Is Jessica White Engaged?

Is Jessica White engaged? The 27-year old supermodel seem to allude as much when she posted the above image via her Twitter page accompanied by the caption “Tell him to put a ring on it.”

Jessica also showed off her sparkler while attending last night’s launch party for Beyonce’s new fragrance ‘Pulse.’

Earlier this year Jessica made headlines when she took a vow of celibacy and then started using her Twitter account to dispense relationship advice.

The ‘White Out Project,’ Jessica’s upcoming reality series, will reportedly focus heavily on her personal life, including the mystery Parisian businessman she has been linked to recently.


  1. A ring like that deserves to be on a well manicured finger. Come on Jessica, you’re a model and should have known better than to post that photo.

    Congrats if she is engaged though. She is a stunner.

  2. 1. Jessica White being engaged is a beautiful thing, especially since black women are the group least likely to be married.

    I’d rather be in Jessica’s situation, being engaged showing off a nice engagement ring, than wearing no ring at all with a fabolous manicure. If her fiancee can put a ring on it, and her hands aren’t the perfection, than that speaks volumes on what men really want. jmo.

  3. Congratulations Jessica, women are so obsessed with having a ring, I hope you have the right man to go with it, and I wish you the best.

  4. Oops submitted comment too soon- I think it might just be a publicity thing tbh.

  5. Ummmmm, are we supposed to believe she got a 30 carat ring! SMH. Everything’s fake on Wall Street, yah heard!

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