Interview: Sheree Fletcher

You may have heard Sheree Fletcher’s name mentioned as being the ex-wife and Mother of actor Will Smith’s eldest son Trey. Now remarried and the owner of a successful business, Sheree is a co-star of VH1’s reality series Hollywood Exes. Brownsista sat down to chat with Sheree and she states that the show will absolutely show the many sides of her. You see, Sheree is much more than the ex-wife of a super star. She is a Mother, Preacher’s Wife, Entrepeneur and most of all, she is a sista.

Brown Sista: I watched the first few episodes of “Hollywood Exes” and so far I am pleased with what I have seen. My first question is in regards to how Black women, as of recent, have not been portrayed in a positive light. Were you concerned at all about the show possibly being yet another negative portrayal of Black women on yet another reality show? Did you consider this when you decided to become involved with the show?

Sheree: Definitely. It was a concern. When I met with the creators of the show, their vision for the show was to do something that empowered women. I loved the vision. They were coming from a different place. It wasn’t the typical reality show. They wanted to add a different color to the rainbow.

Brown Sista: When they say a different color to the rainbow, as far as your position, is that coming from your transition into becoming a more spiritual woman?

Sheree: I think just in general. I don’t really know the faith of the other women. I’m a Christian. They weren’t trying to make a Christian reality show, they were just trying to do something that was respectful. The platform is that we were all married to very high profile men. We have a common experience so it really did create an immediate bond. We walked in each other’s shoes before. They hand picked everyone . It is a great dynamic and we have a sisterhood.

Brown Sista: While we are on the topic of spirituality, how does that affect you as far as your friendships with people in general? Has that made you more particular in choosing friends?

Sheree: I have friends from all walks off life. I’m talking about friends. I’m not using that term loosely. Because I’m a little older and wiser, I do things with a purpose. I’m more intentional about the things that I do and the people that I do them with. That is the place I’m in. I come from a place of who I am and where I am. I pick and chose from that place.

Brown Sista: You are currently happily remarried. Did you have any reservations about doing a show that highlights your marriage to Will Smith, which occurred years ago?

Sheree: I really feel like this is something that I’m supposed to do. At this point in time in my life this is exactly where I am supposed to be. I see what you are saying about going back and making that connection again. That opens the door but it is the accomplishments of what I am doing currently that is being highlighted. We make a reference to the past but the show is very much so about the present and the women. The reference to these men is the appetizer and the main course is the women.

Brown Sista: You have to be very brave to put yourself in the public eye for scrutiny. You have managed to stay relatively private and out of gossip. We don’t hear anything about you on the blogs. You stay away from the mess. Doing a show like this almost invites that kind of nonsense. Were you fearful at all about putting yourself out there even more?

Sheree: You know what? Yes and no. I am one of those people who is more comfortable in the corner. I am more comfortable in the background. It is safer that way….

Brown Sista: What is your sign?

Sheree: Oh I am a Scorpio. Part of maturing is having clarity and knowing what you are supposed to do. I sought wise counsel. It is not the easiest path but it is the necessary path. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to do what needs to be done.

Brown Sista: Have you come across any obstacles so far?

Sheree: People say a lot of wonderful things. People say not so nice things. Nicole said do not read the blogs. You have to protect your heart. That is a part of the business. But for me, this is new. I haven’t encountered a lot of obstacles yet because it is so new. One of the concerns I have is that I love to come and go as I please without people not knowing who I am. But now, you have to go in with your eyes wide open and know that that could change.

Brown Sista: It probably will.

Sheree: It probably will. The reality show is a blessing but I am not striving to be a reality show personality for the rest of my life. This is a launching pad for other avenues and opportunities. It is not the end but just a means to an end.

Brown Sista: Did your husband have any reservations about you doing the show?

Sheree: If I did not have his blessings, I would not be doing it. It is something that we talked about. We prayed on it. We got other prayer warriors on it and we have peace about it.

Brown Sista: Are there any sides of you that might shock us?

Sheree: It depends on what you expect. I do not know the expectations. I am married to a pastor so people might think that I am stuck up. One of the misconceptions about Christians is that we don’t have fun. That is ridiculous. I have levels of emotions. I’m not a punk.

Brown Sista: (laughs).

Sheree: You come at me and I might come at you. But you do it in a way where it is not crazy. I am a work in progress. Sometimes my alter ego Ree-Ree comes out. Ree-Ree makes a cameo appearance in the show. She is not the star though.

Brown Sista: You are a Scorpio and so am I and we don’t play that.

Sheree: You know! That tail will come out.

Brown Sista: We are so sweet. We love so hard but if you push that same button.

Sheree: Very well put and very telling. On that note, you will see the Scorpio in me.

Brown Sista: Let’s talk about your cream Whoop Ash.

Sheree: I always wanted to be a business woman. I went to school for fashion. When my son was about 3 years old I started a clothing line with a friend. What was obvious to me was that starting a business requires so much time and energy. I had a baby. I couldn’t give him 100 percent and give the business the same. So, I had to put the business on the back burner and focus on my baby and being a Mom. The blessing was that I did not have to go out to work to provide. His Dad was doing that. He deserved to have one parent that was always home. The skin care was a total fluke because I read a book-The Secret Life of Bees. This was before the movie came out. The book got me interested in honey. I started to research honey. I love to cook and entertain. I started doing recipes with honey. When I researched it the recipes would be topical and not to eat. I ordered ingredients. I got in my kitchen and got my big ole’ gumbo pot out and made a body butter. My first mind was not to go into business; it was to be a creative person. I gave the product away and people loved it. God kept increasing my vision. He said it is bigger than that. I got a chemist and I took what I made in my kitchen and said make this and that is how Whoop Ash was born.

Brown Sista: What are some of the benefits to Whoop Ash?

Sheree: Aww man! It is 99.9% natural. It was important to me to make something that was good for you. It is preservative free. I wanted them to preserve the quality of my product and I explained that to the chemist. It is hypo-allergenic. It is 31% organic shea butter and mango butter. There is grape seed oil. It is filled with good stuff. It is very condensed and concentrated. It is not something that you have to keep putting on all day long. It is not cheaply made and filled with water. We have amazing testimonials of people who have eczema and they say it work wonders for their skin. You can put it on babies. It is mild. Post Chemo patients as well who experience extreme dry skin from treatments. It provides so much moisture.

Brown Sista: Where can people buy this product?

Sheree: One of the goals that I have is to get distribution for this product to make it convenient and assessable. To be able to go into Target or local beauty supply and pick this product up.

To learn more about Sheree, follow her on Twitter.

Author: La’Juanda “LJ” Knight
“If You Don’t Say It, I Will”


  1. Along with Braxton Family Values this has become one of my favorite reality shows. I can’t stomach most of them but this is one of the few that I can. All the women have interesting lives especially Andrea and Jessica Canseco.

  2. Sheree is a bit hard and judgemental when it comes to Jessica. One of the things that turn people off the Christians is how uppity they can be. Jessica isn’t hurting anyone by being flamboyant, so Sheree should lay off the eye rolls.

  3. It’s nice to see a Christian woman on television who isn’t afraid to show it.

    God bless Sheree and her family.

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