Jada & Will Smith Host Nobel Peace Prize Concert

One of the most beloved African- American families, the Smiths hosted the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Concert last night in Oslo, Norway. The family honored President Barack Obama at the concert, as this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

* Sidenote* I see Cassie has inspired Willow to try a new hairstyle LOL.


  1. OMG I loved these pics. Will and Jada reminded me so much of Barack and Michelle in that first pic. Totally awesome.

  2. LOL @ caption. When I first saw the pic, I was said she has that ‘Rihanna inspired haircut’.

    They look nice. I love Jadens afro !!

  3. Am I the only one upset that they let their little girl cut her hair that way???? She has plenty of time to be grown…

  4. lol i love will smith and always wanted to marry him….still do (in my dreams) but i love his sons hair lol looks like mines, crazy as hell. @Sweetheart when i saw it too i was like wtf? really, but its her hair.

  5. @ sweethearth

    i agree… that hair coulda waited. it doesn’t even fit her well.

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