InPhotos: Meagan Good In “The Unborn”

Actress Meagan Good spoke to the folks over at the MTV Movie Blog and revealed that she owes a lot of her career to Danielle Harris. Believe it or not Halloween IV and V had a lot to do with her desire to act. Now she is doing a couple horror films as well including Saw V and The Unborn. Good told the site, “Basically, there’s a little boy who gets murdered in the Holocaust, whose spirit is trying to possess certain people in his family,” she said of “Unborn.” “It comes down the family chain in twins, because he was a twin. I can’t say too much more, because I don’t want to ruin the plot, but it’s really scary.

Gary Oldman is also in it, Idris Elba, Cam Gigandet and Odette Yustman.” Of course she couldn’t say anything about Saw V because as we all know everything behind those films is top secret. This October we may get double the hotness depending on when they plan on releasing The Unborn. Hopefully we will see a lot more of Good in future horror films.



  1. Meagan seems to have a big role in this film and not just the Black best friend. I just might go see this to support her.

  2. Why is it that black girls can always get roles in horror flicks?? But yet are scarcely seen in other types of major film roles ?

  3. I have never noticed that to be true. I think Black women are probably least represented in horror films and action films.

  4. I love that she is making her own path! As hard as it is for an actress to get a job in Hollywood – she is staking her claim. good luck Ms. Good

  5. RAW EMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    😆 @ Steph and rainy.

    I don’t do horror movies either mainly because they make no sense to me. I can’t fathom the idiocy of the characters with no common sense allowing themselves to get caught up and killed. Likewise, zombie movies are just so dumb to me. Zombies come after you, kill you, you get away, but there’s always gonna be more zombies, more and more and more and there’s no end. Can’t handle those flicks. But for those horror movies that are more psychological like Silence of the Lambs or that other one….the follow-up, Red Dragon. Lord have mercy, those are so well done they reek of eeevil and I cannot WILL not watch them. LOL. Those scare me too. And yes, sometimes I keep the lights on…definitely sleep with a nightlight anyway LOL no pitch black around my way LOL

  6. @Kanyade, yes stuff where there are serial killer and stuff like…. things that could happen in real life no mama!!! shoot sometimes i don’t even watch the news!

  7. I’m proud of Meagan. She’s doing what she has to do to get notiriety outside of black films. She also is not playing the typical girlfriend role that she has been typecast in. The horror film looks good, and it looks like she has a major supporting role. I don’t think she gets killed off in the first 10 minutes of the film…at least I hope not.

    By doing a wider range of films, maybe she’ll be considered for higher profile roles. One thing about Meagan, is that she is working consistantly. A lot of black actresses have a hard time finding consistant work.

    I would like to see her do an action or sci-fi film next. I’d love to see her fighting bad guys and kicking butt.

  8. Rainy! *waves frantically*

    I like Meagan….habitual offender and all. One thing though This October? it’s already November, so is the movie out?

  9. Megan always has that same expression in every movie (the very first pic at the top) Like she’s about to cry 🙁

  10. Umph, umph, umph…this is one pretty woman! Plus, I’m really excited to see that she is taking her acting “abilities” to another level. I like Horror films from time to time, so maybe this one will be another cool one to watch.

  11. @waving back at lola…i’m staying here from now on..i guess

  12. Are scary movies all she does? I really like megan but i want to see her in a role where she isn’ t eye Candy but :thumbsup: and good luck to her

  13. It’s good to see that she is getting roles. I might have to watch this since Idris Elba is in it (he is sexy!)

    I’m more scared of “terror” movies, the ones with spirits and unsolved mysteries scare the h*ll out of me.

  14. @ Lola, you can see what i bring. I’m all about being positive and i’m in love with life. I felt good on there cause being a miltary brat i never sat still long enough to makes to many friends..female friends at that..It was fun because we talked about more that just fashion or gossip..(even though i love that to) :thumbsup: I know it may be silly it just mad me feel sad..sad that people have to be that way..I guess I’m just an emotional old scorpio 😆

  15. @torya H e was good in the scary movie he did with hilary swank The Reaping or something.. :thumbsup:

  16. :iagree: you are the most positive being on there! 😆 That’s why you shouldn’t let childish antics of an idiot / :loser: run you off

    From one Scorp, to another, come on back RAINY!!!!!! :hifive:

  17. Lola, no one is talking to me becuase of those antics..I don’t know who I”M talking to..who is real who is fake..I’m trying stay positive. It was really hard for me cause you know I check that for i even do my work!!!!Naw girl you can reap for me. N ow After this point you can say anyone who posts as me is not the real one,,cause you know how hard scorpios can hold a grudge! 😆

  18. @ Rainywaters:
    Thanks! I will definitely have to check that out, Hilary Swank is one of my favorite actresses also.

  19. Happy to see Meagan in movies. 🙂

    Wishes her all the best in future projects. :thumbsup:

  20. I never sleep with the lights completely off either. That Halloween movie scared the living h*ll out of me when I was a kid. It was something about that Danielle Harris character that got me. That little girl could act! Ever since Halloween IV, it’s been over for me… lol

  21. It’s safe to say I will not watch these horror movies. I like my sleep thank you very much! When I tell my older brother about these two films, I bet he’ll buy them. He has this collection of scary movies…

  22. I watch very few horror movies but I hope Meagan keeps on getting roles!!!

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