Brown Sista’s Interview With Mya

Mya Dances With The Stars Brownsista: Why did you decide to do Dancing With The Stars at this particular time?

Mya: Dancing With The Stars has always been something that I wanted to do. I had stuff going on in Japan. I had tours and foundations. I always knew that when I had the opportunity I would do it. This is the perfect time.

Brownsista: Have you started rehearsing? Do you know who your partner is going to be?

Mya: I know who my partner is. His name is Dmitry Chaplin. He is really nice and experienced he works as a Choreographer. We recently had our first rehearsal.

Brownsista: Are you excited about this? You have done dance forever.

Mya: Well, I tap dance. I do Hip-Hop in my videos but I was never trained. So, there is a big discrepancy out there about that. I am excited because it is unfamiliar territory.

Brownsista: Are you nervous?

Mya: Oh yeah, I’m nervous. This is television so there is no edit like in the music videos. You can’t really mess up. It is hard to work with someone you never have before. They are professionals. You have to learn everything from scratch, technique plus a team. We are going to get dropped if we don’t have it right. Then we have to sell it like we know what we are doing.

Brownsista: You got to have that chemistry and flow together with the partner. That is another thing that can be difficult. Lets talk about the mix tape. What made you decide to go in this direction? You have never done a mix tape before.

Mya: Well, people have actually asked me before about doing a mix tape. I stepped of the scene for a minute. Teamed up with Young Empire and there is a demand for Mya to come back but I had to come back in a different way. Because I have a fan base and reputation for doing so many collaborations I’m like I want to do that and you know that rap dominates now so this is for the jeeps. The mix tape is really about who Mya is and the streets. If I have anything to do with it I am going to keep serving my fans. There should never be a time for any artist where they aren’t providing for their fans just because there is funny business going on.

Brownsista: You mentioned funny business, are you still signed? Are you with a new label?

Mya: I have my own label now and created a distribution. I had a conversation with J. Prep and he has been schooling me and also Damon Dash once said a quote that ‘if you are doing the same business from ten years ago then you are not growing.’ I’m glad to be surrounded around those people that care. Teach the younger generation how to step their game up on a different level. That’s really it. I have to make sure that I am hands on in every aspect of my career. I have to make sure that they understand the process and policy as far as the way Mya will be done.

Brownsista: What’s the name of your label?

Mya: Planet Nine.

Brownsista: Why Planet Nine? Did you come up with that?

Mya: Yes, I did. I am in love with outer space and that’s where I feel like my mind has been and I have been (laughs). Just in my different way of thinking. It is how I am able to grow. I don’t have a problem with major labels but I realize that when you are more hands on that you can reach directly to your fans. Even if I want to give it to my fans for free, I feel like they should have something. Even if I do it in a basement studio. They should not have to wait seven months or seven different release dates later.

Brownsista: I noticed that the label kept changing your release date. What that the reason why you decided to work on your own and say I’m not messing with you guys any more?

Mya: Its not even them. A deal can be a deal it just has to be the right deal and support system. It is like having a boyfriend. You can have many different chicks but what are you doing for me? You know what I’m saying? If you aren’t then I don’t need to be here because I can do more for myself and invest in my self. I don’t need to be in the background. It is not that serious.

Brownsista: This mix tape is called Beauty And The Streets Volume 1 and it is a little more street. It features Bun B, Shawty Lo, Nicki Minaj, and so many more.

Mya: It is not really more street. There are many dimensions to Mya. I can give you pop, dance record, go-go and all these things that make me up. I have to push the streets because that is who I am in business with and who has always supported me. It is the music business and if I want to do something for the jeeps then I should do it now while I have the freedom to do it.

Brownsista: You have been in the game for while. Every day there is a new R and B chick on the scene. What role do you play in it the game with all of the new, younger, female singers?

Mya: I might not fit anywhere and that is fine by me. I’m just going to do me. I’m not trying to fit in. I’m just trying to be happy and be productive and elevate. I want to empower myself and other people. I want to enjoy life.

Brownsista: Do you have any upcoming movies happening?

Mya: I do but I am not allowed to talk about it.

Brownsista: Ahhh! You guys always say that! (laughs)

Mya: You know they put contracts in front of your face and say you can’t do this or that until we make an announcement. (laughs)

Brownsista: So you can’t tell me anything about the role?

Mya: No. No.

Brownsista: Ok, I’m going to scratch that one of the list. See how you doing me Mya.

Mya: (laughs) No, that is how they are doing me. I would tell you if I could.

Brownsista: Are you dating anyone? You know that the fellas want to know. I have cousins who are like “ask her if she got a man?”

Mya: I have my eye on somebody but I’m not in a relationship.

Brownsista: Are you guys dating or are you crushing on him from a far?

Mya: Uhm, I’m observing. I’m in the observing stages.

Brownsista: Is he somebody we would know?

Mya: I’m not telling you! I’m not answering any of those questions don’t try to be slick! (laughs)

Brownsista: (laughs)

Mya: I’m not telling you if he is a regular Joe or a celebrity.

Brownsista: You’re not going to tell me?

Mya: I’m not telling you!

Brownsista: Mya, you are not giving me anything! You wont tell me about the possible movie or who you are dating! (laughs)

Mya: Oh no, no. Not with that part. You will find out soon enough.

Brownsista: Tell me something about Mya that your fans would not know.

Mya: Hmm, I know how to cook. Yes I throws done. Uhuh. (laughs)

Brownsista: You know what, this is my second time interviewing you and I remember the last time I asked you that question I think you told me that you box for exercise at the gym. So now you are cooking?

Mya: That was probably before my foot fractured. I haven’t been as active since. I have always been cooking but now I can really cook. I moved back home to Maryland and I’m out the studio.

Brownsista: What is your signature dish?

Mya: Hmm, well on the Italian side, There is one dish with grilled chicken and Spanish rice, collard greens. Uhuh. I do that. (laughs) I cook apple-blueberry pie for dessert.

Brownsista: You weren’t joking, you get busy. What does Mya do for fun now at this point in her life?

Mya: Relax. Light up the hookah pipe.

Brownsista: You smoke hookah? I do too.

Mya: Yeah, that is really it. Order some movies from Netflix. I like to relax. (laughs)

Brownsista: You seem very happy. You seem happier now in this interview than the previous one I did with you.

Mya: I am happy. I am taking it easy.

Brownsista: Anything else you want to add?

Mya: No, just love life, enjoy yourself and take it easy.

Brownsista: You are so happy go lucky. I love it.

Mya: (laughs)

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  1. Mya Is a good dancer I remember seeing one of her old video’s “Like Whoa” and she was Tap Dancing she said she was a Tap dancer as a child so I think she can keep up with the challenges in Dancing with the stars!

  2. I like Mya, more power to her and I wish her the very best on DWTS. When does it start again? Thanks brownsista for the interview :o)

  3. great inteview. mya seems real cool and down to earth. im glad she is still keeping at her dreams

  4. Mya can dance for sure. I’m rooting for her. I want to see macy grays crazy behind too.

  5. Thought maybe reading this interview would make me like her a little bit again…
    it didn’t.

    And she should really stop with that hookah smoking. It’s just as unsafe as cigarettes. I don’t get why ppl are thinking it’s safer.

    She’ll do well on DWTS though.
    Did you all know the winner gets $300,000?!

  6. Great interview Brown Sista. Nice to see Mya diversifying to keep her career going. I expect her to kill DWTS.

  7. I glad Mya is happy exploring her creativity. She is liberated with a new spirit to experiment with sound,different textures and styles.Its not about fortune and fame with this dame! Its about staying in her lane; changing the game;her family,friends and fans mann! Mya’s the BOSS with the Italian sauce! LOL! Planet 9 YA DIGG!!!

  8. Awwww yeah good interview…. she’s gonna be vicious on Dancing With The Stars….I think I got reason to tune in now.

  9. Great interview!! I’ve always been a fan of Mya’s! She’s so talented and I LOOOOOVE the fact that she is NOT changing for anybody. She isn’t into gimmicks like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Ciara are. She can dance her butt of too!! Can’t wait to. I always knew she had other projects going on. Just because people aren’t begging to stay in the spotlight doesn’t mean they aren’t making $$$$$

  10. great interview ! BS…your interview caught the true essence of the realmya. mya is pleasantly down to earth.

  11. I think Mya got a bad rap over the years and her career suffered because of it. She was really hot at one time and was giving people like Brandy and Aaliyah a run for there money. It’s really easy for a woman to get a bad name in the world of rap and r&b music and Mya was considered someone who slept with rappers and producers to get ahead. I think that turned off many of her fans and the public kinda turned on her.

  12. She isn’t into gimmicks like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Ciara are.

    I will never understand why we have to tear down one artist to elevate another. Mya was no different than Ciara, Beyonce or the rest. Talent and image wise they are all just about the same. Women hated on Mya back in the day just like they hate on Ciara, Beyonce and Rihanna today. Were Mya still hot you all would be tearing her down, but because her career is in the toilet you all act like she is some great who needs to make a comeback. Mya’s music was mediocre at best and she never reached the level of Ciara, Rihanna or Beyonce. Were she really all that great her career would have lasted longer. Truth is she was just a flash in the pan.

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