Janet Back On Tour+Backstage Pics With Tyra

According to Live Nation, Janet Jackson is due to resume her Rock Witchu Tour this Saturday in Uncasville, Connecticut. A representative from the tour giant confirmed to Access Hollywood exclusively that Janet’s tour would indeed carry on and that the singer had made a full recovery from the illness that caused her to cancel about a half dozen shows. Neither Janet nor JD, who makes it a point to speak on Janet’s behalf, have issued statements or video blogs in response to Janet’s illness, however Janet’s brother Randy said last week the singer was suffering from vertigo, an illness that would make dancing complicated, if not totally impossible.

And for those of you who may have missed Tyra’s special on Janet’s tour, below are backstage candids Tyra released to the public.

Update: The above show in Connecticut has now been cancelled as well.

Janet Jackson’s anticipated return to her Rock Witchu tour tomorrow (10/11) in Uncasville, CT, has been postponed due to doctor’s orders. Tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date. An announcement will be made soon regarding a rescheduled date for this show and previously postponed shows. The Rock Witchu tour will resume on October 13th in Verona, NY at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino.



  1. well, i’m glad she’s made a speedy recovery. Err, both ladies look :thumbsup:

  2. I’m not a big fan of Janet BUT I love her look in the middle picture with Tyra with the shoes! FIERCE! :brownsista:

  3. :iagree: I heard about her case of vertigo! I’m glad she’s alright

  4. I’m glad Janet is OK. They both look great in the pics above and Janet’s shoes are cute.

  5. Me too :bowdown: Her and Tyra look fierce walking in the middle pic

  6. Glad to hear my girl Janet is back on track. Her and Tyra look fabulous. :brownsista:

  7. I don’t have the money to buy some Janet tickets. However I did go to the “All for you” tour and it was hot.

  8. IM so excited she’s back on road also that she recovered !! i luv her sooo much ! :brownsista: :bowdown:

  9. Update brownsista, tomorrow show is postponed as well. I don’t know anymore. The show I’m suppose to attend is in DC 10-15-08. Janet needs to make an official announcement on what the hell is going on.

  10. Janet cancelled again? Damn. I wonder what’s wrong. This is serious and the talk of her cancelling shows because they werent selling out is obvious bullshit now. Something is wrong with this woman and I don’t think she is pregnant either. Janet wouldn’t become pregnant at a time like this and Randy denied saying she had vertigo. So what is it? This is sad. Janet cannot catch a break.

  11. It would be best for her to release a statement. She needs to say something, not her representatives. I think that would be appreciated by her fans who have spent money on her tickets only to find out the show is cancelled. At least let them know that she is thinking about them as she recovers.

  12. I really really hope Janet get better soon. She is one Icon I would LOVE to see perform because she goes all out for her fans. It does sadden me that she still hasn’t fully recovered. I heard her concert was selling out fast too. Get better soon Janet.

  13. Gee Wiz what’s going on with Janet. I hope she is ok. I’m really begining to get a little nervous! If she really does have vertigo, I can understand her cancelling tours, its not easy to deal with. Hope she gets better soon.

  14. Hey Stephanie can you find out what is really going on with her?
    I love the very 1st photo of her and Ms Tyra it absolute captivating.
    I wish Ms J the very best and for her to get well soon.
    My sistas are doing it with the walk and facial features in the second photo.

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