India Arie Is On A “Chocolate High”

Soul diva India Arie is giving her fans a Chocolate High for the Holidays. India is scheduled to debut her first single on Thanksgiving, November 27th, via her Myspace Page. Chocolate High will be the lead single from her new CD, Testimony: Love & Politics, and features R n’ B crooner and former boyfriend, Musiq Soulchild. Look for India’s new album to makes it’s way onto the charts on February 10, 2009. India’s last CD, Testimony: Life & Relationships debuted at the top of the charts back in 2006, with sales of 161,000 in it’s first week- eventually reaching Gold status and earning India her first Grammy. Click here to get your first listen of India’s new song.


  1. I love India Arie, She is so sensual with it, I love her deep voice, and i do like the song

  2. I need to put up a new Frankie picture and this song sounds like musiq’s old song”girl next door” :booty:

  3. What doth thou think of drumsticks?

    I asked the barnyard bird.

    He grinned his turkey grin and then

    He answered me these words.

    They’re good to eat. They’re good to beat.

    And as sure as I am living.

    They’re best to run away with,

    The day BEFORE Thanksgiving.

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  4. ^^^ πŸ˜† *smh*

    Blessings to Ms. Arie this time around. I’ll admit to sleepin’ on her last album but no doubt is she an awesome talent & I love her positive messages and beautiful music.

  5. India.Arie is a great artist but Black women as a whole do not support her and neither does Black radio. For all the fake talk on this blog about real music I bet no one has clicked over to listen to her song and this post won’t even get 20 comments.

    However if this was about those two other Black girls (You know their names. One starts with an R and the other a B) this post would have reached 50 comments by now because everyone would have had something to say and more than likely it would have been negative.

    If sistas hate what is out there so much why not open up and give a sista like this a chance? But I am wasting my breath because you all won’t no matter what you say.

  6. She is so talented and she has her head on her shoulders. People don’t support her (all races not just black) because her appearance doesn’t fit in what this crazy and out of control industry calls beautiful or sexy. I personally think she is a beautiful woman. When I see those beautiful girls in Hollywood, who act like divas but their talent aren’t that great, I pity them. I prefer down to earth, good role model artist like India Arie. And her voice?????? Wow, beautiful.

  7. To Thelma-

    I totally know what you mean but I don’t agree with you completely. How do you except people, especially men, to support her when left and right there are artists wearing expensive weaves, made up all the time even if it’s just to go to the park, wearing revealing outfits and shaking their butts off, using provocative dance moves and lyrics…. those are very distracting to some people. And most of the time, those artists are everywhere. You turn on your TV, they are on every channel, you go to the store, their picture is on the billboard….

    Thelma, you and I know India is a very talented singer and an excellent songwriter, cause we choose to be unbiased by what we see, but most people…. nope. Can you imagine that I had to google Beyonce’ real hair to convince a guy that she was wearing a weave. That’s the point I am trying to make, other artists have used other tactics to be popular and to get support. Talent alone doesn’t cut it anymore.

  8. Talent alone doesn’t cut it anymore.
    That’s true and it’ s Very sad, I don’ t who sista was talking about but Don’ t put me and fake in the same sentence, because one rule i live by is to keep it 100% real even if that means bruising some ego, I always loved ans supported India I think she is a great singer and i love her peaceful Melodies and her great messages, That’ s me and i’ m out

  9. Me and my fiance love India too. My fiance (a guy) loves India and acknowledges her talent despite all the other female distraction out there. I wasn’t talking about someone in particular, I was talking in general. Let’s face it, if you are not naked these days, you don’t get much publicity and therefore your material doesn’t get exposed as much and doesn’t sell as much. Its sad but it’s true.

  10. Agreed Coco And i was not talking about you when i said sista I meant miss Thelma :thumbsup: :brownsista:

  11. Yey! My 2 fav artist of this decade. Can’t wait.

    This song puts me in rememberance of Musiq’s duet with Angie Stone called “the ingredients of love” on her Mahogany Soul CD.

  12. What a beautiful picture of India Arie. A true nubian queen. That’s my girl foreva. Luv her. Her song – priceless.

  13. I went to see India.Arie and Anthony Hamilton perform at the taste of chicago. I enjoyed every bit of ti and respected this woman for the music and art she put out for the people. The song “Chocolate High” is nice you guys should check it out.

  14. loveroflife Anthony Hamilton is awesome, too :thumbsup: .
    One of my fav song & video has to be “Comin’ From Where I’m From”

  15. I absolutly cannot wait. She is the truth. All of her cd’s have been great. She has recieved nothing but great reviews. She is bigger overseas. It’s amazing all of more soulful artisist are really big overseas. We have been sold a bill of goods with this new music and now they won’t even play real music on the radio.

  16. Stephanie I didn’t even bother to read because I didn’t know who the artist was LMAO. Anyways india is one of my favorite artistn I call the modern day Nina Simone. She’s so beautiful to me, so talented. I can’t wait. Be bless everyone and have a safe holiday.

  17. @bria
    i live in england and india is not big here, people don’t really here “real” soul music this side of the pond unless is white “soul” i.e. adele/amy winehouse.

    Its a shame because india is extremely talented! i’ve always supported her and brought her albums. But like the above posters said if a great talent doesnt have the so-called “look” their not going to get far nowadays. for example people always say alicia keys is an example of someone who keeps her clothes on and sells cd’s, but at the end of the day alicia has whats considered “the look” and that is the look that is accepted amongst white america and the western world as a whole.

    Also it depends on how much the record label pushes an artist, i.e. duffy was shoved down our throats here in the uk and she’s famous because in part her record label spent money promoting her.

    I do hope the music business changes so women like india, amel larrieux etc get more exposure. Its high time that talent takes place of image

  18. LOL I was trying to say “She’s one of my favorite artist and she is the modern day Nina Simone.”

  19. :lol2: :lol2: Stephanie I tought You did it to be cute Loool
    Happy thanksgiving to yall

  20. I love India Arie…I am a huge fan of hers and have all her CD’S. Looking forward to getting her latest album.

  21. “India.Arie is a great artist but Black women as a whole do not support her and neither does Black radio. ”

    Thelma, I understand your frustration but the “R & B” girls are MAINSTREAM, they will always do better than India, whether nationally or worldwide because they have big mainstream radio and TV channels to support their music AND WHITE PEOPLE BUY THEIR STUFF in the western world, and THEY SELL IN ASIA too. How can India compete? Why do we have to blame black women? Black women support her, Jill, Erykah too, but they aint mainstream either so……… know the rest.

  22. @breaking down said: Maybe you are listening to the wrong stations. I have a friend who sends me great music that I never hear there and she lives in London. VH1 does the same thing also. They promote all of these so call white soul singers from London, but, none of the ones from the other.

  23. Oh my God! The song impressed me for the first time I heard it! It is not a kind of song that will hang on the top of the chart but it definitely gives a good feeling to the listener. I can’t wait for her new album.

    Luv you India, thanks for the great music!

  24. Woop, i love her music, helps me relax like no ones business. ‘I am not my hair ‘ :bowdown: That is probly one of my top 5 fave choons.

    Thelma, i cosign with LiveNLearn. Just because artists arent mainstream does not mean they dont get any support. You can like them as well as the mainstream artists Beyonce / Rihanna . I’m a UK girl and there’s nothing wrong with appreciating the music no matter where it comes from, whether Amy Winehouse or Duffy, Estelle , Jill, Erykah Badu or Janelle Monae. Check out Laura Izibor. I’ve got all those artists on my ipod somewhere.

    And just because a Rih or Bey post makes 50-100 comments often signifies people arguing back and forth. U should know that by now Thelma. πŸ™„

  25. India is one talented lady who dismiss all stereotype about an artist. She doesn’t have to conform to the industry to make beautiful music. And she is smart and simple. Maybe she is not mainstream but she is more talented than any mainstream girl out there.

  26. This is hot. Beautiful melody, beautiful words and beautifully delivered. I love India’s voice, always have. Musiq is not the best vocalist but he sounds nice. But I can’t wait for her CD to come out soon. Thanks 4 posting Stephanie.

  27. I hate people make these dumb comments about black women not supporting whom and really I know where they are going with this and who they are attacking when they say these comments.

    Here is a fact: Artists like India. Aire don’t market to the demographics that other who supposedly don’t do real music market to. This is what her label wants from her, this is what she wants and it is cool. She’s not a contemporary artist and is not trying to be. Why do people always attack mainstream artists or entertainers to try to prove their “musical taste”? It is ridiculous. But anyways, it is good to India still making great music.

  28. I agree@ LNL and I hate haters…

    It kills me how people blog to complain about who is doing “real music” and who isn’t and theorizing on why it “isn’t supported”. I say it like this: If you are a fan of any artists, there are many ways to find out if they have CDs out or whatever. What happened to Word of Mouth? I came in here and I find out that India has a new song. Even if mainstream stations aren’t promoting your fave artists there are other avenues to find them. People need to stop hating mainstream artists all the time.

  29. Well, coco if she didn’t conform to the industry she wouldn’t be in it. πŸ˜† She would not be part of a major label. She is part of the industry and is only another “flava” of what the industry offers to get those fans who are fans of “real music”. Yes, she makes great music but she still conforming to what her label wants from her. Simple as that. As long as she works for them, that’s how it is.

  30. Curtis is always negative. Nobody criticized the mainstream artists. And yes, you can be in the industry and not conform to it. A lot of artists have done it before. India has her own thing, her own image and she won’t change it to be popular or to sell more. Mainstream artists have other goals than just making music. India Arie is making music.

  31. India is a great artist Those that don’ t support her have no knowledge of real music, that’ s my opinion, I love Love Love the U.k They give everyone a fair chance and are not afraid to try new things , Here in the U.S people are closed minded, yet they swear everyone hate on such and such, That’ s sad and that’ s their lost

  32. Dark Sista Is expecting twins Again- That’s what I’m talking about. People who say that India gets a fair chance are wrong. She doesn’t. But her talent is huge and I am a fan of her music.

  33. Coco people DO put down mainstream artist and say people don’t support “real music”. To me saying “real music” is subjective because not everyone is going to feel that neo-soul is “real” r&b or “real music”. I usually hate when people say that because to me there is no such thing is real music. When you hear a tune it’s real; anything after that is a an opinion of you liking it or disliking it.

    Coco I don’t understand you when you say that India.Arie doesn’t have a fair chance. That’s silly she got a chance of getting signed just like Rihanna and Beyonce who are mainstream artist. She has won awards for her albums. There are people who have been in the industry longer than her like Common and he won his first award last year. Beyonce and Rihanna are sistas that got mainstream success because their image is what is popular but that doesn’t mean that India.Arie doesn’t get a fair chance of success because she does have a demograph that she appeals it’s small but that’s because her image is not what it popular right now. We can’t use the whole light skin and dark skin argument for her not appealing to the masses because remember Lauryn Hill? Sold over 10 million copies, graced every magazine cover, and won 5 grammys out of 10 nominations. Not bad for some who releases “real music” lol smh. Lauryn came out at a time where it was okay and it was acceptable. Still today it is known as a classic. She only released one studio album lol.

    Music is an evolution. What we were immune to listen to in the era we grew up in is not longer relevant. Maybe one day talented acts like India.Arie will get the same recognition as Rihanna. Music always comes back full circle. Like hipster hip-hop in the 90’s. you got acts like the retro kids and the cool kids emulating A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul lol. Right now the whole “real music” argument is dead. People need to enjoy the music that they like and stop being so critical of other artist that don’t live up to their music taste. It makes people come off like uppity music listeners lol.

  34. :iagree: loveroflife 100%

    It seem like every time an artist who doesn’t have mainsterm sucess makes real music πŸ™„

    India Arie love her but i doubt she want’s to be mainsterm as la beyonce la rihanna la janet i mean Lauryn Hill- Miseducation was full of mainsterm music

    Since when is neo-soul real music?

    That like saying micheal jacksn isn’t real music cause he is pop and appeals to everyone black,white,yellow,purple lol.

    Lauryn Hill appeal to everyone that why her album was a sucess

    music had always been this way

    From back to motown- till now

    so stop complaining :thumbsup:


  35. Loveroflife and Curtis :iagree:

    I was gonna mention Lauryn Hill and Michael Jackson. ( X- factor, That thing, Thriller and Bad is not ‘real music’).
    I never thought the UK gave way to break thru cos US artists often dominate everything but the different genres tht evolves and the way artists are not afraid to work with other artists without being called sellouts or w/eva is refreshing.

    Chck out for all types of music. They represent. πŸ™‚


  36. She looks great in the picture above.

    India Irie is a respected Neo-soul artist. I don’t know why some people are comparing her to Bey and RiRi because they are in DIFFERENT musical genres. Would you compare Country music artists to Rock artists?

    Bey and RiRi have a different fan base than India. Young kids cannot really understand or relate to “grown woman” issues. So they turn to pop-tart songs and music that they can dance to.

  37. Thank you Peace and Love, Loveroflife and haters. :hifive: I was not trying to be negative, I saw the comments in here I responded as I did. Truth is, I love to see all female entertainers shine. No matter the genre. I wanna see more black country artists. I am like that. I love India, she has own vibe and I check for her.

    And haters, you make a great point. Lauryn blew up at a time when neo-soul was big, probably more fad than anything. It runs in cycles. Believe it or not, one of the things I do like where mainstream music is going is that it is more instrumentational. So even with that, Neo-Soul is staying alive even if it is not marketed towards mainstream demographic. I say enjoy the music whatever it is, and support the talent.

  38. India is too grown for top 40 radio, and I’m very happy for that. Her talent would not be appreciated by teenagers.

    WHUR has been playing Chocolate High, and I can’t wait to download it on the iPod.

  39. @OCCaliaka: Where can you find WHUR. Because I totally agree with you.

  40. I don’t know how I missed this India post! πŸ˜† Anyhoo, I’m LOVING this song!!! I have all of India’s albums save for the last one (makes note to purchase…adds to list). She’s amazing, her “artistry is amazing” LOL and love her songwriting; lyrically, her music soars and takes you places. It’s poetic and beautiful. :brownsista:

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