Is Rihanna Swagger Jacking?


Well according to pop sensation Kelis she is. Kelis recently chopped it up with Honey Magazine discussing being a mom, her recent divorce, new artist swagger jacking and her 5th studio album titled ” Flesh Tones”. Check out the interview below:

Honey: First off, congrats on your newborn! Did you have any doubts about recording so early again after having Knight?

Kelis: Actually, I never thought about it. Organically one thing just led to the other. I feel like your child should be a part of your life, not that your life should change because of your child. I never wanted to be that type of woman who couldn’t balance her family and work.

True, life is all about symmetry. I imagine motherhood has been good to you?

Yeah, honestly it’s awesome. I really, really love it.

What’s your favorite part?

Waking up at five in the morning and seeing that Knight’s awake and he’s got this bright, sunny, delicious face looking at me like, “Good morning mom.” It’s literally the greatest thing to wake up to and it tickles me every time. I adore him.

Aww! What about your outlook on life, has being a mother changed that at all?

It’s put a lot of things into perspective. I don’t think it’s changed who I am, but I think it just makes what’s important clear.

On your blog you mentioned walking down the street pregnant and hearing New Yorkers say so much to you. You recently went through your divorce with Nas and when a lot of celebrity couples separate, the public tends to take sides and be very verbal about who they do and don’t support…

I don’t give a shit about that. I don’t give a shit what anyone has to say about [my divorce].

Were you receiving both love and hate?

Yeah, I get both, but I don’t really care either way (laughs). At the end of the day it’s my life.

Indeed. I must ask, despite everything are you and Nas cool with each other?

(Laughs) We’re not talking about it.

Damn! Okay, respected. Going back to your site, the first thing that caught our attention was your hair. What inspired the silver and gold look?

Oh, I don’t know, I just feel like an animal. I kept thinking of a wolf or a husky and that’s what they look like.

Are you the type to wake up and say “I want to switch my hair up today” or is it premeditated?

Um, it’s a little bit of both.

Is this your favorite look?

Mmm, no, it’s just for right now. Every look I’ve had is my favorite look (laughs).

In regards to you, that seems to be the consensus for a lot of today’s female artists as well. How do you feel about all these half-shaved heads on chicks like Cassie and Rihanna?

Well I was definitely the first to do it. The only other person I would give credit before me is Pepa. Other than that, I expect them to copy me. What else are they supposed to do? They’re young. God bless them.

It gets interesting though because you’ve reached a point where you can actually see the artists of Generation Kelis, yet it’s not like you’ve retired.

Yeah. At the end of the day, everyone is just waiting for someone to do something new and if it’s generally me, then I’ll take that responsibility (laughs).

Who do you think did your look the best?

Oh, I don’t know. They’re all duplicates (laughs).

(Laughs) You’re like, “I did it the best, fuck that!”

I did though (laughs).

You got that! So we hear you’re a certified chef, it’s good to see an artist do more than just acting on the side. Has cooking always been your thing?

I just love food. I love the lifestyle of it and I love that every great event in one’s life is surrounded by food. Everywhere there’s love there’s food.

I imagine being a chef would come in handy during your pregnancy, but were you eating any crazy combos like PB and pickles?

(Laughs) Not at all. I just tend to eat everything, but not anything weird.

Was it easy for you to lose the baby weight?

I was scared to death actually, but there was no way I wasn’t losing that weight. Absolutely, no way!

Being a style icon did you feel limited with your wardrobe options while pregnant?

Oh, totally. I was completely limited. But finally you just surrender and say “You know what? I’m enormous and this is what it is.” I’m just so happy to be wearing normal clothes again.

Did you have a outfit while pregnant that you were proud of and would actually wear on the body you have now?

I think I pulled myself together pretty well. But I don’t know if I’d wear [those outfits] again. I just looked like a nice pregnant lady (laughs). Am I running to put that shit back on now? No!

You might’ve actually become a fashion icon for pregnant women.

(Laughs) Maybe. I mean [pregnancy] is not the most ideal physical situation, but it’s amazing when you can be both beautiful and pregnant. Because of the discomfort, I think a lot of women just give up. But I never gave up. My hair and nails were always done and I was always wearing something bright and shiny, made me feel better. I think that’s important.

So what’s Kelis’ style for 2010?

Honestly, I haven’t completely figured it out yet. Because I named my son Knight, I think I’ve been in a kind of Joan of Arc, World of Battles vibe. So everything has been lots of armor and metal for right now. But I have no idea where I’m going with it.

You’ve been in the business for over ten years now, where’s your mind at with creating a 5th album? Are you nervous or confident?

As far as music goes, if I’m not a little bit nervous, then I’m not doing what I should be doing. You gotta be nervous because it means your actually taking a chance and going towards something better. Nerves are important. Secondly, I feel fantastic. I just turned 30 and it’s been amazing. Being a woman in your 30s, things just start to make sense. You’re as sexy as you’ll ever be and you just feel really good. I love where I’m at in my life right now.

She definitely kept it real in this interview, I wish her much success.


  1. Im sorry, I like Kelis but I didnt know that short hair and avant-garde style is only supposed to be for her.

    Is she mad that Rihanna actually pulled the style off better and it helped her crossever and become a massive superstar. And before her and Pepa was GRACE FREAKIN’ JONES.

    And to me Grace rocked that sh*t harder than any got damn body. She makes all these chicks look like little peasants. I love all these women and I think if they feel like rocking short/shaved hair and avant/garde/risque clothing, then go head. But be great at it.

  2. Yep French Fries, Grace was the first to do the hair thing.

    Kelis did not do her homework.

  3. Luv Kelis!
    Anxious for some new music for her.
    I thought she & Nas were working it out though? *shrug*

  4. i wish u cud have edited the vulgar,used to like her swaga and still love her music but this interview just tunerd me off,she is a new mom and shud be lil softer and feminine for the sake of her child…let rhirhi be.

  5. If we’re talking about hair, I command Kelis for taking to another level, but the shaved heads came from another culture called rock and roll, even this fauxhawk cut (i.e David Beckham). I’m to young to really know Grace Jones but what I’ve seen of her props are due. I believe the actual credit goes to the real artist for these women the hairstylist.

  6. kelis is not the first nor the last to have a trend for others to follow what makes her think that rih-rih or cassie swagged her…be for real it’s obvious she used up her 15min of fame and she is still relevant smh girl bye you married and got knocked up by nas and your music is so unheard of these days the only songs i like from her was ”i hate you so much right now” ”get along with you” and ”bossy” other than that this chick is a wrap!

  7. Pathetic:) instead of thinking about bringing the heat back with her music, and how to raise her son she needs to find someone to copy her just so she can feel good about herself sit down kelis!Cassie wasnt even thinking about you girl

  8. Kelis… Kelis… Kelis…! I just can’t help but think she sat our man Nas up just a little bit. She is tearing that man up in Child support and spousal I believe. Over $50 grand a month WHAT!!!

    She claims that they had been having all these problems and whatever but I’m pretty sure they were having problems wayyyy before she got pregnant. Then she’s like seven months preggers and files for a divorce. Why now?!

    But back on the topic. Don’t like her music, never liked her music, and I hate her voice!


  9. i didn’t read the article- i don’t care what she is talking about but her look is hawt.

  10. do like her voice tho, it was always different, husky, the texture of it was hawt too.

  11. why is she acting like sha all big time anyways?? Rhianna looks way better w that cut tha her anyway! She’s a weirdo. lol

  12. Love Kelis.

    Love what she had to say.

    But at the end of the day no one can truly stake claim to anything in this world: there’s nothing new under the sun. Truth.

  13. Well i love kelis but i hate when people like to claim things as sure she did not invent the shaved head look

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