Its just Complex Simplicity…

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Were you also a girlfriends fan? On and off the set Tracee Ross brings style like never before. Although, she is very much underrated, we still ADORE her! Have to love her! She is a woman that can bring sexy without showing too much! When ever she steps on the red carpet…its just right!


  1. YES! I was an uber “Girlfriends” fan 🙂

    I love Tracee!
    Her style is fresh & sophisticated(as a grown woman’s should be). I miss seeing her as often as I use to when the show was airing but hopefully, she’ll never completely disappear so that she’ll remain one of my stlye icons.

  2. Yeah I liked Girlfriends, it was such ashame the way the network did them after they lasted that long, could have at least gave them a decent finale. I still love Tracee, she is simple elegance.

  3. I have to agree with the poster. She is always elegant and never shows too much….yet she can if she wishes, she certainly has the body for it.


    Understated elegance and beauty all the time. 🙂

  5. I love this woman so much. wow. she is so feminine in an admirable way. God bless her.

  6. I was an avid Girlfriends Fan. Thanks to the entire cast for bring us so much enjoyment and laughs. Tracee is a very elegant lady with class and style. She can play diverse roles which makes me like her that much more.

    I also disliked the way the network did that show along with Half & Half and All of Us. Each one of the African American shows gave me something to look forward to watching instead of those tired — reality shows; which has played completely out.

    I hope that one of the stations can develope another African American comedy or drama that will entertain us once again……

  7. Please check out Lincoln Heights on Monday evenings on the Family channel. I like the cast and the show has both parents in the home raising their children in the fathers childhood neighboorhood. It is entertaining without being stupid or over the top…..
    I think this show is underrated along with the shows that abruptly taken off the air.
    I am hoping that BET will pick up The Game for a few seasons before it is cancelled completely….

  8. Tracee does look great, and boy do I miss Girlfriends, that was my show.

    @ Neveah I hope they pick it up too there was no need to cancel it, everyone I know watched it black and white.

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