India Arie Debuts New Single


After a four year hiatus, singer India Arie has returned with new music. The ‘Acoustic Soul’ songstress unveiled her new single ‘Cocoa Butter’ earlier today via Twitter, adding that her new album, ‘SongVersation,’ would soon follow.

India updated her Facebook page as well, saying she plans to support ‘SongVersation’ with a summer tour and will be joined by ‘Cocoa Butter co-writer and producer Shannon Sanders.

Give India’s new joint a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. Hey, this sounds like an India.Arie joint! ‘Coz it ’tis! A nice, smooth jam. I have the sudden urge to ‘cocoa butter’ my arms and elbows 😉 cocoa buttering my heart would it lead to cholesterol? LOL Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. @ Kanyade LOL!

    Yes, India Arie definately is back with this song. I love her neosoul style.

  3. Yesssssssssssssss. Make me wanna put on “Good Mourning”

  4. Well alright! Here’s a brownsista we haven’t heard from in a while. Love her!

  5. I like it! Can’t wait for her to release an album. I miss her sound.

  6. I like this! Her voice is soothing.
    I wish singers like her were more successful.
    My fave India Arie is Little things, Purify me, Brown Skin, Ready for Love and I am not my hair.

  7. How many of you would actually buy this sing though? Its boring in every waym words and beat, RNB sic has become so dull. Where is the next Stephanie Mills or Toni Braxton? Boring singers and boring songs.

  8. India Arie is in her own lane, the one that brought her to our attention and has kept her there. She’s neither pop nor straight R&B, she’s a blend of acoustic soul, folk and R&B. Like Tweet and Amel Larrieux, or Chrisette Michele and Jill Scott or Anthony Hamilton and Kem, they have their own flavor and appeal to their fanbase. This is just one song, glad she’s back. I still faithfully play “The Truth,” one of my favorites. This is what she does and well! SUBSTANCE! Mellow Flow, feel good music, lyrics you listen to, music when you want to chill or work!

    Today it’s very difficult for black artists; R&B isn’t supported, plain and simple! UK artist Rebecca Ferguson did a version of Drake’s “Take Care” on youtube and showcased some Martha Wash vocals, but she’s marketed using much less of her vocal ability. While she’s getting play, this girl would have totally blown up in the past, but the landscape has changed and it’s about personalities, drama and sensationalism to generate sales. New artists don’t have the name or brand to steer or manufacture headlines and sound bites. So we won’t be seeing too much more than what we see, it’s sad, but we don’t buy it!

  9. I like this song! I want to listen to music that will soothe my soul – and this is it!! And I agree with everything that Cynthia said. 🙂

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