Interview: Olivia

Former J Records protégée turned First Lady of G Unit, Olivia, has officially added her name to the list of divas looking to make a comeback in 2010. With new management (Rich Dollaz) and a new label (Universal), Olivia is poised to finally release the follow up to her Gold selling 2001 debut- the self titled “Olivia.”

Check out our recent interview with the singer as she gives us the scoop on what she has in store for her fans.

BrownSista: Is it true that you first got involved in music through writing poetry?

Olivia: Yes. You did your due diligence! When I was 14 I wrote a poem and it was published in this book called Shadows And Light. It ended up going to the National Library Of Congress. For years I wanted ot be a pediatrician but that is what got me into writing and wanting to do music. I’m like go to school for four years then turn around and go back to school again or do music that I love? I will do the music!

Brownsista: What happen between you and Fifty Cent in regards to you being with G-Unit?

Olivia: There was no R and B person at the label. I would call Fifty directly. Everything was so rap orientated. We had a great time doing “Candy Shop” and “Best friend”. But everything was so rap orientated that nobody really knew who I was. I didn’t want to get lost. He and I had this conversation many times. Also, all of the drama that came along with being with rappers. My parents would call me all of the time worrying for my safety. It just became too much. I don’t regret anything. I had a wonderful time with all of the guys. I haven’t spoken to Fifty but I know how he is. He is a sarcastic person. He likes to get a rise out of people in order for you to reach out to him. So it doesn’t bother me when he does his little jabs. I know him personally. If I wasn’t a confident person then it would bother me but I’m good.

Brownsista: Lets talk about your new single “Take It Off”. When can we expect a video for this?

Olivia: We are probably going to shoot it in the next week or so.

Brownsista: When is the album dropping?

Olivia: We had to push the album back because I am doing so many things. I am actually doing a mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid. The mixtape will come in about two weeks. I also am going to have a VH1 show. Which is why the album has been pushed back. The mixtape is called Under The Radar. I have a lot of collaborations on the mixtape since I won’t have any on the album because I really want people to get to know me. As far as the show, I can’t tell you much about it because we are under contract but it is going to be dope.

Brownsista: You are under new management now?

Olivia: I wanted someone who could focus on me. I am with Rich Dollaz of Dollaz Unlimited. We met through a mutual friend. I have no complaints. I knew I wanted an individual and not a company. It is the way it should be done.

Brownsista: I want to switch gears. What is your favorite food? What do you do for fun in your spare time?

Olivia: I am West Indian so I love Jamaican food. I love to shop. I have a lot of God kids so I take them to movies, we go to Dave and Busters. I love sports so I watch basketball games all the time. Most people don’t know that I am into sports and that I played basketball up until I got to college. I am a jokster. I am a clown.

Brownsista: What do you feel it is about you and your music that is going to separate you from Ciara, Brandy and all of the other R and B chicks?

Olivia: I do all types of music. My music never stays the same. I evolve. That is why when people ask me what type of music I do? I don’t like to say R and B because I am an artist period. I love Hip-Hop, Rock and Roll, House music. I am all over the place.

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Interviewed By: LJ Knight

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  1. I really like Olivia, and she’s dead on about Fifty. I also like how she answered the question about what type of artist she is, BUT I hope she isn’t doing another staged “reality” dating show on vh1 there’s enough already. I think her album might be hott.

  2. Maybe when I think of R and B I think of singers like Brandy solely and not Ciara, but that’s just me.

  3. I respect Olivia, her first album was solid, but at this point she’s been gone so long that any 2nd LP would be more of a second introduction than a real comeback. It’s just not an easy time for new singers to launch, as there are so many of them. People come down on Gaga for having her gimmick but the truth is that you need SOMETHING in order to break through the masses. I hope Olivia finds her niche.

  4. Wouldn’t you have to be there 1sst in order to come back.

  5. wow that is one hell of a gap between albums.hopefully she will actually get to release another album this time

  6. Her first album was great but it has been such a long time. I hope she can comeback. I will buy it.

  7. Yeah.Brandy 4 me is the sole epitomy of real R&B.
    Wish her luck tho

  8. It’ll be hard for her to make a “come back.” It’s been so long and all this back and forth of coming out with a second album. Not to mention all these other celebrities wanting to make a come back. Alot of songs I hear from Olivia are geared towards sexing her man. I would like to hear something different. =/ Wish her luck though.

  9. lol@ TOY
    Alot of songs I hear from Olivia are geared towards sexing her man.
    TRUE THAT!!!

  10. I can’t deal with 50 cents or any affiliations to him;But good luck 🙂

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