Inside Halle Berry’s Shopping Bag

These are the world’s ugliest shoes but if they are good enough for Halle they are good enough for us common folk.

Halle Berry is known for her beauty and her cool layed back style. TMZ went to one of Halle’s favorite stores on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles to learn all about where she gets her killer clothes.

Thesis is a hot boutique and a frequent stop on Halle’s L.A. shopping excursions. There some of her favorite brands, including Burning Torch and Transit, are always in stock. We got pictures of a few of Halle’s latest purchases and she spent a pretty penny. The total bill was just under $10,000!

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  1. Oh heck no they aren’t good enough for no common folk those are a mess….Halle can probably pull it off she can wear damn near anything!

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