Janet Goes Glam for Blackglama

Janet Jackson’s iconic six pack makes its return in the latest round of glamour shots from Blackglama’s “What Becomes A Legend Most” campaign.

As we previously reported, Miss Jackson was brought back for a second year in a row to rep the company, whose line of furs usually starts at around the $30,000 mark.


  1. These poses…photos…are soooooooo slick!

    Janet reps well for women over 40…the Blackgama wardrobe is soooooo hot…I can only imagine how much the clothes cost…a whole lot…but, so beautiful and chic!

  2. She is making these young celebrities look the fool. You go girl for the 40 plus crowd

  3. I love you Janet.

    That is all.

    Oh and I love the fur and the pants and the boots DEAR LORDT THE BOOTS I LOVE!

  4. I love JJ she never got all doped out on drugs or really got into any public drama. her career is flawless. She never said anything bad to the media about MJ or any celebrity. she dont flaunt her wealth in ppl face. She is an icon to me.

  5. Janet is a bad chick. If she isn’t MJ? It’s scary to see Janet pose, the only person I see his MJ.

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