InPhotos: Rihanna’s New Cover Girl Ads

Does this photo make you wanna go out and buy mascara? Well Covergirl Cosmetics is banking that it does. Rihanna, who has been representing the company for the past three years is now the face of their new Exact Eyelights Mascara. So what makes Exact Eyelights different than the other 50 brands of mascara that Covergirl sales? Well according to the company: Get 4x brighter eyes with Exact Eyelights Mascara! Light-reflecting metallics and a hint of tint bring out your blues, browns, hazels and greens, while our patented no-clump brush helps define lashes. Green-eyed sistas like Rihanna should go for the Black Ruby color, while we brown-eyed divas should opt for the Black Pearl.

Wanna know which color you should choose? Stop by a drugstore near you and check out their handy color wheel.


  1. WOW SHE LOOKS SO GOOD :thumbsup: rihanna…from a beyonce fan so no we are not all against each other keep doing yo thing pretty lady! love those eyes and smooth skin…

  2. She’s gorgeous! And yes this ad made me want to go & try this mascara & I love it!

  3. She looks beautiful, but it doesn’t make me wanna go out and buy it b/c I know it will not make my lashes look like that šŸ˜†

  4. I never thought a black woman could wear green contacts and get away with it, but Rihanna has proven me wrong. She looks pretty in this add– green contacts and all. I love mascara so maybe i’ll try it. I prefer mascara over putting on fake eyelashes. Lashes are hard to put on.

  5. No she does not make me want to go buy anything, not even her music. Like this ad it’s all an illusion..

  6. She’s veru beautiful! Just saw her advertissment on tv! Her eyes are naturally like that (green) I think…

  7. @ Teeda, I think that’s her natural eye color. šŸ™‚

    The images, while overly photoshopped to death are gorgeous šŸ™‚

    I hate mascara ads because most often than not the model is wearing faux lashes. Not everyone wears fake lashes on the day-to-day so in a way it’s a false representation.

  8. They went a little overboard with the digital enhancing….she almost looks unreal. Nonetheless, she still looks gorgeous. Go Rih!

  9. she does look beautiful….but it looks more like n advertisement for foundation or contact lenses….Rhianna is blessed with natural beauty and talent…I really enjoy her music also her transformation. :brownsista:

  10. TEEDA…I agree with MRS. JONES…i think they are Rhianna’s real eyes….if you look in various other photos of her even without makeup…her eyes are green. Believe it or not Black WOMEN….DO HAVE NATURAL GREEN EYES… :hifive: ……mY MOTHER for one…. :thumbsup:

  11. Rihanna eyes are naturally green , and she is the truth that lil girl is gorgeous :bowdown:

  12. I don’t understand why they done so much airbrush on the photo… She is a naturally beautiful girl…
    But I still love it… Her eye colour is a natural hazel/green colour but I think cause they airbrushed the photo so much it has made her eye colour stand out even more….

  13. WOW she looks really great they did airbrush a lot she really is naturally beautiful and this picture is so amazing… I love It!

  14. These pictures looks so animated it is ridiculous (just adding on more pressure for young girls to strive to be beautiful rather than intelligent). šŸ™‚ Let me stop, I have a little girl and so i am very fustrated with the images advertisers and the media fill our little girls head with.

    Anyway, Rihanna is a rare rare beauty she missed her calling to be a model. I think she could’ve given that industry a run for their money

  15. I was just looking at her commercial before I came over to Brown Sista- cool!

    The photo does not make me want to go buy the masacara but Rih Rih looks pretty in the ad. I’m a Maybelline masacara girl myself. The XXL Extensions masacara is the truth!!!
    {Though I’m even more in love with Loreal’s Double Extend}

  16. I think they were going for a futuristic still look. And, I for one think they pulled it off. It is a very artistic photo. I don’t think those are her real lashes. But the picture is beautiful.

  17. Can yall stop? isn’ t airbrush part of every celeb phototshop? Dang she ain’ t that pretty that you all have to pinpoint everything on her to make you feel betta?

    nne said: Iā€™m a Maybelline masacara girl myself. The XXL Extensions masacara is the truth


  18. she looks gorgeous as usual. i love how she’s reppin’ for my Bajan sister! it’s a good look & we’re very proud of her! :thumbsup: :bowdown:

  19. If that’s her natural eye color, I stand corrected. I always thought she had hayzel eyes, not green. I say that because I’ve been at a photoshoot where the model wore contacts, and the photographer told her that he could tell they were fake in close up shots because the outer rim of the pupil was dark. I kind of see that in RiRi’s picture. That’s why I said that.

    Nonethless, she looks very pretty–eyes included.

  20. All cosmetics ads are airbrushed to the max. Marketing!! That’s how they get their sales numbers up. I’m luvin the “highlighted” under brow.

  21. Rihanna is helping Gucci out with a HIV/AIDS charity and the picture of her that I saw in the magazine is gorgeous and much less airbrushing. That girl knows how to take a picture. You can go to and see the behind the scenes.

  22. im nigerian,and i cn say that the average ladies over here love rihanna.and even tho her voice isnt goin 2 win her any stakes,she still sings a lot beta than some people.besides,if u love the song lots it dosnt even mata whose voice is singin glad shes an original,and she will b cmpared 2 bey cs shes black.hell,bey was also stealin a few stunts 4rm j.lo back then.and a lil competition wont hurt either.but i lik rihanna nw even tho i didnt dig hr @1ST.SHE HAD A MAKEOVER DAT WORKED 4 HER.i always look out 4 wat shes wearin.and most times she dosent dissapoint.great legs.

  23. Whoever siad Pretty is not a talent – lied like hell! This girl gorgeous if she ain’t nothing else!

  24. Great photos. I saw the commercial on tv this morning she looks gawjus.

  25. the girl is naturally beautiful with great skin. Why the massive photoshop cos i know all ads do it but w/eva. She’s been doing Covergirl for since Pon de Replay . I ddnt know
    Anyhoo, i know these ads use lash inserts . always in tiny writing at the bottom of the screen for 3 seconds. L’Oreal anyone.

  26. Whoever siad Pretty is not a talent – lied like hell!
    Co sign she is stunning and very interesting and that is her ticket to fame.

  27. Hell all ads use massive photoshop! I wish women would stop acting like they wouldn’t use it if they were famous. I know I would ! anyway she looks great, I saw the commercial, and they finally gave her some lines! I don’t think he accent is that strong so I didn’t understand why she didn’t speak more in her previous adds, but nonetheless, she looks gorgeous!

  28. @ Teeda, just wanted to tell you that hazel eye colour usually appears different depending on the light/other colours around it. i have hazel eyes myself (i’m african) and sometimes people think my eyes are green especially when i wear green or around 60 watts lights.

    Rihanna is a beautiful girl regardless of photoshop as most celebrities do it, but not all look stunning like her. she just has lovely exotic features with clear skin, great height, legs and cute button nose. love her or hate her she is unique and stands out from the crowd.

  29. šŸ™„ Rihanna is Nice and everything, that mascara doesn’t work what-so-ever !
    Im a Make-up Junkie/Artist & I Love Cover Girl And All And The Mascara Works Fine
    But That Whole Illuminating Thing Isn’t Worth Buying, I didn’t See At Least A Minor
    Change….Lol :thumbsdown:

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