Why I’m Glad an Abbie-Free ‘Sleepy Hollow’ was Renewed

Why I’m Glad an Abbie-Free Sleepy Hollow was Renewed

Why the Bitch in Me is Happy ‘Sleepy Hollow’ was Renewed

Ok, I’m gonna be honest. I think Nicole Beharie/Ichabbie fans wanting Sleepy Hollow canceled is as bad and mean spirited as the Ichatrina fans who wanted the show canceled after Katrina was killed off. It’s selfish to want every day, average actors and actresses to lose their income simply because we are no longer happy with the show. Stop watching. Let those who still want to enjoy the show do so. We have no right to try and take away their enjoyment simply because we’ve decided to jump ship.

Having said that, I plan to sit back and gloat every single week as their ratings drop lower and lower. I’m glad they were renewed. Now, Nicole’s name will not be attached to a canceled show.

I’m sure they think they can make it without Nicole. I’m sure they think they now have the freedom to hook Crane up with as many women as they please and it will help their ratings. But nope. I predict S4 will debut to a series low and continue to spiral downward until the network pulls the plug.

I want the powers that be to feel the burn. I want them to know without a doubt that Nicole did matter. Abbie mattered and the fans mattered.

Put your righteous indignation away, folks. Save that shit until October. Then let’s meet back here and laugh our asses off as their demo sinks lower and lower.

This post is a comment I originally intended to post to this article on Tumblr, feel free to check it out.


  1. I’m taking a shade throwing class over the summer so I can be ready for the blood bath this fall. Watching this show crumble is going to be my early Christmas present to myself. 😆

  2. Now, Nicole’s name will not be attached to a canceled show.

    Exactly. There is already a portion of the fandom that believes the show would have been better without the Abbie character and that she hindered Crane’s progress- eg, he couldn’t really have a love interest so long as she was there. With a renewal they will get to build the show they’ve been dying to build since season two- one that revolves completely around the white, male Witness. With Abbie out of the picture no one can take the fall for their shitty writing and decision making skills except them.

  3. I’m glad the show was renewed as well, Sista. I’m happy for everyone who wanted to stay with the show. And while I too hope it flops without Nicole, I want the writers and producers to suffer and not the actors who can only work with what they’ve been given.

  4. I read a few of the comments on Tumblr and don’t agree with them. Someone said they wanted the show cancelled to teach the producers and writers a lesson but many of them are rich, especially folks like Kurtzman and Orci. A better option than cancellation would be a change in management but that already happened when they fired Goffman. Truthfully disgruntled fans just need to move on. We lost this one. I loved the show once too but now I don’t care. Nicole has moved on to bigger and better things and so will I.


  5. I hope you’re right. At every turn they surprise us. There ARE still fans out there (and we know exactly who they are). I’ve seen some really, really ugly racist gloating, as well as the usual, “oh, isn’t Tom dreamy…?” There’s an unsubstantiated rumor that Tom is out after the third episode; I can only hope that is the case. I do like him; I don’t see any evidence he has been anything other than a great cheerleader for Nicole, among other things. I hope the stench of what this is sure to become doesn’t stick to him. That being said, Roberto Orci might get involved in the reboot; he’s pretty good, so he might be able to right the ship somewhat. For me, though? I hope for a clearcut message to the powers that be that they failed miserably when they mistreated Nicole and her fans, and that there is a cost…In the meantime, if I might make a suggestion, let’s forget they ever existed. Don’t hate watch. Don’t hate tweet or post. They obviously glory in our suffering, and they deem any press as good press. Let’s not give them that power over us…

  6. Sleepy Hollow is a dead show walking. It is limping into its fourth season with less than three million viewers and a 0.7 demo. Every season premiere of the show has been a series low. Season two’s premiere episode was 2.0 in demo and season three’s premiere episode was a 1.0 in demo. The show ended S3 with a 0.7 demo. Now ask yourself what you think the show will come back with after being on hiatus for 6+ months and having killed off its popular female lead.

    Yeah, there are a handful of Abbie haters out there, but they cannot and will not make a difference in the show’s ratings. They’re just angry bigots getting off trolling Nicole’s fans online. Have you ever known a show’s ratings to dip as low as Sleepy Hollow’s and then rebound? Nope. Of course not. It’s unheard of.

    Even with Nicole on board the show would have continued to bleed fans because the writing is horrible. Sleepy Hollow will never be what it was because the writers keep making poor decisions. Everything that made the show worth a damn is gone. The Horseman, Irving, Moloch and now Abbie. What’s left? Ichabod is not a lure. Look at the ratings. After three seasons of pandering to his character where has it gotten the show?

    Don’t let a handful of 50-year old horny Tom Mison fans and Ichabbie haters distract you from the truth. The show’s ratings have tanked and fans and critics alike have jumped ship. There is no way imaginable for Sleepy Hollow’s ratings to all of a sudden turn around. It is a statistical impossibility in the land of TV.

    Ichatrina fans are just gleeful Abbie is dead because they hope upon hope Katrina will be brought back or the show will give Crane a love interest they can obsess over like they did with Katrina. Personally, I don’t give a damn what they do. Sleepy Hollow died to me when they killed off Abbie.

    I don’t believe Tom is leaving the show after episode 3 either. If Tom was leaving the show would have never been renewed, that’s my opinion.

  7. Roberto Orci might get involved in the reboot; he’s pretty good, so he might be able to right the ship somewhat.

    Let me say this as loud as I can, THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF SEASON ONE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO TANKED THE SHOW. They were the ones who wrote the Apocalypse to be a fight over a woman. Had Headless not been stripped of his agency and turned into a jealous ex, his character would not have had to be dispensed with after Katrina was killed.

    The people in charge of season one are the people who put Crane and his family problems in front of the Witnesses and their mission to save the world. The tom-foolery in season one set the stage for the total shit-fest in season two.

    Orci, Kurtzman, the whole gang agreed to sideline Abbie so that Crane and Katrina’s mommy/daddy issues could become the show’s focus. These guys wrote Abbie outta the narrative when they wrote the two Horsemen to be linked to Crane and Katrina only. They started the show’s downward spiral. Fans need to stop looking to them to fix it.

    Think back to season one. After Abraham was revealed to be Katrina’s ex-fiance in Necromancer, what were the remaining episodes about? I’ll help you. They were all about Crane finding out about his family. That he had a son and that Katrina could be rescued. From that point on all Abbie did was drive Crane around. The Apocalypse became an afterthought and has remained one every since.

    Orci can try to gas fans up with talk about coming back all he wants, but he’ll never be able to fix the mess he and his cohorts created. He’s just another liar trying to string fans along in hopes of securing higher ratings and another season.

  8. I don’t plan to watch next season, but I will be checking the ratings weekly to enjoy a good laugh. Can’t believe the producers chose to bring back Lance Gross. Is he going to be the new Irving? Are he and Crane going to be pals now? I hope Daniel whoops Ichabod’s ass for standing there doing nothing while Abbie sacrafised herself once again. What a coward the writers created. Will never understand why fans shipped this pathetic man with Abbie.

  9. I haven’t been able to root for the show to be cancelled either bc I do like the actors remaining and wish them well, but I do understand why some were eager to see it cancelled.

    I think a lot of it has to do with how hard some of them lobbied for the show’s return last season as well as the way we’ve seen Nicole treated. Just the little scraps we’ve seen with the unfollow, as well as the other things that have been divulged shows us how petty and maliceful they can be.
    Then in view of the way the show ended it seems as if that spite was translated on screen. Abbie’s sole purpose being to carry Ichabod forward was either spite, or completely and total ineptitude, it can be nothing else. Both are unacceptable. What’s more is everyone associated with the production of the show is on Shaggy status, “it wasn’t me”. Lol. What’s that saying victory has a thousands fathers, but defeat is an orphan.

    Sleepy Hollow was a major L this season, and yet they say they have more stories to tell. Lmfao. It’s like a ball club being down ten in the fourth quarter and taking their timeouts to the locker room. The should have told better stories this season instead of sitting talking about how no one knows what how difficult it is to put on a show. Of course it’s difficult, that’s why everyone can’t do it, at least well. Successful people learn to solve problems and manage distractions, bc everyone has them. Of course the network is going to meddle.

    A lot of us overlooked the evident cracks in the story lines, trying to keep optimistic that something resembling the show we fell in love with would all come together, instead it unravelled. What’s funny is even Tom Mison when asked about the symbol Abbie kept seeing seemed over all the dropped storylines. He was like it was confusing for me and I was in it so. I doubt this is a show he would watch were he not on it. I think that they are looking for a different type of viewer, the witty show that we started watching is no more. I didn’t really accept that until Joe was killed off in such a ridiculous manner.

    So I say let them have those viewers they’re targeting, sucks they were able to dangle a carrot in front of us and hold our attention for so long, but you live and you learn. I’m a huge TM fan, I bought Dead Cat, I even bought Jadoo, before I had a region free DVD player?, and I’ve made it a point to watch other things he’s been in but I will never watch another episode of Sleepy Hollow. In this scenario, our views or lack there of are our voice. I think our indifference is the only thing they’re worthy of.

  10. While I get what the author is saying, please allow me to add another perspective.

    Fans have every right to call for the show to be canceled and should continue to do so. The writers and those in charge attempted to use Abbie fans to insure themselves another season knowing good and goddamn well they were going to kill her character off in the most egregious of ways. That finale was a slap in the face to fans. A last fuck you to those who fought the hardest to ensure the show got its third season. Those fans were used and lied to and they deserve the right to vent until they feel better. #CancelSleepyHollow isn’t hurting anyone and we all know saying it won’t make it so. Fans are angry and hurt and everyone involved with the show deserves to feel the fans’ wrath. A better way of venting however would be to boycott Sleepy Hollow’s advertisers. Just as we supported them last year in order to save the show, we need to boycott them this year in order to kill it off. Sleepy Hollow deserves to sleep with the fishes and I’ll be praying everyone involved gets a new job, except the writers and producers.

  11. “I think Nicole Beharie/Ichabbie fans wanting Sleepy Hollow canceled is as bad and mean spirited as the Ichatrina fans who wanted the show canceled after Katrina was killed off.”

    I couldn’t disagree more with this assertion. Let me explain why. As much as I hated Katrina and her flop fans, I don’t think there was anything inherently wrong with their calls to cancel this awful mess of a show. Delusional? Absolutely! But not wrong. Heck! If I had known back then Nicole didn’t want to continue with the show, I would have happily joined them in their calls for cancellation. Their problem was in their skewed views about Katrina’s/Katia’s popularity and real value, which we all know was sub-zero with both fans and critics.

    Here is why fans are not wrong for wanting SH, Castle and any other show cancelled: if we are good enough to campaign for renewals, to promote them through fan art and word of mouth, if we are good enough to make shows trend, support when said shows when they falter and if we are good enough to be of use to networks as free advertising, then we have the right to lash out, when we are betrayed, lied to and insulted. Fans should absolutely punish racism and misogyny. Actors and actresses that have little to no problem being part of those shows are not my concern. It’s not like they’ll lack work elsewhere. Should fans weep for Mison’s or Greenwood’s career? Really? Excuse me, while I worry more about Nicole Beharie and the slander party FOX and the writers are engaging in against her.

    What’s the difference between wanting the show to be cancelled and wanting it to fail even more in S4, so that they pull the plug? Absolutely none other than time ill spent. There is no moral high ground here.

  12. I cannot get over the way TPTB treated NB/AM and the Ichabbie fandom. So, I have pulled my rose-colored glasses off, and I’m one of those fans who are calling for the show to be cancelled.

    I am sick of those so-called “I love NB/AM” fans pushing the party-line BS that NB left SH for movies. I am sick of TM fans spitting their veiled accusations that NB is the reason SH is failing. I am sick of FOX and its minions spreading lies about not having a choice in the way AM was written off because the actress WANTED to leave.

    I’ve tried to leave SH behind, but I keep coming back trying to defend NB/AM against the same people who sat and watched this dreck along with the rest of us but are now singing a different tune. They are so ready to move on with the gorgeous and talented TM. Don’t get me wrong, I think TM is eye-candy to the nth degree. And, his voice makes me think all kinds of naughty things. Oh, oh, I’m not talking about TM, I’m talking about IC. As I stated elsewhere, if you remove Crane’s period costume, cut his hair even shorter, and shave his beard, all you have is a clone of every other male lead in every other show on TV.

    I cannot watch S1 anymore, and I always watched it after the each season finale. I cannot read Ichabbie fanfic or watch Ichabbie fan vids or Ichabbie fan art. I freaking don’t want to think about SH anymore. I am not the same viewer I was before that finale. I cannot watch FOX at all, not even for Empire. The betrayal is still too fresh.

  13. Tom Mison is so overrated. His acting is overrated and so are his looks. I’ve seen him in other stuff and was thoroughly underwhelmed. He’s also borderline ugly without the beard and has a weird chin and side profile. I’m so tired of hearing people go on about him as if he were the second coming. It shows how many fans were just as blinded by Tom as the writers and producers were. Watch how Ichabod plays on screen without Abbie Mills at his side. Ichabod without Abbie will be like corn flakes without the milk; dull, dry and hard to swallow.

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