Jada Linkett Smith Testifies Before Congress

Since the cancellation of her critically acclaimed drama “Hawthorne,” actress Jada Pinkett Smith has thrown herself head first into the world of celebrity activism.

Choosing human trafficking as her platform, Jada has campaigned tirelessly to bring attention to the plight of millions of people, mostly women and children, who are sold into sexual slavery every year.

Accompanied by several victims of human trafficking, as well as her husband Will Smith and daughter Willow, Jada testified before Congress today, asking for funds to be allocated to fight the trafficking of humans not only abroad, but in the United States as well.

And while legislation, including the Trafficking Victims Protection Act has been authorized several times over the past few years, future funding for the initiative has yet to be approved.

Jada says her passion for the cause was spurred by her daughter Willow, who showed her the Kony 2012 YouTube documentary that swept the internet earlier this year.


  1. I can really support Jada for doing this, human trafficking is horrible and it happens every day to American woman and children.I wrote a paper about it while I was in under graduate. Go luck Jada!

  2. go head Jada!!! question did someone edit the title? because it definitely say Linkett n not Pinkett…..

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