Janet Does Tyra, Tyra Tries To Do Janet

Tyra & Janet Okay, I know the title of this post is totally inappropriate, but it was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw these pics of Tyra and Janet together. Tyra is known for touching her guests in a special way and it appears she was touching the hell outta Janet in these pics (lol). But seriously, I think Janet was showing Tyra some of her moves and well Tyra then tried to show Janet some of hers. Okay, I need to stop. But for real for real this time. A Janet fan who attended the taping said Janet was trying to teach Tyra some moves from the Feedback video and they fell. Still, Tyra does seem to be enjoying the fall just a little too much. As for Janet- she’s looking absolutely amazing in these pics and I love her new glammed up look. It’s a vast improvement from the tomboy-ish boy look she sported earlier this week on GMA and TRL.

Tune in March 4th to catch all the madness and one more small pic from the show can be seen below.


  1. Don’t forget Janet will be on Ellen today!!! She’ll be performing as well.

  2. I would stomp all over some people to get a pair of those shoes Janet has on!

  3. The first thing I noticed were Janet’s shoes. They are fierce and the long curly locks are cute :koolaid:

  4. Janet Looks so soft and pretty. Yes I am totaally glad for the glammed up look. As for Tyra (*Sigh*) I don’t know, she does seem to be very touchy feely at times. I don’t wanna go there but ummm, Yeah, perhaps.

  5. I just watched the Ellen video. It was cute. Ellen is fun to watch. You don’t have to worry about her being disrespectful, hateful, or mean. As an aside–I’ve got to stay off of the other blogs reading comments (sandra rose, concreteloop, etc.). It’s making me dislike my own people. I never wanted to feel that way about black folk. There is so much negativity and “haterism”. :thumbsdown:

    This blog is always positive. :thumbsup:

  6. Still disappointed in my girl JJ. I’ve seen her on Larry King, Good Morning America, Today Show, and a bunch of shows lately. She’s seems dry, no personality, and the whole shy, humble, insecure routine during interviews is bothersome. Especially when she turns around and sexes it up, and talks about freakin’ every chance she gets. Lipsync after lipsync, and her dance moves are tired. I keep hoping for that ‘breakout’ performance, and get let down each time. Why wear that big headset mic if you’re gonna lipsync thru the whole thing? What really made me mad was after her performance, when they interviewed her on stage, they gave her a handheld mic!!! Why would she need that when she was wearing a mic already!!?? I’m through!! It’s only cuz I love her so much that I keep holding on, hoping that the Janet from the days of old will return, but to no avail. And don’t get me started on Mariah’s new dud song she’s out there promoting. C’mon ladies, show these youngins’ what you’re really made of, stop playin with my emotions!!!! On a lighter note, she’s in great shape and is holding up well for 41, can’t be mad wit’ that (not that that’s old)….Look at Tina Turner!! Hopefully her album does well, but then she will undoubtedly keep doing more of the same, with no growth or freshness. Just cuz I love her, doesn’t mean I have to put up with the same-o, same-o, okey dokey. Am I alone here? I know she’ll be good on Trya with the interview, can’t wait for that.

  7. @Ladylee….Janet’s interviews have ALWAYS been this way. I’m not sure what you want her to return to. If its her personality–its her personality. It is also not the case that because a person, especially a woman, may be a “totally over the top freak in private” sexually–that she has to be all amped up and animated. In fact, its probably often the exact opposite.

    Her Album is great. It has also sold $200,000 units as of this morning and that doesn’t even get the people who can’t get it until payday or the weekend.

    I personally believe that the woman is shy, humble, and insecure. She has said as much in many of her interviews i.e. “I’ve never felt that I was beautiful…I’m shy…I’ve never felt sexy”.

    She can only be herself. As long as she is putting on CD’s as fab as this new one, I’m not mad at her.



  9. As a little girl I wanted to be Janet and marry Michael. I will not stand by and let people talk badly about her. True her live performances are not as strong as they use to be but, who cares. Who do you think Janet is conpeting against? She has been there and done that. $150 million strong Janet can retire if she wants to and it still wont take away from who she has become. And guess what? She still looks good. This generation has a habit of killing the people from our past who have made a difference. Where do you think Britney got her style from? The moment I saw her perform live I thought “are you serious this is Janet”.

  10. One other thing, I have the album as well and in the words of Janet’s first crush it’s DYNOMITE!

  11. Janets performance not what they used to be? Mmmm I dunno bout dat she has different levels of performing. But if she was in tour mode its all over.lol.

  12. Discipline is a HOT-ON-FIRE CD and Janet is bringing it as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been listening to it non-stop since Tuesday and loving all the songs. Feedback and Rock With U are my favorites right now but there are easily at least four other singles waiting on the disc. I heard she’s just shot a new video so looking forward to that. Keep on Miss Jackson!

  13. Back in the day Janet gave way better interviews than she does today. I remember during the Janet era she was on MTV with Bill Bellamy and that interview was so funny. After the Superbowl Janet became very introverted and IMO she thinks out everything she says before she says it. She thinks too much if you ask me and that makes some of her interviews stiff, like the one she did with Larry King.

    On the flip side she always acts crazy on 106 & Park. Terrance corny behind brings out the best in Janet and so does Ellen and Tyra.

    Good luck to J and the new album. I got two copies and love it. I look forward to a tour and a summer full of Janet jams.

  14. Hey EVERYONE!

    Umm, why do we over-inellectualise everything his woman does since the Super Bowl? Janet does Janet, well. Yes, it is clear on some shows she is more open then others but that has a lot to do also with the one who is interviewing. Plus, if it appears she is thinking before she is talking well…look how some of you and others criticise, LOL!
    And @Ladylee, child, FYI Janet is an international artist and performer…she is the only performer I have seen in four different countries that puts on a GREAT show every tour. Most American artist when they leave the US get lazy. There’s no otherperformer like Janet.
    And why must the number of records someone sells determine their hotness? Tina Turner doesn’t sell tha much in the US in years!!! But Tina is still HOT–they love her more outside the US then in it!!! Why do we put our legends down?

  15. Ladies Ms Janet is an example that you should have a full life….not just all work and not just all play………..Janet is to old to resort to these type of antics to sell records.. you can grow old gracefully….why it worked for madonna and not janet this is real real sad..Its like your older aunt who was the shetz back in the day..but now she go wit the dude that graduated from highschool two years before you….it sad πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  16. Her new video is Rock With you and it will be on BET Access Granted on March 5th at 7:30 pm

  17. I’m 34 and I see Janet as my age…not my “old aunt”. I can’t get mad at you youngins who think she is old because my 12 year old’s poor lil baby mind thinks that 30 is old. Baby minds think baby thoughts. You’ll grow into it.

  18. @Lee

    Only black women engage in what you are talking about–and its not just putting legends down, its putting down any other black woman who even remotely thinks, feels, or is “fly”. i wish they had meds for the sickness. Like I heard someone else say,
    ‘Janet is that B!tch”. She makes me proud. So does Tina Turner. I was just beaming when I saw her perform. My mother is a bad mofo too! I’m proud of other sisters. You have to be able to look at a sister and see that they are the sh9t.

  19. Nefertari, I’m with you, sweetheart. Janet, and Tyra, for that matter, are what true black women are all about… intelligent, able to express themselves clearly, very talented, as well as being exquisitely and elegantly beautiful. But let’s get to the point. Mocha71 says that Janet is “to old to resort to these type of antics to sell records.” Maybe it’s me, but I’m not altogether sure as to what “antics” Mocha71 is alluding to. But aside from that, here’s how I see it, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me, Nefarteri: Janet Jackson got to where she’a at through her talent and hard work. Period! Yes, she had a little slip-up at the Super Bowl, but that incident is not the aggregate summation of her career. To use that situation to define Janet Jackson shows a total lack of insight and sagacity. And what’s all this sillyness about her being too old? Legendary performers like Ella Fitzgerald, and the “Queen Of Salsa”, Celia Cruz, kept singing, and singing well, until the day they passed away. Janet Jackson’s talent will keep her going until she decides to retire from show business. I hope that’s no time soon.
    Before I slide on outta here, Nefertari, let me say that you have a very lovely name. In some translations of your name, “Nefertari” means “The Beautiful One”. Y’all take care and be safe.

  20. @SMooth Thug

    Thank you for all of that positive energy! I really needed it today. :mrgreen:

    BTW I LOVE Celia Cruz! Celia=Sexy on a whole new level. She is another one whose performances always made me feel extraordinarily proud.

    Janet has a powerful spirit. I find it hard to believe that people can’t discern that. Powerful and strong doesn’t have to sound like Jill Scott (although it can and that’s fine as well). We have got to open ourselves up to just being the women we are–and letting other black women be who they are and see the beauty in the diversity of it.

    Thanks for the warm fuzzies. Nefertari is my middle name and Beautiful One is the definition that I adopted as well–although there were others if you interchange Nefer for Ntr.

  21. I expected to take some heat for my comments, but I’m just speaking my peace. Let’s face it, Janet has never, nor WILL ever be considered one of the great voices of our time. She will however go down in history as one of the great female ENTERTAINERS of our time. Having said that, I just merely stated that I am less than thrilled with her latest performances. I didn’t even mind the lipsync when I saw her in concert years ago cuz she was tearin’ up the stage with her incredible dance moves. Today however, I feel robbed. Not only is she not bringing me the jams I crave from her, but her dance moves are recycled and stale in my opinion. Pleasure Principle was one of my favorite videos, and still is to this day. Just raw Janet, creative dance moves, without a whole troupe of people behind her. I’m just saying, I miss the Janet from back in the day. The attitude, the well thought lyrics, the hard hitting beats and undeniable trademark lovemaking slow jams. I just want and expect more that’s all. She has set the standard in the industry and set the bar very high. She has spoiled me with her greatness, and that’s what I’ve come to expect. There is no one like her, although many try. Now she just needs to keep raising the bar is all I’m saying. Challenge herself and try new things, what’s wrong with that? She IS a JACKSON afterall!! Greatness is expected. 41 is not old either. The Rolling Stones are still at it, and I know we can look forward to Ms. Jackson entertaining us for a long time. I just hope it’s not the same-o same-o.

  22. what I find sad is that ppl define janets career b 4 and after the SB. Then I here that janet fans say they want the old Janet back. Next, I here that her moves r old and that she shows no growth n her music. Well, I will say this. The Janet most fans r looking 4 has grown up. If she was making the same music like n the past; then she would show no growht as an artist. Janets moves does need an upgrade, but compared to all of this booty shaking we have from riri, beyonce, ciara, video girls, and many others. Its nice to c someone who can still dance w/class even if the moves r old w/modern twist.

    All I want for Janet is for her to have Discipline sell atleast 1.8-2.3million in the U.S, and around 4- 5.5million worldwide. Then ppl will get off her back .

  23. @c-said

    I agree with you in that I would like to see her get a new choreographer. I’m not feeling Gil. The only dance routine of his that I thought was hot was from the video and performances from Damita Jo “All Night”

  24. I have noticed that Janet is more “free” and fun in her interviews with African-American hosts and with Ellen. I think that the nature of the audience and interviewer plays a role in that. For instance, she is always fun with Tyra, her Ellen interviews are great. Her 106 and park interviews are more free….but it makes sense because it was mainstream America (i.el Today show, i.e. Larry King etc.) who tried to crucify her after the Super Bowl. Of course she is “thinking too much”—she would be a fool not to! She learned that she can’t trust them.

  25. @c

    I don’t think people are ever going to “Get off her back” because I don’t think they are being negative about her for valid reasons. Mainstream America and overly religious African-America is very unforgiving. For those people, Janet was never supposed to “recover” after the Super Bowl. She was supposed to slink off somewhere, hide, and retire. They are on her back because she had the nerve “gumption” to get back up and insist that she still is relevant and refuse to hide.

    I think that women as a whole should be offended that she was treated that way especially considering that Justin was not. He can rip off a piece of clothing and get a tap on the wrist—but she is branded with a scarlet W for life? As a woman, THAT Is what I think takes us back to the 1800’s.

  26. [quote comment=”22221″]
    Her Album is great. It has also sold $200,000 units as of this morning and that doesn’t even get the people who can’t get it until payday or the weekend.

  27. Who cares about the Superbowl debacle? That whole thing was corny anyway. Let’s just say the routine went off without a hitch. Let’s just say that Justin didn’t tear off her whole bra and he just exposed the red bra as planned. BIG DEAL!! It still would’ve been corny. What’s so great about seeing her red bra? I’d rather see her talent than her T and A. Anyway, I have not been bashing Janet. I have just been expressing my disappointment in her latest project. I’ve only heard about three tracks from the album so I can’t honestly say whether or not I will buy it. I will say that I do not like Rock With You, and Feedback is borderline. I like her slow jams though. Regardless of my boycott, Janet will still reign as the princess of pop, and she will always have a place in pop culture history. She has earned it. Is it sooo wrong for me to expect more from her? Vocally, lyrically, and performance, I just expect more. Wonder if she writes, or produces any of her own stuff on this new album? I’m not hating on her AT ALL. I love Janet. I just think people will always give her a pass because she is not as intimidating as some of these other starletts out there. She has obvious flaws and seems more approachable than some. I would love to see her in a starring dramatic role. I have always enjoyed her acting. She has so many wonderful talents, I just hate to see her kept in a box and not broaden the scope of her talents. If I had her talent, I would be all over the market with my hand in all kinds of projects, reaching new and different audiences, and levels of success. I would go out of my way to surprise my loyal and supportive fans with new and different things, including my sound, dance moves, and look. By the way, I am one of those loyal fans. If I wasn’t, it wouldn’t bother me at all that she is seemingly robbing me of all her goodness. I know what she is capable of and I refuse to settle for sub par work. Her last album was a flop and I want her to succeed with this one. I’m just a little nervous for her. I want her to dominate the charts again. I just think it’s gonna take alot more than sex to sell a record, especially for these youngsters that think she’s old.

  28. Oh yeah, for those of you that don’t know, and or have not educated yourself on the TRUE greatness, attitude, and control of Ms. Jackson, see if you can find her live performance at the Grammy’s when she did “Control”. Arguably, her best breakout performance. Furthermore, for all you haters of haters, and or my humble opinions….”What have you done for me lately?”…… Get familiar, recognize,… she is great! However, I will not be hoodwinked, bamboozled, or led astray, with her latest attempt to woo me with this so called R&B, pop concoction. I still love her, but if I’m gonna spend my hard earned money, it must be for the greatness that I have become accustomed to from such an esteemed and established artist as Ms. Jackson. (Ms. Jackson, if you’re ‘nasty’) WHAT!!?…

  29. @Darren

    The figures are posted at Janet-Xone in the forum and listed as HDD numbers. Another figure there said 55,000 day one not counting internet sales.

  30. Janet’ album is da SHITNITZ :dance1:

    She is great on stage and effortlessly sexy. Janet is living proof that a woman can exude sex/sexiness while actually wearing clothes. Now, that’s the difference between a whore/slutt and a sexy woman. Take notes ‘ladies’ :booty:

    Janet, in my opinion is hella boring in interviews and the only thing that is stimulating is her beautiful smile and cute chuckle πŸ™‚

    On another note, Black woman are NOT the only ones that are highly critical of each other. I see and hear white, asian and hispanic woman do it all the time. They are just as critical of each other as we are. So some of ya’ll need to stop lying and stop trying to put all Black woman into one category.

  31. @Ladylee,

    How can you give a fair assessment of her album–if you have only heard 3 songs?

  32. @Des,
    I believe you when you say that other women are ultra-critical of one another. However, I’m a black woman and so my primary concern is about Black women. The other women you mentioned tend not to have an entire worldwide perception constantly beating them down and so if they feel its ok to beat up on each other–that’s on them. But Black women have enough to shoulder from outside of us, without needing to be so nasty and negative towards one another. We are the ones who need sisterhood the most. We need to be more supportive of each other than any other group of women because those other groups don’t have worldwide media stereotypes beating down their psyche.

  33. Some people say that women in general are jealous and catty–maybe so. Maybe Not. But we are the group who can LEAST afford to be that way.

    When anyone can name for me another group of women who have suffered more than us, have shouldered more than us, who have been villified and beaten down more than us, and still manage to be as strong and beautiful as us—I will entertain what other groups of women do and dont do…but at the risk of being politically incorrect—I don’t give two flying figs about what other groups of women do or why they do it–I care about what we do, and how that behavior damages us further.

    Judgmental, Critical, “Who she think she is” “She aint all that” “She need to go sit down somewhere” “I’m sick of seeing her” “Everybody always acting like she is all that”…..

    How many times have each of you heard these things? How many times have you SAID THEM?

    Society has been trying to destroy black women from the moment the first outsider hit the continent…since the moment Alexander the Great ran into Judith the Nubian Kushite Candake and was sent packing back to Europe..througout slavery, Apartheid, and to the present day…there has been a bullseye on our a$$es.

    We can’t AFFORD to be catty and divisive “like other women”. They are’t fighting to survive and we are.

    I’m off my soapbox. Sorry if I offended anyone. Sometimes whats inside has to come out. But we really have to get a grip and understand our situation. Any hate is too much hate from a black woman to a black woman.

    I know when I see another black woman who is “That Bitch” as in “Divalicious” I am proud of her because seeing her shine reminds me that I can shine.

  34. Oh, I feel what you’re saying. I just get sick and tired of these sweeping genaralizations about the Black woman. We are not all the same and we don’t all have the same experiences, upbringing and mindset.

    Sometimes we can speak things into existence. So, I always think it’s best for people to preface certain comments with the word “some.” It makes a big difference.

  35. [quote comment=”22269″]@Darren

    The figures are posted at Janet-Xone in the forum and listed as HDD numbers. Another figure there said 55,000 day one not counting internet sales.[/quote]
    hey. that hdd number was a projection for what she would sell the whole week. they project based on first-day sales.

  36. The phrase “only black women” was what got me going. I could understand if you said some black women, etc.

  37. @Darren,

    Oh thank you for explaining that because after I read the figures, I was confused about their initial prediction.

  38. @Des,

    I also see your point. I should have qualified my statement so that it didn’t sound as though I was saying ALL black women are like that. You are absolutely correct with respect to that. I was incorrect in my failure to qualify the statement.

    If there are substantial numbers of positive, loving, sisterly black women in the world–I hope that I get to meet more of them, because the ones I have met thus far, constantly have “who do she think she is, she aint cute, she aint all that” on the tip of their tongues and I’m sick to death of it.

    I would point out that Madonna is nearly 10 years Janet’s senior–and many many times more sexually explicit than Janet, and nobody is telling her she is too old to perform or that she needs to start singing about Geritol instead of sex.

    I am also being 100% honest and frank when I tell you that when I’m concerned about damage done to black women–I don’t care what other women of other ethnicities do or don’t do. They can afford it…we cant’.

    They can turn on a TV and see beautiful images of themselves being celebrated–we only get to see black women who look like white women dipped in caramel (for the most part) and if we see other black women, the images are not usually very flattering. They can afford to be negative, we can’t.

    White women overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton even though they KNOW she has issues—we have black women still trying to figure out whether or not they “like” Michelle Obama. Sickness.

  39. I don’t disagree with you, Nefertari :bowdown:

    On a whole, the Black Woman ‘s image has been and continues to be misrepresented, misused and disrespected. We can’t afford to be as negative, reckless and frivolous with our comments and treatment of each other. Other races can and it doesn’t matter as much because there is no conspiracy plagueing their existence.

    I would encourage you to embrace those sistas you’re talking about. And once you do, you’ll realize that their “cattiness” has absolutely nothing to do with you, per say, but is a reflection of their own low self-esteem and how they feel about themselves.

  40. @Des :bowdown: Thank you for your insight as well. Some sisters who I initially thought were “difficult” I’ve made a conscious effort to embrace and found comrades among them. I’ve also encountered some very toxic people in doing that. There are people who are so damaged that they can only bring chaos into your life. I am learning to avoid those people because years down the line you are thinking “gheesh–why do I get anxiety everytime this woman calls? Why does my kneck hurt when I hear her voice?” ahahahhahhahah So you learn to be wise in your choices.

    I agree with your comment and your choice of words as well. I also acknowledge that a lot of it is “not our fault”, meaning that a person can only live in an emotional war zone for so long before they begin to reek of the negative effect–but nobody is going to fix it for us–except us.

    I don’t have any daughters. I regret that often but God saw fit to give me only sons. I worry for them though. I don’t want them marrying a toxic sister. So we all have work to do.

  41. I agree that you should avoid those who are toxic. They will kill off your positive energy and you won’t have any to do what God intended for you.

    Your comment about not wanting your son’s to marry a toxic sista reminds me of an interview my brother in-law told me about. The Barber twins’ (football players) mother mentioned in an interview that she encouraged her son’s to date and marry outside of their race because of this very reason, the toxic black woman.

    They are both married to asian women.

  42. @Ladylee,

    I re-read your post and you have a lot of passion. You should go out and do these things that you want Janet to do. You have the passion for it–so perhaps it is your purpose in life.

    I recall reading an interview that Janet did some time ago. THe interviewer asked her a personal question and Janet said “don’t you think that is personal?” The interviewer said “You BELONG to the public”. Janet said “No…I don’t….” and explained that she needed space for herself as well.

    I say that to say this–Our stars don’t belong to us. Our dreams are our dreams and theirs are theirs. Sometimes fans project what we want out of life, onto them. She may not aspire to any of those things that you mentioned. That doesn’t mean she isn’t focused, growing, or successful. It just means she has a vision for herself that differs from yours. And that’s ok.

    I’m sure you are talented. Perhaps its your calling to do all of those things that you listed.

  43. @Des,

    No, I don’t want them to marry outside of their race–but I will support them out of love in whatever decisions they make. I believe there are good, strong, sound of mind, positive black women in the world–and so there have to be daughters of the same calibur. I’m liking the Obama girls :mrgreen: but that leaves me lacking 2 more since I have 4 sons. I meet beautiflul glowing little black girls at stores and other places. I have stopped and bought pretty black baby dolls for little brown girls just to remind them that they are beautiful. It just seems that on a large scale, somewhwere in our lifetime, society gets its teeth and our knecks and begins to bleed us. It has to stop somewhere.

  44. Nefertari,
    You are absolutely right about me not being able to make a fair assessment of JJ’s new album, having listened to only 3 songs. What I should have said was based on the 3 songs I’ve heard, I am not enticed to hear any more, or buy the album. Usually an artist releases what they believe is going to be their biggest hit off of the album first. If Feedback or Rock With You is suppose to be an indication of her best tracks off the album, I think she may have a problem. Nefertari, you also brought up another valid point. You said that maybe Janet doesn’t want to do all the things that I want her to do, i.e., saturate the market, expand on her talents, create a fresh sound, and dance moves. She is the artist making millions, not me. I think what I was trying to say was, if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results. I just thought maybe if she changed it up a little, freshened up her act, she would have more impact in the industry she once dominated. What worked back in the 80’s and 90’s might not appeal to the masses today. She’s tried this routine on her last couple of albums and it didn’t pan out. I was expecting her to really blow my mind with her latest body of work with all the heavy hitters she has working with her. Again, the jury is still out, and we have yet to see what her sales are. Admittedly, I have not bought the album and I have only heard 3 tracks. I know one thing though, the tracks I’ve heard did not make me want to run out and by the album like when I heard a Usher, Mariah or Beyonce cut. That’s just me . I was just listening to JJ last night. (old school JJ) Just because she’s great and I love her music doesn’t mean I have to love EVERYTHING she comes out with. I love Beyonce too but I CAN’T STAND a couple of her songs that were her biggest hits. Perhaps I’m just a tough critic, but I just know what I like, and so far, it isn’t Discipline. I’m waiting for one of my friends to buy it so I can hear the whole thing. Sadly though, none of my friends have bought it yet. PS I don’t like Mariah’s new cut either, and I hope her next single release is more to my liking. Am I crazy, or does music just stink these days?….. Where’s Earth Wind and Fire when you need ’em? I enjoy reading your posts. Most of the time you are kind and stay on topic. Thanks for the heads up on the Rock With You video on BET Access granted. Even though I’m not crazy about the song, I want to see what she’ll do in the video. Surely she’ll look beautiful as always…..

  45. @Ladylee, I will tell you a secret–and its the cardinal sin of Janet fans–I didn’t like her last album either!

    I did like Damita Jo a lot more. But this album is a LOT better. I’m not saying that as a Stan–I’m being honest with you–although, I am a stan.

    I also heard what was leaked to the net and I turned to my husband and said “Janet BETTER NOT!!!!!!!!!!!” I was fuming. I explained to him that what I heard sounded like hot garbage and if her album was like this–I was going to be HOT!!!! He sort of looked at me like “ummm..do you need some quiet time?” 😐

    But then when I bought the album and put it on a good system and listened to it–I was surprised and very happy.

    It is VERY pop/rock though–with the exception of the slow jams. But I like it. If it helps at all, Feedback and Luv are in NO WAY the best songs on that album. Not even CLOSE. I am trying to figure out who chose the singles. There are songs on there that are just gorgeous. I love “This Can’t Be Good”.

    BTW I saw Earth Wind and Fire on the Tom Joyner show on TVOne the other week. It was a treat!

  46. Hey, go to MTV Billboard Music and charts. Click on Janet Jackson and they have sooooo many of her music videos on there. Miss you much, IF, Control, What have you done for me lately? you name it. I had fun watching all her classics. Of course they have her new stuff on there too, including some recent ‘live’ performances. You can find out how Discipline is doing and they have a blog on there as well. Enjoy. Man I LOVE that IF video, and that was one of my favorite songs back in the day. That girl was dancing her butt off!! :dance1:

  47. Okay, I’ll try to be more openminded. I’ll give it a try. I liked Damita Jo too. Some of her slow songs were JAMMIN’!! I had two copies. The edited and the ‘adult’ version. I’ll pick up a copy soon and if this thread is still open, I’ll tell you what my fav song is once I check it out.

  48. Cool I hope you llove it. oh and check out “Curtains” it has a “I get so lonely” vibe.

  49. Luv JJ to the end :dance1:

    As far as her interviews I agree she is kinda boring but after the nipplegate, ppl showed their true colors and so she’s not as open. I mean yeah with a brother like MJ you would think she would be used to it but it’s one thing to go through that and be on the sideline and it’s another thing to have it happen to you.

  50. Not even a Lesbo moment on TV can help sell Janet’s new album. Sorry but she needs to do more Super Bowl performances if she is going to get back in the charts. The youth movement has officially taken over.

  51. @hip Hop Tees

    You “youth movement” people need to go back to school and learn better reading skills. Janet’s record is #1 on HDD sales as of yesterday.

    :lol2: a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  52. Nefertari,

    Okay, I tried my best to really get into it. It kinda had a Britney vibe to it. By that I mean the vocals were less than stellar, and she used the ‘vocoder’ pretty agressively as well. You know, that device that gives you that far away, breathy, distorted, sound? All in all, I still say it’s not as good as some of her other stuff. A little too ‘pop-y’ and not enough R&B for my taste. I did like some cuts, don’t get me wrong, What’s UR Name is more my stlye. I like the chords and lyrics she uses. I’m kinda tired of her whispering and talking alot on her intros, but I guess it’s to be expected, especially on her slow jams. Still a fan, just not a fan of this album as a whole. Thanks for inspiring me to keep an open mind. I’ll keep listening to it, sometimes a song has to grow on you…..On Damita Jo, did you like that song Spending Time With You? I LOVED that song!! I was kinda hoping for a vibe like that, you know kinda like That’s the way Love Goes. You know, a lil’ more R&B vibe, more grown up , know what I mean? Plus her vocals are a little more decent on those kinda songs. just MHO (my humble opinion)

  53. I loved Spending Time with you. I also really liked “Like you don’t Love me”. I’m kind of weird, but I liked Damita Joe and Sexhibition too.

    I have never considered Janet a vocalist. But I come from a pentecostal background, so when I think of a singer….I think of a SSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGGER. So I know I’m biased.
    But I think she is an awesome entertainer.

    If I want to hear vocals, I pull out an old Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Patti Labelle. I don’t even look for it among today’s singers. Hasn’t been a great one since Kelly Price I think…I lliked Syleena Johnson a lot too.

    I agree with you that this album is way apart from R&B. But did you like Discipline? (the single) i LOVED IT. But then I love Neyo and everything he touches turns to gold from my perspective. I also enjoy “What’s Your Name” and “This Can’t Be Good”.

  54. Okay, now I see we are on the same page. Yeah, she has some decent cuts on there all right. You’re right about the vocals. I don’t think she’ll ever be singing the National Anthem or anything, but there is a certain peaceful quality to her voice. Discipline the single is okay. I heard she’s got another video leaking, but I forgot with who, some kind of duet or something, with a guy, have you heard anything about that? I saw Patti in concert, OMG!!! Homegirl kicked off her shoes and it was ON!!! I saw Yolanda Adams and Shirley Ceasar too! Don’t get me started!! You’re right, today’s artist just don’t have the chops like back in the day, not mainstream anyway. There are a handful, but not a whole lot. We do have some good ENTERTAINERS though. Chris Brown, Janet (of course),Beyonce, to name a few. I wonder, who will the 9 and ten year olds consider as their Whitney, or Mariah? Who will take their place? Who from today can live up to the standards that they have set so high? Hard to say……That reminds me, speaking of Ne-yo, he was arrested recently for reckless driving,… and The Game is doing 60 days in jail for weapons possesions, tisk tisk, …I digress…

  55. For anyone who thinks it matters–Janet’s album closed today at #1 for the week. She had the number 1 sales of all artists who released albums a week ago. Erykah had #2. Congrats to both of them!

  56. First of all- she has went under the knife I am impressed when someone is 41 and naturally beautiful! We “regular” women have to work harder at looking good. Annd you know she probably has a gym in her house and a personal trainer! :dance: Dang do you people watch Cribs!?
    Secondly, I think she does need to sit down and just gracefully pass the mic on. Acting should be her thang now.

  57. Very interesting reading the back-and-forth on this thread.

    Anyway, I love Janet, and I hope she can do a new Rhythm Nation next time around, but as to the post above mine… the only surgery she’s had was her nose job when she was a young girl (16?). Nothing else. Someone asked her how she still looks as good as she did during the janet./velvet rope era, and she said “that’s jackson.” LOL.

  58. Foxeli,

    Glad you are supportin’ our girl, however, you stand corrected. She was 14 when she had her first nose job (per her interview with Vogue, back in the day) and she has also had her boobs done. But let’s not split hairs. Doesn’t matter HOW she got so beautiful, fact remains, … she just is. We should not hate. For all you haters, just step your game up, save up your pennies, and you too can get some work done if you feel you need to. Live and let live I say. Being in the public eye and under such scrutiny, she is expected be to a grade above the rest of us pheasants. (smile) If she was fugly, there would be people complainin’ about that as well. Just look at how people hate on Beyonce. The only thing fake about Beyonce is her hair, but people still find reason to pick apart the beautiful ones. Not me. Oh yes, I have picked apart her music, to be sure, but as for her looks, give the girl a break, you know she’s beautiful folks, even BEFORE she went under the knife. Even if she wasn’t, that would be no fault of her own. Ya gotta work with what you got. I don’t ever hear anyone baggin’ on Missy Elliott, she’s no great beauty. Seems to me people just pick on those that they deem a threat, or maybe the fantasy of others. If Queen Latifah, or Jill Scott were a size 5, people would be talkin’ about them too. But they are not a threat cuz they are not the ‘desired’ shape of most male fantasies. Just my two cents. Don’t hate, congradulate.

  59. @MssThang

    Im sorry but I am so tired of that excuse. This is coming from a woman who has given birth 4 times between 20 and 26 and finally figured out that nobody was responsible for getting my body back in shape except myself. It doesn’t matter whether she is rich, has a trainer, or a “gym” in her house. In order to lose the weight, she had to get her behind off the couch and do the work. All a personal trainer does is tell you which exercises to do and perhaps yell at you a bit if you need the motivation. But they CANNOT do the work for you. So she deserves the credit for doing the work and turning down the extra food.

  60. And the “gym” in your house can be as simple and inexpensive as a $90 exercise bike, a $40 weight bench and about $25 worth of free weight dumbells. Some people act like a personal trainer is going to physically lift your arms and push you up from the floor in a crunch. She still had to do the work.

    On her nose–Maybe the whole family wanted to have the same nose. lol don’t know, but I know she is still a pretty woman.

    I’m not going to hate on the plastic surgery because although my husband says I have a big behind-if I could make it bigger with a shot or surgery–and NOT be in danger of dying under the knife, I’d be pulling out my checkbook as we speak! I just have a thing about big butts I guess :lol2:

    Bottom line is…stop hating. Why should anybody care about another woman’s parts and whether they are real or fake?

  61. Amen Nef!

    This is off topic, but Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child got a boob job. She has an article in People magazine where she talks about it. They actually look pretty legit. I’m not a fan of plastic surgery, cuz I’m too scary, and I’ve seen alot of botched jobs, and heard alot of horror stories. 3 of my friends have gone under the knife so I have up close and personal experience. To each their own though. Oh POO!!! I just realized I missed Janet on Tyra!! Did anyone see it? Did she reveal anything new?

  62. Janet still cool as hell. She will watch someone make a fool out of themselves and sit there so cool, calm and collected. Tyra was a good model, but damn, she’s corny as hell on that talkshow. :loser:

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