level of intimacy. It has a nice smooth 90’s feel

  13. he who hath no sin cast the first stone! sure and well Swizz might have still been with Mashonda but love is complicated and love is no straight line. he is happy with A. Keys and im sure she is being crucified by enough people but because she loves him they are sticking to it, getting married and having a baby. now thats real love. UNTHINKABLE!! SHE’S READY…

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