Jaime Lee Kirchner Nabs Lead Role in CW Pilot

Jaime Lee Kirchner - Dead People

Actress Jaime Lee Kirchner is the latest Brown Sista to secure a lead role during this very busy pilot season. According to published reports, Jaime will join Andrew J. West in the upcoming CW drama “Dead People,” which is the brainchild of writer/producer J.J. Abrams.

The show centers on West, a man whose brush with death yields unusual side effects, including the ability to now communicate with dead people, including his deceased wife.

Jaime Lee will play a police officer (Charly) (sound familiar) who originally thinks West to be insane, but quickly starts to believe his tales of talking to the dead and soon solicits his help with her police work.

The show goes into production in May and will more than likely make its mid-season debut in January 2016.

Personally, “Dead People” is giving me all sorts of “Sleepy Hollow” vibes. The dead wife the lead white male is still pining over, as well as the lead female being a black cop is just setting off all sorts of red flags. If the two leads have off the wall chemistry and the wife is suddenly resurrected, I’m done. LOL.

FYI: Kirchner, by my math, is the fifth black woman to secure a role in an upcoming pilot playing a police officer teamed up with a white male. She joins Aunjanue Ellis (Quantico), Meagan Good (Minority Report), Anika Noni Rose (For Justice) and Jill Marie Jones (Ash vs Evil Dead).


  1. Hollywood is all about regurgitating the same tired themes. They’re all hiring black women trying to copy the success of Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder without actually looking at why the shows are successful. The writing is great for those shows and so are the supporting casts. Many of these shows won’t last and then it will be seen as a trend and eventually black actresses will be considered out of style, like Vampire and teen shows. I’m glad more sisters are working, but most of these roles just seem thrown together. No real meat and potatos.

  2. It smacks of Sleepy Hollow, indeed. I may check it out.

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