Janet Covers V Magazine

Janet Jackson
The bootyful Janet Jackson will be gracing the Spring 2007 edition of V Magazine.We have a small pic of the cover posted above and hope to get the HQ scans any day now.I’m glad to see Janet is still getting her face out there even if her music has all but been forgotten.Hopefully this new cover is the first round of promotions to support her upcoming tour.


  1. Janet takes some crazy covers for V magazine.I still love my girl though and hope she at least has a successful tour.

  2. Why is V always putting feathers on Janet? She is starting to look like a damn Black chicken.I’m expecting her to start clucking :lol2:

  3. Folks is already hating on this cover but I like it.Janet looks great all greased up and her body is still bangin’.If I looked as good as Janet I would be butt naked and all greased up too :booty:

  4. I hope Janet will dump J.D as her producer and go back to letting Jimmy and Terry handle things in the studio.J.D is not in tune with who Janet is as an artist or what sound her fans have become accustomed to.The magazine covers are getting really old.

  5. WTH? Give up on the breast poses! Is that the only thing she has going now? Keep piggy-backing off those moments…. people are ready to move forward with her music ..but here she is stuck in 3yrs ago.

  6. Jermaine Dupri has been a horrible influence on Janet.She is saying and doing things she has never done before.This however still isn’t why her last two albums bombed.Janet’s Black ass is still being punished for the Superbowl incident.Justin has been allowed to go on with his career while Janet has been banned from all of pop radio as well as MTV and VH1.These are things no one likes to talk about cause it’s just easier to pick on her than it is to support her and talk about the real reason she has been pushed out of music.At this point Janet is in a tailspin and doesn’t know what to do.Her record company isn’t supporting her and her manager, who as it happens is also Justin Timberlakes manager, isn’t helping her at all.Janet needs to take a 2 or 3 years hiatus as she usually does and come back with a new image, record company and sound.She needs to keep Jimmy and Terry because they are geniuses but she needs to drop J.D, at least as her musical partner.

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