Introducing: V.V. Brown

Having already made a name for herself in the U.K., British pop singer V.V. Brown has now set her sights on the United States. The 25 year old singer/songwriter is due to release her first album “Traveling Like The Light” on February 10, 2010 via Capital Records and has already released several songs and videos for your consumption. Check out V.V.’s latest “Game Over”, below.


  1. The quickie comments to this post show that people really aren’t into this woman’s music. It seems to me you have two types of singers out now. Those who are oversexed and over hyped who have mediocre songs and then those who undersexed and under hyped but also have mediocre music. This song isn’t good and the singer is underwhelming in every way imaginable.

  2. I agree with Cicely.

    I don’t like her bangs. They’re not avant-garde. They’re just awful. On the plus side, this would make a good commercial song.

  3. Her bangs look like she has a roller in them… hated them too. Loved the fashion though.

  4. I wish her well. Have checked her out a bit. I’m so-so with her music.

  5. I am so-so too with this music. It’s not awful but not great either.

  6. ok, with all respect to everyone’s opinion.Ithink that she deserves to atleast a chance. Everyone is complaining how the industry is full of Beyonce/Lady GaGa/Britney etc. and everyone blames the media for “shubbing” these stars down everyone’s throat. Whenever a new artist comes to the scene, instead of giving her a chance, people call her music “rubbish” and start deteriorate her fashion sense. It might take a while for “everyone” to start liking other artists aside from Beyonce/Lady GaGa/Britney, and by keeping an open mind, I think that other artists can get a chance to shine.

  7. I might be in the minority on this one…but I like her….but then I love Lady Gaga too so I may really be in the minority.

  8. awesome. what music needs, and yes she is close to amerie’s approach.

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