Janelle Monáe at the 2012 Met Gala

Who: Janelle Monáe
Where: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Event: 2012 Costume Institute Gala
What She Wore: Unknown

To save my life I could not find out who designed Janelle Monáe’s black silk jumpsuit. Knowing Janelle, she probably had it hand made personally. Whatever the case, I was just happy to see her without the tuxedo. Now, if we can just get rid of the pompadour.


  1. Agreed!

    I would love to see Janelle in a totally different look, even though, I know her uniform is a part of her branding. But, a brightly coloured stripped jacket and solid colour skirt with the black tie would work too! Anywho, love this chick and her work!

  2. I think Janelle purposely tries to hide her beauty so she can be taken seriously, which I understand, but think is a mistake.

    When I first learned of her back in 2006, btw, she was the first celebrity to contact me and thank me for showing her love, she had a very different look.

    This woman is very model-esque and in my opinion should use that to work in her favor. She doesn’t have to go full scale Rihanna or Beyonce though. She can keep it classy, ala Whitney and Mariah in the beginning of their careers.

    Right now I think her look is boring people and the tuxedo has become a distraction.

  3. SISTA, thanks for sharing that story 🙂 I love Janelle. So pretty.

  4. Definitely a nice look from the female tuxedo, however the pompadour is her signature look, and she rocks it well!!!

  5. It’s about damn time she got rid of that tired black & white tuxedo mess she always wears! She looks cute!

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