Janet Gets Ready To “Discipline” Japanese Fans

Janet Jackson Arrives In Japan As many of you know, Janet Jackson has been laying low since she had a pneumonia scare a few weeks ago. However after getting a clean bill of health from her doctor and attending the Kids Choice Awards, Janet let her fans know she would once again resume promotion of her “Discipline” CD, and that promotion includes stops overseas and naturally Japan, the biggest music market in the world, was one of her first stops. Dressed in all black and flanked by her super-fine and longtime bodyguard, Joey, Janet was seen departing LAX and eventually landing at the Narita International Airport in Narita Chiba, Japan. Janet will be on a three day promotional tour in Japan before reportedly heading off to Germany and eventually Canada and the UK. Finally, Janet will be back in the US later in the month to receive an honor from GLADD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

The ‘Feedback’ singer will be recognized by the organization for working to combat prejudice against sexuality in the music industry. She will be presented with the Vanguard Award by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres at the organization’s Media Awards in Los Angeles’ at the Kodak Theatre on April 26th.


  1. Is she performing while there? Janet should do a concert that is streamed online.

  2. Damn, I love the fact that we can edit our comments now.

  3. Her bodyguard is a cutie. Love Janet, Still rocking to her CD.

  4. Her body guard is…………….. delicious.


    No really, he’s…. I’m looking at these pics like Janet who? LOL He’s got a Vin Diesel vibe going on. Dead sexy. 🙂

  5. the biggest musical market in the world is the united states of america followed by japan

  6. the biggest musical market in the world is the united states of america followed by japan

    No it isn’t and clearly you wrote that for the sake of writing it. Japan has been the biggest music market for many years and before I wrote this I double checked to make sure it was still such.

    However, industry insiders say the Japanese purchased 8% less music in 2007 than they did in 2006 and that Western music saw the biggest hit in their country.

    Ever wonder why artists include so much bonus music and doo-dads in their Japanese releases? Well, again, it’s because it is the biggest market their is and they add extras to woo those fans.

  7. Interesting stuff^^^^ Maybe that’s how Amerie and Kelis and Kelly have been as successful (worldwide/outside US) as they have with their records. I know Mariah’s, much like Janet, has a crapload of Japanese fans.

  8. Janet looks cute, but damn Joey (her bodyguard, yes I know I’m a stan for knowing that) is So sexy, most time u see celebs w/ those big ugly security dudes

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