Is Brandy Engaged?


Word around the water cooler has R&B veteran Brandy engaged to longtime boyfriend, record executive Ryan Press.

The 33-year old ‘Moesha’ star spoke to Sister2Sister magazine back in August, revealing that family friends were already pushing her down the aisle. “I keep hearing about this ring. People keep calling me, hinting to me about it,” she said. “I’m just going to be patient and let it happen and just let it be. I guess it will happen when it’s the right time.”

Brandy and Ryan have been together for three years, introduced via mutual friends at an industry mixer.

According to the ‘Put it Down’ singer, love found her the minute she stopped looking for it. “I had given up on love a long time ago,” she told Essence Magazine. “It just didn’t seem to work for me, so I was single for a very long time. I stopped looking for love and then I ran into my boyfriend.”
Neither Brandy, nor Ryan, have confirmed the rumor.

Update: Brandy’s spokeswoman reportedly verified the story with Billboard.

In another bit of Brandy news, check out the trailer for her new film ‘TYLER PERRY’S TEMPTATION: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.’


  1. So happy for Brandy. I remember her talking about how she had been celibate for like seven years. Glad she found a good man who knew how to put it down.

    As for that trailer. No ma’am. I pass.

    You can tell this movie is made to attract the non-black audience based on the casting choices. The lead females are fair complected or white while the men are all dark. Kim is of course the main focus, while Jurnee, the star is barely mentioned in the press. Tyler knew what he was doing. Even the poster released thus far is the slap in the face to its star. His schtick has run thin in the black community, so he is now branching out. He hasn’t had a hit movie in almost two years. Rather than focus on YT he might want to try focusing more on production and hiring great black writers behind the scenes.

  2. Congrats Brandy. She deserves love after how horribly her daughter’s father treated her.

  3. Yeah….that Tyler Perry movie trailer—> -_- . I’m going to have to co-sign what Danita said.

  4. I am happy for Brandy and pray it is forever. I agree about Tyler Perry. He has exhausted the same story line. No disrespect, I respect that he made money legally but some women is always getting beat up and there is always an affair. Tired of it.

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