InPhotos: Meagan Good & Halle Berry

Brown Sistas Halle Berry and Meagan Good were both spotted earlier this week- Halle on the set of her new movie “Frankie and Alice” and Meagan hanging out at Club Villa in Los Angeles. First up is Halle, who was seen filming scenes from her new movie up in Vancouver British Columbia. Halle has her hands full these days as she is not only starring in her new movie, but producing it as well. Word is the actress has also signed on to star in three new movies as well, Nappily Ever After, Class Act and Tulia, which finds her teaming up again with Billy Bob Thorton.

Next up is actress Meagan Good who stopped by Brittny Gastineau’s birthday bash at Club Villa. Meagan can be seen next in the thriller The Unborn, where she plays the best friend of woman haunted by the spirit of a child killed in the Holocaust.

I also added pics from last week of Meagan hanging out at Club Villa with friends.


  1. My two favs!!! YAY!


    HOLD UP!

    Who in the hell booty is that?!!!!

    DAMN! {I feel like dude- LOL!}

    It’s seems like Meagan gets thick overnight. I mean, it really doesn’t seem like she was as thick the last time she wore that outfit…
    {LOL. I wasn’t trying to be funny}

    Is that Nahla with Halle? The baby is not going to be in the film is she or is that pic after filming??

  2. I like Halle’s hair and the baby doesn’t look like Nahla to me.

    As for Meagan, she looks terrible. I can’t even pretend to understand why she leaves her house wearing the same clothese over and over and over and over again.

    On a high note, she doesn’t look so thin anymore. For a second she started looking like a bobble head.

  3. did anyone read nappily ever after, i didn’t like the book and can’t fathom anyone reading it and thinking it would make a great movie. I hope that it was bought for titlte alone and they completely change the story. the character didn’t have any self esteem, not even for the “happy ending.”

  4. I read Nappily Ever After and didn’t consider it movie worthy. If Halle is the lead, I can’t see that either. Meagan is so cute to me….repeat shoes and leggings and all :brownsista:

  5. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: @Nne saidHOLD UP!

    Who in the hell booty is that?!!!!

    DAMN! {I feel like dude- LOL!}

    too funny i was thinking the same thing megan been eating well these days!!! :thumbsup: :brownsista:

  6. Oh i loooove halle’ s hair , she look like a light version of my sister afroz are the truth man!

    Megan and her damn leggings but wait is that a booty ? πŸ˜† :thumbsup: :brownsista:

  7. I was wondering if that was her real booty. It might be, I ain’t even gonna say nothing about her shoes πŸ™„ Anyway I like the look Halle is rocking, it’s different. It reminds me of Tracee Ellis Ross

  8. I don’ t mind skinny average or big sisters to each its own πŸ™‚
    They all look good and halle’ s hair does look like mine lol, I love it Natural is the way to go πŸ˜›

  9. Meagan Good is embarrassing. Even white blogs are starting to take note of how many times they have seen her dressed in that outfit.

  10. Love Halle and the baby. I think both look fabolous. And as for Nahla looking different…. in every pic I see of her she looks differently. But kids do change looks all the time from new born to one or two years old. By bff’s son did. One day he looks like her and a month or two later he looks more like her husband.

    As for Megan… I don’t know maybe she is trying to save some money. Becuz I can’t remember when the last time I saw her in a new movie.

  11. Halle’s purple, paisley park inspired outfit is….interesting.

    Her hair is voluptuous in its curlage.

    Megan….those leggings have to go πŸ™ I just can’t stand those things! Her hair is nice….

  12. Soul Cry je pense pas non , I don’ t think she did maybe she just eating good

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