Jada Pinkett Smith May Not Return to ‘Gotham’


Jada Pinkett Smith’s character of Fish Mooney on Fox’s hit drama “Gotham” may not be returning for the show’s second season.

During a recent interview Jada was asked if she’s be coming back for the show’s sophomore season, to which she responded “I don’t think so. I signed up for a year and that year is now up.” Fans of Fish Mooney shouldn’t be too disheartened, as Jada says the show still has some great things planned for the character.

We still don’t know whether Fish will swim with the fishes by season end, or just take a step back in the upcoming episodes. Warner Bros, which produces Gotham, put out a statement shortly after Jada’s interview, saying “Fish Mooney’s storyline takes a lot of interesting twists and turns in the finale of Gotham, so make of that what you will.”


  1. I stopped watching about midway through. I’m going to binge watch once the series releases to DVD. I feel like the Fish character is one of the best on the show.

  2. I watched Gotham because I like Batman, but mainly because Jada was on the show. Jada’s character “Fish Muney” is the most dynamic and intriguing character on Gotham. If Jada doesn’t return and they don’t replace the diversity void in a real way, I will stop watching.

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