Jada Pinkett Smith Isn’t Worried

Jada Pinkett Smith, who was once a child star herself, says she is not worried about her children, Jaden and Willow, entering the entertainment business at such young ages. During a recent interview with Closer magazine, Jada said she and Will look to protect their children, but do not seek to control them.

Read what Jada has to say below about her very eclectic style of parenting.

Jada on Willow’s relationship with Lady Gaga:

“Willow’s blazing! I love the fact that she has an affinity with Lady Gaga. I think those relationships are healthy for her. “

Jada on the public’s concern that her children are growing up too fast:

“I see my children as little people, not necessarily people to control. You’ve got to help them develop and become individuals. You have to find out who they are but enforce boundaries to keep them safe. She’s simply being creative. I’m not worried about her growing up too soon.”

Jada on balancing work and family:

“I’m very clear about what my priority is and that’s my family. I used to struggle juggling work and family at the beginning. It’s hard when you change from being single to married to being a mother. But now I’m turning 40, I’ve found a peaceful compromise. I feel very content.”

Jada on how she remains emotionally grounded:

“In my spare time, I love to do yoga and outside sports with the kids like hiking and snowboarding. I like spending time with them in nature but that’s not really Will’s thing. Although he does like bugs!”


  1. Don’t know about the Lady Gaga part LOL!! but letting them grow within safe boundaries is basically the key.

  2. If Gaga wasn’t such a huge success I don’t Will and Jada would let her anywhere near their children.

  3. What is she drinking? I will always say it just because people are good mates does not mean they will be good parents, she and will are disappointing.

    Safe boundaries? Willow was showing her camel toe at one event…

  4. Sometimes it’s healthy to take a good n’ long look in the mirror, before judging and questioning someone else’s life. ESP. parenting qualities, that’s where it gets dangerous.

  5. Why do these new parents think they are not suppose to control their children. I don’t get it. You are suppose to control what your kids do or don’t do. Nothing against her but lets get real.

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