India Arie Tracklisting+Promo Pic

india-arie-testimony-promo-pic01 R&B singer India Arie’s second volume in her series of “Testimony” albums, “Love & Politics,” will arrive in stores on February 10th. The lead single from the Universal Republic set, “Chocolate High,” features Musiq Soulchild, while second single “Therapy” features Jamaican roots artist Gramps Morgan. “Love & Politics” follows 2006’s “Life & Relationship,” which has sold 689,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan and earned India her second Garammy Award. The singer also recently released the tracklisting for her new set as well as a new promo pic.

Official Tracklisting

“Intro — Grains”
“Psalms 23”
“Chocolate High”
“He Heals Me”
“Interlude — Grains”
“River Rise”
“Better Way”
“Interlude — Grains”
“Long Goodbye”
“The Cure”
“Outtro — Grains”


  1. cnt wait to put this album in my collection,i know that india wnt fail me,she never has….i love her choice of words more than the music….i am a huge fan

  2. India Arie is one of those truly gifted and talented artist who I really admire. She is the epitome of grace, elegance, and a peculiar style that does not match anyone in the arena. I like her style in fashion and music. I am happy that she stays true to herself and not sell herself out to the highest bidder like many artists do.

  3. I agree with all the above statements lol. She stills remind me of a soft version of 21 century Nina Simone (looks and lyrical content)

  4. I can’t wait til this album drops. I stille listen to “Good Morning” almost everyday off her last album!

  5. @surabi:

    I agree; India is a wonderful talent. She`s from the same mode as Tracy Chapman, who I miss, with Tracy`s music being more political and speaking to the everyday struggles of “Human Nature”. I can proudly say that, “I own both of their music as part of my collection.” Tracy is just so deep and very aware of atrocities and injustices that continue to breed.

    I can hear her now singing about the ATROCITIES and INJUSTICIES over in Gaza perpetrated at the hands of Israel toward The Palestinians. Israel is nothing more than a clone of The United States who will continue to be backed by The American Government. I will always sympathize with the “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” and the situation in Gaza is no different.

    Therefore my allegiance lies with The Palestinians and Hamas. Afterall, The American Government and Israel would also consider Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, Touissant L` Overture, Nat Turner, Harriett Tubman, Angela Davis, Marcus Garvey, The Black Panthers, Huey Newton, Fred Hampton, Martin Luther King, Nobel Drew Ali, etc. as “TERRORISTS”; I call them, “FREEDOM FIGHTERS.”

    I know I got way off subject but The Spirit led me…

    P.S. I also miss, L Boogie, Lauren Hill.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

    Peace and love to all The “FREEDOM FIGHTERS”

  6. Can’t wait to hear the CD. I’ve loved India since “Video”. I can’t tell you how many times I played that song.

    @ Surabi: I totally agree with you. That is one of the reasons why I love her. Natural beauty is something that is not celebrated in the mainstream, sadly. But India has always had an audience that supports her.

  7. One of my fav artist of this decade. Can’t wait!

    Hey there Mr. SMOOTH CRIMINAL. Always a pleasure to read your thoughts.

  8. Oooh, some nourishment!

    I love India. Can’t wait for this one, too. :brownsista:

  9. I just love India,She is so pretty and SUPER talented.
    Her music makes you feel good and uplifts your spirits!

  10. that’s real talent right there…. and just to put it out there to see what other brown sista have to say i think india is always over looked because of her skin color that year when alica please won all of those awards and india did not get any because i belive she is darker than alicia, beyonce, ashanti etc……. just a thought

  11. i love alicia bcoz she is an authentic woman but we all know who was the real winner,i was so hurt that she didnt even win one award,they were trying to break her spirit but she is strong,she is the truth,grounded and not court up in the hype,she is a true reflection of a sista.

  12. India Arie is a great artist. I think she is one of the most under recognized artist of all time. She has longevity though. Someone will all ways want to hear her or go to her concerts. She is going to be an Aruba great. Will you all ways want to hear Single Ladies? I mean I like Beyonce but when I am around the house in a melancholy mood-India, Jill, Lauryn, Maxwell, and other neo soul artists are the ones that do in for me. I am getting tired of jerking my body around like Bey :)!!!

  13. india’s music is like a good book,her lyrics are amazing they are beautiful poem,she makes you love life and feel greatful about life and most of all forgive… i have made a choice to forgive greedy people,companies or countries,those who harm or betray others inorder to mantain their superiority….forgive them father for they dnt know what they are doing,their karma will get them back,i wnt be upset about injustices anymore because i trust in the higher power and i am greatful that there is a singer who is willing to teach us to follow a path of righteousness even though she dsnt,she does heal our hearts and make us do right if we are open to do so

  14. i mearnt even though she dsnt sell that much,i was typing so fast that i skipped some words

  15. OMG! I just listen to her single “Therapy” and I tell ya, it just put me in a better mood…One of those type of songs you play to get ya goin’ when you first wake up in the morning.

  16. i love her song with musiq soulchild (chocolate high) best record she made besides “video”

  17. I looove India.Arie. Real music that makes one feel good. She is a shining star and I dont think it’s fair to compare her to other acts or say she lost her award because of her skin tone. Come on, the girl is on her own path and loving it and we in turn love her. Do your thing India.


  19. India Arie, we have really missed you. Can’t wait to get this album into ma collection.

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