Janet Almost Trips+Preps Reality Show Performance

After receiving the Vanguard Award from GLAAD, singer Janet Jackson went out for sushi at Katsuya and almost tripped over her big platform shoes while leaving the restaurant. I don’t know why but I really laughed when I saw these pics. Not because my girl almost fell, but because those shoes look like she went back to the eighties and borrowed them from Prince (lol).

And in other Janet news, the singer may be performing on the final episode of Dancing With The Stars. Rumors are running rampant on Janet forums that she will either be performing on the finale or a tribute episode that will feature music from her brother Michael. Reports say she will start rehearsals this week, so if the rumor is true we should know soon.

I have never watched this show before but I do know they get great ratings and Janet could use the publicity right about now. Discipline is too great an album not to be performed for the world. I would love to see her do a revamped version of Feedback or Rock With U. Maybe even a performance of her single LUV, which is my song of the moment.


  1. Damn Janet is so pretty and that white pantsuit is to die for. Go head Miss Jackson.

  2. Janet is looking MY-T fly is those pics and the hooker boots and to die for.

    😆 at you saying she got’em from Prince.

  3. I always love to see Janet in a long elegant gown. when she put her hair down, that is perfect.
    I don’t like this kind of look.But she is my J. so that ‘s OK.

  4. janet is one of my favourite singers but she has seemed to lose the plot when it comes to fashion! i mean, look at those shoes!

  5. I think she is having trouble walking because the pants are too long. I like the suit but she should have tailored tthe pants.

  6. janet looks cute in that outfit, so what if she tripped ,sure everyone has done that

  7. I think the shoes make the outfit even more fly….but I’m a stilleto and platform type of girl. Ms. Jackson is one bad mother——

    I will be 35 in June and she is single handedly making me re-evaluate my viewpoint on aging.

  8. Hmm…..interesting. Tom Bergeron did say last night that there will be a tribute to Michael tonight with a special guest. I’ll make sure to watch the elimination show tonight.

  9. Man, I’ve wanted some white platform boots for a long time! I love hers, and she’s rockin’ that outfit! I like Janet.

  10. I agree Nef. I actually didn’t like the first set of pics I saw of Janet in this outfit. She looked a bit stiff and those pants looked like they were drowning her. This outfit just looks better in motion I guess 😆

  11. I love the all-white and the shoes. Janet has some fierce cheekbones. Love her. 🙂

  12. I must say Janet is a gorgeous woman and she`s maturing like a fine wine; so mellow. She looks great in the outfit, only thing is she should`ve had it tailored. The white blends very well with her. I guess she was going back 80`s stlye (the Prince look) with the platform boots (lol). However, that`s not a bad thing because the 80`s JAMMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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