Janelle Monae Video: Many Moons



  1. This isn’t in my opmion one of her better songs. I have seen her perform and know she can get down but this song does nothing for me and honetly I think it is time she let this look go. That same crazy hairstyle and tuxedo in ever video and performance she does is getting old.

  2. I have seen Janelle Monae around in magazines and stuff but I have never really heard any of her songs….

    I must say, it is very different, not alot of artists out there( well that I know of ) with this style, its quirky and I kinda like it. Kinda reminds me of Andre 3000 for some reason…

    Yeah, this song will probably grow on me…

  3. Hey, that’s the Haitian from “Heroes”. 😆 I love this chick; I love her quirky style, I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m digging this androgynous thing she has going on along with the whole robot/android/sci-fi/futuristic thing. Definitely going to have to get this album 🙂 Maybe she’ll get rid of the saddleshoes and go wholly sci-fi/futuristic with her fashions. She can definitely pull it off. Love this!

  4. Call me crazy. Call me weird, but I like this video. I’m soft on artists that bring something new to the table, and it was interesting. She’s like the female version of Outkast. She’s putting a futuristic spin on ole-school music and dance. Did you peep her doing the James Brown dance? LOL. I love it. Remember how the singers of the 70’s and 80’s dressed really weird, but we loved them nonetheless? I think she’s bringing it back.

  5. I agree with Teeda on this one. Nice to see someone doing something that different than the rest of the kids today.

  6. Despite her wierd style of dress, I REALLY like Janelle’s album :- ) . I like the fact that she is DIFFERENT. Her sound & imagery for this album is unique imo & I like that. However, I was a tad bit disappointed w/ this video. I was hoping to see a lil more of the futuristic imagery of “Metropolis” . But I love the song… so on that note I am good :- ) .

  7. I kinda like the song. I admit that I never really gave her a listen before, and I think it’s because she seemed too over the top for me, and I judged that by her style.

  8. her whole e.p is fantastic… she’s one of the best musicians out right now!

  9. I’ve been a fan of Miss Monae’s for a little over two years now. I’m so proud of her with this video.

    It’s not typical! {Luvs it}
    Her style is fresh to def! {Luvs it}
    The song is a banger! {Luvs it}

    At first I had wished that Janelle would switch things up a bit with her performance outfit/hair but now I get that it’s just part of her and how important it is to focus on the music… the lyrical aspect. Plus, seeing her model in the vid- the woman is FLYY! I welcome her style. Looking forward to seeing so much more from her 🙂

    *I I I I I I’m an alien from outerspace. I’m a cybergirl without a trace…*


  11. The video intro was fresh. This is not my fav song of hers but the video looks good. I don’t know her history but she comes off as an Andre 3000 puppet in this video. I, too, would like to see her rock a new look.

  12. I have never heard any of her songs, but I have seen her in magazines. The song is not bad, different, but not bad. She does remind me of a female Andre 3000. If they haven’t yet, I could see them working on something together.

  13. I have the album, but seriously, the only really, really good song is “Sincerely, Jane.” The rest can be rather blah. But she’s got a great look and vision going on that is different.

  14. I like the song as well as the vid. It`s different and she seems to have her own style. The vision for the song and vid was very well done. Janelle could have a great future if given a proper chance. Yeah, I like the song and vid.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  15. I think her style is funky! She’s cute as well. She sould collab with Andre3000 and Kelis as well. I watched “I want to work for Diddy”, last night and she was on there so that was cool as well. The song was funky, I like it.

  16. Well I think out of everyone, Nne actually captured what her style is.She wears the uniform as a way to have people focus on her talent than her image. Although her image is very funky but I can admit that it works. She is a very entertaining to watch and I’m going to always be her fan lol.BTW the outkast comparison come from the fact that she use to sign to Big Boi’s label but is now currently signed to Bad Boy. Lets’s just hope he knows how to market because she is definitely someone everyone should know about.

  17. I love this song and I love her whole album. I love that she is not the “norm”. Go girl!

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