Nivea Lip Butter

Nivea doesn’t just want to moisturize our faces and bodies- they also want to moisturize our lips. The beauty brand has just released their first line of lip butters in three yummy flavors: Original, Caramel Cream, Raspberry Rosé and Vanilla & Macadamia.

The small tin pots cost about $2.99 each and contain Shea Butter, Almond Oil and what Nivea calls their secret ingredient, Hydra IQ.

I’ve sampled all four flavors but find myself particularly fond of Caramel Cream and Raspberry Rosé. Both have an amazing scent and last a lot longer than similar products on the market.

So, along with Maybelline Baby Lips, I can now add Nivea Lip Butter to my list of favorite lip products.


  1. when and where can these nivea lip butters be purchased. heard a lot about them but can”t find any.

  2. I was sent samples. Not sure they are available in the U.S yet because I looked. I also did a search and all the reviews that came up came from the U.K.

    I’ll keep you updated when I find out more.

  3. They became available in the United States in November. I haven’t tried them yet but I will. I love lips balms too.

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