Jada Pinkett Smith Covers Ebony Magazine

Jada Pinkett Smith The June edition of Ebony Magazine will feature Jada Pinkett Smith on the cover. Jada is presently out doing promo for her new TNT medical drama “Hawthorne”, which debuts on June 16th at 9pm. In an exclusive Ebony magazine cover story, the talented actress, producer and rocker was surprisingly forthcoming about her marriage to Will, her views on the Church of Scientology and even the Internet rumors. “You want people to talk about you, because once they stop talking about you that’s when you’re really in trouble!” She continues, “I’m happy to have people talk about all the craziness they want to talk about, whether it’s things like every year we’re getting divorced or we’re an open family or Will’s gay, or I’m gay.”

To read more you’re gonna have to pick up the issue, which is one newsstands now.


  1. I love Jada Pinketts work and will definitely be catching her on her new show. She is a great entertainer and I saw just a glimpse of her rock show a few times. She looked liked she was having fun. I think she has the whole package: Mom, wife, actress, singer and business woman with her share in Carol’s Daughter. And my favorite she is a BrownSista and beautiful. She looks great on the cover too.

  2. I miss her on television, she is a great actress. I remember when she went through a spell of landing movies one after another. I will definately check her new show out. I hope it dosen’t air the same night as House. I will be torn between her and Omar Epps. Omar will win. Why won’t my 15 year crush go away. :bag:

  3. All i have to say is i love her husband. :bowdown:

  4. love jada’s cover pic! she’s been looking a bit…aged lately, she’s looks youthful here. love her and will!

  5. Her and her husband is seriously what i want in a relationship, they are inspiring, Will is such a gentleman you can tell he loves his wife, You bet your behind i’m catching Hawthorne (CALIFORNIA STAND UP) lool,I love her and her husband, she is the ultimate sister thumbs up

  6. From a male perspective, Jada is one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in Hollywood, she`s one of my favorites. I think the cover is great. As for as her personal life goes she, nor any artist, doesn`t owe us any explanation. People, in general, are just plain “nosy”. If one chooses to talk about it then that`s one thing. I, myself, could care less about celebrities/entertainers private lives. It`s just none of my business….period. Their talent is all I`m interested in. I will be catching Hawthorne. Will, I definitely ain`t mad at ya homie.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4 ever!!!

  7. Keyshia Cole is starting to look so much like this woman.

  8. I love the Smith family. :brownsista:

    Hey Steph,

    I saw a cover of Essence with JHud…is that new or old? It was like an up close pic of her. Very pretty.


  9. Jada looks FAB… *SIGHS*I guess its a Virgo thang! lol ANYWHO I wonder when she’ll hit the BIG screen again…”Low down dirty shame” and Jason’s Lyrics” are my joints! BTW @ Truthteller, Keyshia does look like her now that I think about it!!

  10. I have never believed any of the crap written or rumored about Will and Jada. It seems that people just cannot accept that these 2 are the real deal.

  11. If Will kept is lips off of his female so-stars and watched what he said many of these rumors would not exist. :stop:

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