Is Keyshia’s Darker Do A Don’t?

Singer Keyshia Cole was spotted over the weekend performing at the NFL PLAYERS Party prior to Super Bowl XLII. The singer performed wearing a black chicken feathered vest (lol, I couldn’t hold that in) and a noticeably darker do. I can’t decide whether I really like this new look or not as the quality and angle of the picture is not so good. My first impression however was a thumbs down. Keyshia, like Mary and Beyonce before her, has worn her hair light brown for so long that I just cannot imagine them without it. Mary I believe can and has pulled off black hair in the past. Keyshia and Beyonce however are not having the same luck. But that’s just my opinion. What do you guys think? Does Keyshia’s new do get a thumbs up or thumbs down?



  2. We brought Mary in too but for some reason you didn’t notice- and I do not have to make up my mind because I never said Beyonce should get rid of her blonde locks. You may be mistaking Brown Sista for another blog.

  3. Doesn’t look bad to me. None of these women were born with blonde hair, so even though they usually wear a lighter color, it’s kind of hard for me to look at what they very well would normally have and say that it looks bad. It looks just fine to me.

  4. Me no likey 🙁 , and I think Missy Elliot has the same hairstyle too in a dark color. I think I’m the only one who thought Keyshia looked great with her orange hair and gray streak 😆

  5. I like Keyshia Cole with the red or auburn hair color. I’m not sure about this dark hair color or maybe it’s the haircut :confused:

    But, she’s still a pretty sista either way :banana:

  6. I think Keshia can rock any of those colors, it’s the “styles” of her hair that I am not crazy about. I love her as an artist but a lot of her styles don’t compliment her face. 😐

  7. She look good with lighter hair, Beyonce look good with lighter hair, Mary J look good with lighter hair, Amerie look good with dark hair. Rihanni look good with dark hair. It seem like when rihanni change the whole style up (i know people had the hair style before her) It seems like very one went crazy to change the color of there hair or cut it.

  8. Celebrities don’t give a flying rap about what people think of the changes they wanna make to themselves. It’s really pointless to criticize them because they are gonna change their styles, which they should, whether we like it or not.

  9. Oh yes they do care and read these blogs all the time to see what folks be saying about them. Celebrities do what they do for us not themselves.

  10. The singer performed wearing a black chicken feathered vest

    She has been rocking the chicken feathers for a while now and it looks so bad. Keyshia is a bad chick but has no sense of style at all. :thumbsdown:

  11. i just wanted to take a second and commend this sister for her personal style. though i would never push myself or make such bold fashion choices. i watch her in admiration for her courage… i’m not joking, i wear 3 colors (black, brown, blue) and i feel as if i’ve had the same hairstyle for ten years. so when i see someone who changes seemingly on a monthly basis. i applaud them.

  12. Keisha’s hair is a DO! I like her and her hair :dance2:

    …and the fethas :dance2:

  13. beyonce look cheap with or without the blond hair that’s what i think

    now this is about keyshia
    i think she can work just about any color but when you’re use to see someone in one specific hair style or color a change can make you go “no she didnt”but i think she be alrite i like a natural looking sister anyday !so for nbow its a waving thumb

  14. ps: when rihanna went black so did everyone else talk about a C list artist?

  15. I think its too dark. What’s the matter with brown hair? Bring brown hair back everybody :dance: brown hair is officially hot starting now. :brownsista:

  16. I want to see some fire red hair on someone, I mean it. Firey, dragonbreath red.

  17. Keyshia looked like a clown with that red hair. I don’t like this black on her either though. I like her as a honey blond. That white hair she was recenly seen with on MTV was a no no to the fifth power. She needs a stylist too. Her body is amazing and she can wear anything. The chicken look is so 1980s :bag:

  18. It works for her. To be honest, I liked Keyshia with the red hair. I just didn’t like that cowlick patch of platinum blonde she had streaking through it. :brownsista:

  19. well the code is if you gonna go that blonde don’t use your own hair but I think she does so she probly had to deposit some color in before it was on the stage. She’s not a looker anyway she’s a regualr chic so she looks ok.

  20. i like the style of keyshia hair jus need to go a few shades lighter cause her skin color

  21. Why does every light skinned chick has to have blonde hair? A lot of yall saying she should just stay blonde, but why? She is not a white girl. Yes, Mary, Bee, Eve, and others wear blonde, because they want to appear to European standards. I get so excited whenever I see a sista return to her roots. I give her a million thumbs up. Keyshia is down right sexy no matter what in either color, but black fits her soooooooo well. Black hair was great for Bee too, but she was gonna duet with Tina, so she wanted to show some resemblance to her, so she transformed again. I really have to applaud certain light skinned chicks in the game like Alicia, Rihanna, and Mya, three girls who could have easily went blonde and got away with it, but they chose to stay dark-to stay BLACK!

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