Janelle Monáe Preps New Albums

One of music’s most underrated ingénue’s, Janelle Monae, has just announced plans to release not one, but two new albums in the coming year (2012). According to a recent interview with one of her fan sites, Janelle says she cut her touring schedule short to concentrate on her new projects.

Word is you’re working on the next record. What can you say about it?

I am happy to be here and see my family, and I am eager to get back to the studio and work on finishing my album. I stopped touring so I could finish the album. Actually, I plan on releasing two albums next year.

Any idea when?

I will release them according to my soul clock; so I reserve the right to change that. But I will try to stick to the scheduled release dates, which I know but can’t say. I will be thinking about Kansas City and all the people here who have supported me as I continue to write songs that empower, encourage and make you dance.

Will these new records build on the themes you established in your first two recordings?

Again, that’s all according to my soul clock. Right now all I can say is, the music comes from the space I’m in.

How far along are you in your writing?

I would say 84.799 percent of the writing is done.

This is amazing news for Janelle fans. This woman is an incredible singer/songwriter. If radio would get behind her I believe she has the potential to be as big as Adele.


  1. she can be as big as adele…ArcAndroid was a gt8 album and I will support

  2. She has the potential to be GREATER than someone like Adele who is talented no doubt, but no where near as ambitious as Janelle in artistry and scope. Janelle can be as big as Prince or Michael Jackson!!!!! Cannot wait for the new material.

  3. I hope she gets the success she deserves. There are so many talented artist who gets over looked these days.

  4. yea she pretty much being slept on becuz she”s definitely ahead of her time! its called….#substance…smhlol.

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