Janet Hits Oprah’s Couch

According to Janet Jackson’s official website, the singer is scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Word is the singer be accompanied by Tyler Perry and the entire cast of “Why Did I Get Married Too.” Rumors on the singer’s fan sites also claim that Janet will perform “Nothing,” the new single she recently recorded for the film’s soundtrack. At the moment Janet is still in London attending fashion shows and possibly prepping for the release of her own intimate apparel line (Pleasure Principle).


  1. Great news, and this movie can’t come fast enough, also Im sure a little Michael will be in the interview as well.

  2. It’s fine that Oprah wants to talk with Janet (or vice versa) but I always got the impression that Oprah was not exactly a huge fan of Michael’s. Now I know people out there love Oprah and hang onto every word that comes out of her moth, but I personally would not be able to sit on her couch if I thought she believed my brother to be guilty of disgusting crimes he did NOT commit. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just me…

  3. Yeah, in the later years Oprah made statements against Michael right after that second molestation allegation.

  4. Can’t wait!!!! Supposedly the new song will be dropping any day now.

  5. Ella Umbrella, I completely agree. It’s no different than with Rihanna. Ya’ll know I am not a Ri Ri fan, BUT I feel as if Oprah only became interested in her AFTER she got her butt whooped. I mean, with ALL the success Rihanna has had… Oprah has never said that girls name before or even thought about putting her, OR JAY-Z (BEYONCE’S HUSBAND) on the show. SMH. If I were Janet, I wouldn’t do it. But I do know Tyler and Oprah are really close friends.

  6. but Oprah’s job isn’t to only book guests who interest her, it is to book guests who might interest her audience.

  7. Successful sista o dissed mj unfairly cant forgive her 4 that.

  8. When you have a large family that is in the spotlight you can’t expect everyone to like all of them. Especially a family like the Jacksons where they all had there time with the media. Anyway Oprah clearly likes Janet and supports her career. Also after Mikes death Oprah did a show that was in very good taste remembering Mike.

  9. I feel like Janet has stood by Michael in his time of need. Michael’s backlash hit Janet career as well Janet was at her peek during the JANET era, that’s when the first allegations came out or really hit the fan. Anyways her standing by her brother reflected what type of person she truly is loyal and will cut a bitch for her family. Janet had to put up with a lot of bull because of the Jackson name. Now if she wants to go on Oprah so be it, she has her own life to live. Oprah isn’t god and I’m pretty sure she has regretted things she has said about Michael Jackson.

  10. Ella Umbrella: I just happened to be above the “Oprah Influence” or any other black “we are so powerful yet try as hard as we can to please the white man” Bullshit that is out there, And i do remember her “Shading” Michael a few years ago, but didn’t Lil Wayne make a diss track about Michael Jackson but sill participated in that “we are the world” messy remake? wasn’t beyonce sitting right next to Joe Jackson after giving an interview about how much of a bad person he is? How about all these other celebrity who constantly made fun of Michael? Yet showed up at his funeral? Hollywood is Full of hypocrites

  11. Can’t wait to see Janet. 🙂

    What’s going on with her hair???

  12. I guess I just don’t like the situation. I’ve never been a big fan of Oprah’s but the whole Michael thing pushed me over the edge because he is such a sore spot for me. Most days, I adore Janet, and she’s a grown woman who can do whatever she likes, but I don’t think every arena of promotionis necessarily a good one. Just my opinion! I had more to say, but I cut myself off because I’d be rambling on emotionally!

  13. Yes..I’ve noticed that as well. Oprah only gets interested in someone if they make the news real big. Half the people she interviews like athletes..she knows nothing about. But I guess thats what makes it her show, hell..she can do whatever she wants lol

  14. With all that said EVERYONE who commented will be tuning in lol

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