Jada Pinkett Smith Cover Essence

As much as I admire and respect Jada Pinkett Smith, seeing her on the cover of Essence Magazine was the equivalent to seeing Halle or Mary J. Blige on the cover. All three sistas have covered the magazine numerous times but c’mon now… isn’t it time to find some fresh new faces? I’m all for supporting a sista, and with Hawthorne pulling in better than solid rating for TNT, Jada is definitely worth acknowledging as it’s star and producer. Still- variety is the spice of life and Essence could use a bit of spice.

Getting back to the cover(s) for just a moment; Jada has two of them. The actress is naked on one cover and dressed on the other. Jada says she stripped down to teach her daughter and all women about positive body image and loving themselves no matter what.

Both issues will newsstands June 11th and we’ll have inside scans when they do.


  1. Meh. She’s a working black actress and producer, so more props to her, but I agree with Sista – how’s about a cover with Sharon Jones (lead singer of Sharon Jones & Dap Kings), Melanie Fiona, Rutina Wesley (who plays Tara on HBO’s “True Blood,” love that show), and/or Regina Benjamin, our current Surgeon General?

  2. Janet Jackson is next month’s cover I believe. I know she tweeted that she just shot the cover.

    I was thinking Melanie Fiona would make a great cover too.

  3. They even pass up big stars like Mariah Carey. Has she ever been on the cover? What about Erykah Badu, Kerry Washington, Kelly Rowland or Keisha Knight. Tyra Banks would have been nice since her show ended. And why wasn’t Queen Latifah on the cover since she released a new movie?

    Essence is whack.

  4. I think she is beautiful!!!! Can’t wait until her show comes back on! lol

  5. Love Ms. Jada.

    JANELLE MONAE would make an AWESOME COVER either for Essence or VIBE


  6. Janelle Monae, Tara from True Blood, the Arab sister on the Good Wife, Sharon Leal, Phylicia Rashad, Kelly Rowland, Vyvy Brown, Jasmine Sullivan, somebody other than the same people. b/c of Hawthorne I will give them a pass on this cover but that’s it.

  7. While I agree that there are many others who can be on the cover, those many others are not as recognizable in the mainstream. So simply put, they won’t have the magazine flying off the shelves, Jada has better selling power. With the way magazines are folding Essence has to keep selling to ride out the economic downturn and hopefully when things look up for the better they can take chances with lesser known people. Right now Essence can’t afford to rely on subscriptions alone. So unfortunately unless you have something major going on, a scandal, or are creating a buzz of some sort then lesser known women will be on the inside and not on the cover.

  8. I agree with most of you, but I am not a big fan of her “talent-wise”. I think she is a terrible actress when it comes to roles that have some depth. I bet I sound haterish.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  9. Yes Tiffanny u do!

    She is a great actress. Did u see Ali or the Matrix movie she was in. Both dramatic roles and she did an excellent job. Her choice of roles are normally deep and well developed. Even in Jason Lyric she played a young sista that wanted more out of life than what she was currently going thru.

    I am a true Jada and Will fan….Black Love 4-Ever!!!

  10. There is no way Jada has covers flying off the shelf. Who even knows Jada has a show out right now? I know I forgot and most of you probably did too.

    Essence needs to give younger sisters a shot at covers. They still putting people who were hot 10 years ago on the cover.

    I don’t agree with whoever said Queen Latifah needs to be on the cover cause she is another one that stays on the cover.

    Kerry Washington, Keyshia Cole and Taraji are the only fresh faced sisters I can think of who have had a cover over the last few years.

    A cover would really help Kelly Rowland snd she is deserving. New Jacks like VV Brown, Melanie Fiona and Shontelle would be great featured in an issue about up and coming singers.

    There are so many ways Essence could go but they keep dropping the ball.

  11. OMG Kelly on the cover would be great PR for her right now! with her album about to drop…in September. STILL! Either Essence or VIBE for Kellz, please and thank you. LOL



    I hear you, what you’re saying about certain folk on the cover selling the mag better than say a nobody. And I know it’s even more crucial in today’s ‘publishing’ climate to stay afloat in an almost dying medium (print).

    I just always hearken back to the days of yore where models, NO NAME models and other Black females covered the magazine. So many great covers, ya know? Such diversity. But that was a different time, so yeah, *sigh* I understand.

    I heard-tell somewhere that “Honey” magazine is about to go under (or was). Maybe it was just rumor or something.

    I mean, how unfortunate. With ONLINE publishing being the new print medium, how in the freaknik does an ONLINE MAGAZINE go ‘under’??? Especially after it’s printed counterpart has been dead and gone, what, five/six years now?

    Old magazines I loved and miss:

    1. Suede
    2. Honey
    3. VIBE Vixen
    4. *Essence
    5. *VIBE

    *denotes ‘not dead yet, but dying’


    I used to love going to the newsstand. There was such a great selection. I much prefer holding a magazine in my hand rather than reading it on a computer screen. I guess my old arse needs to hurry up and change with the times…*cough* Let me shut up. LOL

  12. Essence isn’t stupid like someone above daid they need to put recognizable faces on their covers, wouldn’t you do the same if you were in their shoes?

    TIFFANY- Ummm are you crazy? Have you ever seen one of the best movies of all time?…SET IT OFF. My bad my bad, it’s your opinion.

  13. @Kanyade – don’t worry, you are NOT old! I prefer print mags and books as well. I love the blogs online, and getting news online is kool with me too, but curling up with the laptop or iPhone is NOT the same as curling up with a good book or magazine. I REALLY wish Essence would take a risk on some fresh faces though…

  14. I concur. I’m an Essence subscriber but they reoccuring stars on the cover is not a marketing technique that equals more issues sold in our community. There are so many talented, creative and innovative entertainers and I can’t understand why Essence has not realized this yet. We have so many other fascinating sisters that deserve the spotlight in addition to our constant covergirls – Jada, Beyonce, Mary J, Monique, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott and Gabrielle Union. There’s only so many times I can read the same story on one star. Tichina Arnold has been on screen since the late 80’s (has she had a cover), Fantasia is releasing her 3rd CD and was an American Idol winner, Kelly Rowland has garnered success with Destiny’s Child and she’s an international platinum solo artist – she sells in the millions overseas, and what about Brandy or Serena Williams?

  15. Has Rihanna, Kelis, or even Amerie had a cover? What about Shonda Rhimes the executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy or Mara Brock Akil, the producer of The Game and Girlfriends or Kasi Lemmons, an African American female director. Place Lita Richardson on the cover – she is an entertainment manager or Mellody Hobson from Ariel Investments. I’m just saying!!

  16. I agree… Essence! who is that magazine for anyway? I think it can’t just be about friends of the staff getting covers..Where is India Aries cover? has Rihanna ever got a cover? ..and since they love promoting men who don’t even LIKE black women…maybe they should start showcasing a few who do! and if those men are not black men that’s find with me I’m sick of magazines for real…thank god for the internet! (Sister 2 sister stays real to it’s readers let me be fair!)

  17. I agree!

    I haven’t bought, but a few of Essence Mags since it was sold. It’s a white owned magazine now. If you notice, the first thing they changed were the quality of the covers, they still look good, but Essence had some of the best color quality covers in the industy. The cover photos were from original Essence Mag Shoots and not promo photos and the cover paper was a higher grade with higher resolution. I know print is struggling and they’re trying to go with proven past winners, but people want to see other people on the covers, like they used to…Ebony and Essence used to really help ignite and launch the careers of rising stars, not anymore!

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