Janet Extends Her World Tour

Pop icon Janet Jackson is set to extend her “Up Close & Personal Tour” well into the fall. According to a recent press release, the singer’s 35 city world tour has been such a success, more dates are set to be added throughout Europe and North America. The new dates are expected to extend the tour well into the fall.

Speaking on the scope of her tour, Jackson said she was excited to know that her fans are having a great time at her show and thanked them for sticking with her through the years.

Janet recently revealed during an interview that she is working on a new album that she hopes will be released this year. No word on how the touring schedule may affect that.

Fans have been itching for Janet to hook back up with longtime producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Jam was asked about the possibility last week at the Grammy overhaul announcement and reportedly said a reunion was “likely.”


  1. Jam was asked about the possibility last week at the Grammy overhaul announcement and reportedly said a reunion was “likely.”

    I read this too via Janet Online but I cannot find it anywhere else. I wonder is this is wishful thinking by the fans or for real.

    I have a hard time imagining Janet will go back to Jam and Lewis after leaving them on her lat album. I hope she does, but you never know.

    I don’t think she should have ever left them. Hooking up with JD and all these new beat makers was a bad move. Discipline was her worst album ever. I bought it but listened to it only a couple of times. It pained me to hear Janet being so gimmicky.

  2. Why is Janet looking so manly lately? I hate to say it but she looks like she is on steroids.

  3. This is a weird thought: Janet should swallow her pride and find her ex-huband Renee. Despite their personal issues, Renee writes some great music for Janet, and when they were together her music was tight. Just a thought, if Ivana and Donald Trump could make up to sell Pizza Hut pizzas, why can’t Janet and Renee reunite. Love Janet.

  4. @ Bowhe, weird indeed… didn’t he basically try to capitalize on their marriage after/upon/during the divorce? I don’t know that I would want to go back to that at all, but I hear you on the two of them collaborating, etc. Hence the Janet album and Velvet Rope.

    @ Richmond, manly? LOL I think the image (the “muskles” flexing) screams manly. for the most part she looks like janet; petite and pretty and curvy 😉

  5. Happy for her. She needs to employ some of her leaching family members to work on her tour and cd. There is no reason her brothers and sisters cant sing backup on recordings or play instruments. Her nieces and nephews who are trying to get careers off the ground could open or do soemthing with the show. Those Jacksons need to learn how to keep money in the family.

  6. I miss the “Anytime, Anyplace” and “If” Janet. That was when she was the sexiest. But the short cut is sexy on her. She needs to keep that.
    Richmond Rose, Janet has always been a lil thick in the hips but her arms are looking manly especially with the vein popping thing going on.

  7. I think she looks great! She cannot please everyone all the time. People talk about her if she gains too much weight, lose too much weight, cuts her hair, wears excessive extensions….ect…
    She is probably working out to stay in working shape to give an excellent performance like she used too.
    I would love to see her hook up with Jimmy Jam and Terri Lewis. They all made MAGIC toether. As for her ex….Hell no! He tried to blackmail her! And where is he know…who knows…and who cares…She will do just fine without him.
    Do your thang Ms Jackson!!!!

  8. If her ex was so talented why have we not heard from him since the divorce? Why is he not writing and producing for other people? Umm cuz he can’t. The performance of her last three albums can be linked to one event — the superbowl! If not for that, she would still be on top.

    As for the tour, good for her! Not feeling her new style tho. Why is she wearing skulls everywhere? She has on a skull belt in this pic and she was in an interview showing off her skull rings and bracelets. Just creepy.

  9. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for the new album..I have not loved a Janet album since 2001..I’m a fan and I still bought them hoping I would love the entire album..or atleast most of it.

  10. I doubt that Rene Elizondo (her ex) wrote any of her songs, but I think he did provide some creative inspiration when it comes to imaging and creativity. That element in Janet was missing once he left the picture, not to mention when her long time choreographer and creative partner Tina Landon left. Im not saying that Janet should get back with him or try and mend broken relationships for the sake of her career, I will say that she needs to find some new inspiration because her last 3 albums were kind of lackluster. Hopefully Wissam will provide that creative inspiration that she needs.

  11. Janet was the best during the JANET and Velvet Rope years. She needs to take it back to the simple sexy, and forget about that Discipline Garbage.

    I love Janet but, her brother MJ was the one that had the sexy voice. On many of his love songs, songs about relationships, you could tell he wanted to let the freak fly, but held back.

  12. Rene directed a few videos and took some pictures. The music was Janet, Jimmy and Terry. People give this dude more credit than he deserves. Now Tina I agree with. This current choreographer is not on Tina’s level at all and if there was anybody that I would prefer that she get back with, it would be Tina Landon hands down.

  13. at this point, why can’t janet just choreograph her own music videos?

  14. The “Discipline” album wasn’t great, I agree…but it’s wasn’t wholly bad.

    And had the dude who directed the video for “Feedback”, UPPED THE LIGHTING in the planet scenes, I would’ve liked it way better than I did.

    Great choreography in the vid and a cool concept overall. And I liked the song…but I can say that’s about the only song on the record that I liked.

  15. I agree the Feedback video was waaaay too dark but the song was good in my opinion. Everytime I hear it, it makes me dance and then I ask myself why wasnt this a bigger hit. Rock Wit U was also one of my favs.

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