Video: ‘Incapable’ by Keyshia Cole


Keyshia Cole Debuts ‘Incapable’ Video

Singer Keyshia Cole is back with the visual for her new single Incapable. The track is the second to be released from the singer’s upcoming 11:11 Reset album, due out October 20th. Keyshia co-directed the video with longtime collaborator Mike Ho, who she says always comes up with “amazing and realistic treatments.”

For Incapable the pair take things to the club, where Keyshia sings of heartache after discovering she’s being cheated on. It’s a typical KC video: not bad- but not particularly good either. I’d like to see Keyshia step away from Ho for a while and see what happens. A more artistic director could motivate her to take things up a notch… because let’s be honest, ‘in the club’ videos are about as generic as you can get.


  1. Keyshia is pretty. These songs are killing her though. They’re all the same. For someone who claims to be moving on she’s constantly whining about bad relationship choices. Pep up Keyshia. Fall in love. Find something new to sing about. No comment on the video.

  2. I dig the record. I just want this album to be cohesive. Keyshia does have a great collection of albums. I think “The Way It Is”, “Just Like You”, and “A Different Me” really are her best.
    She does need fresh material. A new direction in her records too. She does cater to her fans. I think this album should be something fresh. She’s sticking to what she puts in her records. Your comment is cool though. I was thinking the exact way because Keyshia is able to pick out really fresh material. Those albums I mentioned she really nailed it during those eras. Keyshia has maintained longevity and to be honest as a fan I do want her to push her artistry. As you mentioned she does need a fresh outlook with her records. I’m ready for “11:11 Reset” album.

  3. I love Incapable!! Great Song!! Not a a fan of the video. Love the song her Voice is amazing!! She was married to a Serial Cheater!!

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