Iman Cosmetics

imanFormal Supermodel Iman is a beauty icon. She knows the essential beauty must haves to look fabulous at any age. Years ago she decided to launch her own brand of cosmetics. Iman Cosmetics is now one of the leading cosmetic lines for women of color. As you might know Foundation is the key component of makeup. Although I currently use Clinique’s even better foundation with SPF 15, I decided to try Iman’s Second to None Luminous foundation out of curiosity. They offer a wide range of foundation styles and colors. Although,the foundation is great, I would only reccomend this foundation if you desire full coverage and want to hide discolarations. I wouldn’t reccomend it for everyday use, because it’s significantly heavy. It’s great for Special events, holidays, portraits, etc. This will probably not be my last time using Iman’s makeup products. Iman Cosmetics also feature lipgloss, eyeshadows, bronzers,and much more.
You can view or purchase Iman Cosmetics at Remember “Your beauty, Your Terms”.


  1. I was at Target a few weeks ago and saw they were selling her products. I will definitely try them out as I did hear years ago from Lil Kim that they were good. Kim said Iman sent her tons of products from her line. Wish I could get Iman to do the same for me.

  2. I use to use her foundation and lipstick all the time and then I couldn’t find it anymore great to know where to get it again.

  3. I love her matte press powder. I wish she would come out with a mineral poweder. If she has one already I apologize I did not know.

  4. Iman should have sent Lil Kim her makeup book instead so she could learn how to properly apply the products.

  5. Did you try mixing in a drop or two of moisturizer? Maybe that would keep it from beeing so heavy.

  6. Iman products are really good, well the foundations atleast, I havent’ tried anything else. Her products may not be expensive for anyone else, but I’m cheap I found that I could get good results from CGQ for half the cost. Oh and it really depends on your texture, if you want full coverage go for iman, if you have decent skin and want something sheer go for CGQ.

  7. I use to sell makeup in Boston as a teen. I use her eyes makeup and lipstick and glosses. My fav colors are Jaguar and Tiger Eye. I always got props for my makeup and slod ALOT of her stuff to SISTAS. (and even none SISTAS) These colors come in the forms of eyeshadows( makes dark brown eyes POP POP POP) and lipsticks. They look AMAZING on all skin tones and last HELLA LONG.

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