India Arie Performs Cocoa Butter


Singer India Arie appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to perform her latest single ‘Cocoa Butter,’ taken from her ‘Songversation’ CD, released yesterday, June 25th.

India will keep the promo going, appearing on upcoming episodes of Good Day New York (earlier today), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (June 28), Tavis Smiley (June 28), Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday (Part 2 June 30) and the BET Awards, also on June 30th.


  1. I like her but all of her songs kinda sound the same …

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I don’t care for this song, but will purchase her album. I enjoyed her visit at OWN. I loved how she would sum up her own experiences and not just accept what Oprah was saying because she’s Oprah, but agreed when she was in alignment. You could see a wonderful exchange of awareness between the two and Oprah walked away with something too! When she said, “we’re here to make people like us,” a singer second. I was like thank you, people don’t get that. One of the reasons I like Rihanna and others, celebrities and people I come into contact with who don’t care so much, it hinders you from being authentic (J-lo’s “I’m real” playing in the background)! I look forward to part II!

  3. I want to address the controversy over India Arie’s complexion. I think when people assume black celebs are bleaching; they should take into consideration that many times when celebs begin going to spas, having their skin constantly cleaned, scrubbed, with better products your true complexion will emerge.As well, the food , environment in which they live can possibly be a factor. just a thought, I maybe wrong.

  4. @BOHWE

    What you said is so true, they get skin resurfacing, exfoliating layers, along with diet, emotional health, this creates a clearer complexion! They spent a lot of time on this issue, India wanted to make sure she explained the obvious difference in her skin tone, not light like the photo that enraged some people (that was lighting). Your countenance has a lot to do with your complexion too. I think she’s very self-conscious about what people think, still. Most skin products have lighteners (she knows this), especially for acne or sensitive skin because of scarring, blemishes or discolorations. Medications will also affect hormones and skin color, supplements or peels have fruit or plant enzymes which lighten skin. I have skin breakouts according to stress levels. I believe her description of the eruption or imbalance was making her ill, this is what’s so important, the mind, body and soul connection. Deliverance is transforming India Arie from the inside out. Good interview!

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