Janet Honors Michael At The BET Awards

Janet Jackson When reports came down earlier today that a member of the Jackson family would attend the BET Awards and make a statement, I secretly hoped it would be Janet. Unfortunately, while watching CNN do press on the red carpet, I spotted the father, Joe Jackson, instead. Joe stopped and spoke to reporter Don Lemon and if any of you saw it then you know how gosh darn awful it was. Joe actually used the moment to promote his new record label. I was absolutely stunned and hoped he would not make the same mistake during the live telecast. Thankfully my prayers were answered when Janet stepped onto the stage during the final minutes of the show. Her comment was brief and yet so heartbreaking. She seemed nervous and almost broke down at the end when said “We miss him so much”. I honestly think the family saw Joe’s comments earlier and quickly dispatched Janet to take his place on live television.

Below is Janet’s statement as well as images and the video

“My entire family wanted to be here tonight but it was just too painful, so they elected me to speak to all of you. I’m going to keep it very short. To you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family. And he will forever live in all of our hearts. On behalf of my family, and myself, thank you for all of your love. Thank you for all of your support. We miss him so much. Thank you so much.”




  2. I will not even discuss her father 🙄 anyways. I love Janet she is strong and I am amazed how strong she is during this hard time in their life, Oh wait a minute Superbowl of course this woman is strong. Janet is the Queen and I have faith in her that she is about to shut the game down.

  3. I saw Joe, on CNN too and all I can say is….a Hot Mess. Janet knew her daddy would make a joke outta himself on live television. I’m glad she came and thank everyone during this hard time for her and family, May God Bless Her.

  4. please stop badtalking about this family
    it already killed Michael it’s not necessary to add more pain
    May God protect the Jacksons

  5. they’re trying to stay strong in these sad event

  6. 😥

    Janet Damita-Jo Jackson = strength, poise, and elegance.

    She says she get’s her strength from her mother. That’s a whole lot of strenght. Her brief words made the grown man break down.

  7. I felt like it was worth it after she showed up … I love her more now than ever. Stay strong girl.

  8. Ugh, I love me some Janet. Knowing that they were so close! They seemed the closest out of all the siblings and I know she’s terribly hurt and we won’t be seeing her for a long long time. She and the family are in my prayers.

  9. Why is everyone so against their father. How many kids today can say that they had a father who saw that their was something special in his kids and he pushed them to be the best they can be. Maybe he over did it but how many people can say that they have their father in their lives and he pushing them to reach their full potential. So the Jackson’s got their but whipped guess what so did I and probably so did a lot of other people walking up on that stage. Maybe that is what is missing from these kids today someone loving then enough to whip their buts. All the man said was the he had a record company. Maybe that is how is coping with all of this is to keep busy. Let’s remember this man lost a son as well and if it were not for this man we wouldn’t be honoring his son. They made sacrifices as a family and they seem to be a pretty strong family.

    So give Joe Jackson a break and until you can a walk a mile in his shoes don’t judge this man because he didn’t want his children leaving the life he lived.

  10. Also from germany i wish Janet and the rest of the hole Jackson family all the best. To loose a beloved family-member is very hard.
    God bless you all.

  11. Let me start by saying that I know within the coming weeks the press is going to tear Michael and his family apart. Rest assure however that this blog will not be partaking in that foolishness. However, what Joe did last night was the FIRST step in my opinion of the media feeling it is okay to go after Mike. Joe had to be crazy to plug his record label less than 72 hours after the death of his son and on live television. He is the man of the family and should have known better.

  12. I think you hit it right on the head Stephanie. The flood gates opened big time in that instant … all I could do was shake my head.

  13. I feel for Janet and the entire Jackson family. I know how difficult it was for her to do that. And she has to continue to shoot the film and other stuff after all this has happened. 🙁

  14. I cried with her… I love jay and the jackson so much, i feel their pain like crazy,i hate stans but punish me right now i am a jackson family stan 🙁 i miss you Mike … For some reason i am sure that the person who feel mike’s death is joe, you need to believe me when i say some people deal with pain a different way, my little sisters laugh when people die and at first we all wanted to beat her ass me first i actually grabbed a knife at her once, then we realized that is her way to grieve because late at night she would cry her eyes out to sleep, Do not pass judgment on joe because one thing is for certain he LOVED michael .

  15. Highlight of the night. It just shows how much they love the fans and are truly grateful for the support because no one expected any of them to show so soon.


    Very well said Sean! I hope and the Lord keep the Jackson family,and I hope Janet does
    take the torch! you’re right she is a Queen,and she very pretty!

  17. Stephanie I saw that later and I agree with you he should not have done that. But people handle things in different ways and maybe he handles it by just dealing with the business aspect of it. Speaking from experience it’s really not real until you get to that funeral and that actually begin to lower him into the ground that is when it becomes real for most people. I just think people should stop being so hard on this man and just give him a break. You cannot lift his son up and not give him some credit regardless of what you think about him.

  18. I am a true Jackson fan, and I believe that Michael Jackson is our generation Mozart. I was listening to his music and watching his videos , and it’s amazing how beautifully talented he was. To this day, his ART is untouched. And from what’s out there will never be touched. I’m truly upset, because he was The INVISIBLE KING OF POP MJJ. My sister said and I thought. I’m sadden. For his art can’t continue with him. Watching him was magic. But like Janet said, we lost an icon, they lost a brother.

    And Janet , I feel her pain and noone knows the depth of pain that she is dealing with right now. She and Mike were close, and the only ones to really continue with their careers so they shared alot of commonality.To see them together was so adorable and real. When together, they always seemed like little kids , even on stage. Their Scream video was magic and it’s obvious they perfected each other.

    As far as the father is concerned, noone knows his pain. His eyes said it all, just because he didn’t cry or kept his mouth shut about his ventures in business, doesn’t mean that he didn’t love his son. I truly believe by looking at pictures, watching Michael on t.v. that he wasn’t well and probably suffering from a terminal disease that only his family knew about, and that is why his father can function. It’s like finally he’s at peace and I’m at peace. I’ve been by the deathbed of my grandfather and a year later my mother and it was a long process. And death always come after the person gets a boosts of energy, i.e. Michael was able to dance fo 4 hours and discuss business. So, Joe had to know. Now, if he comes out and write a book about Mike exploiting him, that that’s something we can hate on. Michael loved his father and credited him with his success, we should do the same.

    The media needs to play in traffic. They pushed MJJ to the brink and it killed him. To even go as far as to show him on the garney, with his eyes open looking into the camera, and the show his body being placed in the van and the helicopter was real tacky and heartless. Every aspect of his life was tapped and mocked. The media even in death created a circus monkey out of Michael, and wonder why Janet said that he was their family, brother. I’m with Janet on that one. I hope they buried him on the Jackson Estate, and have a closed casket. Because we all know that MJJ illness and medication, surgery destroyed the once beautiful face. We don’t need TMZ and their tackiness plasetering it for the world to see.

    And I pray that it is a closed casket at the funeral or atleast for the public.

    And Lisa Marie- this woman loved MJJ so much she could have kept her mouth shut about his demons , like Elizabeth and Ross and Jones. This woman just had to make it known about things that we already knew.

  19. i have been crying on and off since thursday. i wish he was still here. i did not know the man but i still miss him. that’s one of the hardest parts of growing up and getting older…the people you care for will slowly leave you. it was good for the BET awards to say they wanted to dedicate the show to michael. parts of it were manageable but the rest was disrespectful to me. maybe i’m different. when people gave reasons on how he has affected them or maybe past memories of him that was precious. the parts when people sang his songs were also good. when janet came out i was a bit surprised but glad that she found some strength to represent the family and say how she/they feel and how the love people are giving michael are appreciated. i felt very sorry for her. i would love for them to be at peace with the whole situation soon. i hope the lord watches over them and takes care of them and michael’s soul/spirit.

    *i know this is a very big sidenote but was it me or was the show’s attempts to pay homage to michael horrible destroyed after that ving rhames part/ the last performance. too many curse words for me to take.

    that all i can think of right now.

  20. I pray that Janet and the rest of the family is able to stay strong. The media tormented this man throughout his life and I can only pray that they give him the respect and honor that he deserves in death. My heart is truly heavy and has been since I first found out about this tragedy. There are moments when I jam out while watching an old Michael Jackson video, and moments where I break down completely. There will never be another..

    I am so happy that Janet will be taking control of her brother’s estate. I don’t think anyone else will handle these personal matters with as much love and care as she will. It is so obvious that her and Michael shared a special bond that not even death can break.

  21. I’m with y’all I broke down too…. I love Janet and I pray that she and her family make it through this the only way possible during times like this……. together. I too have been in this situation and know the pain it causes so I just hope the Jacksons will be stronger and cherish eachother

  22. Out of respect for Michael, Joe Jackson should not have used this moment to try and plug his record company. I understand that everyone grieves differently, but him plugging is record company is exactly what the media wants so they can go after the family. I wanted to reach through the television and choke him! For many, the CNN interview was confirmation that Joe Jackson is the selfish and controlling man that they protrayed in the Jackson movie. I was so glad when Diddy (Puff Daddy or whatever he calls himself) spoke with the commentator from CNN and told them to watch what they say. He got them straight! Stephanie, I really love this site because you are the only one that respects the fact that this man is dead, and there is NO coming back from that.

  23. I was so upset that Joe was at the awards in the front row. Your son is not even in the ground and your at the awards. I have to give Janet much respect at least she came out and made a statement and left. Not partying with the other celebs. Everytime the camera was on him I found myself cussing. I was so glad when it was mentioned on the show to pray for Katherine. I can’t remember who said it.

    My heart sank when I saw Janet come on that stage. MJ will live on in our hearts.

  24. not in a mood to analyize i just pray that God gives her healing,comfort and strength.

  25. I’m still in denial, too. …Yes, may God protect The Jacksons always.

  26. 😳 janet represented so well on that stage they are really a strong family

  27. I don’t doubt Joe’s love for Michael or any of his children. He did the best he knew how, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t cause Michael or any of the rest of the family, his wife included, considerable pain. A lot of Michael’s issues seemed to have their origins in his relationship with Joe . . .

    But Janet, wow! Got to give her props for holding it together. Soon as I saw that picture of her and Mike as kids, I lost it. Such poise and grace.

  28. Neyo can’t sing. He sings from his nose. I saw the rush job they did and I believe they had all and good intentions when it came to Michael. They didn’t have to do it at all. They could have kept that show the way it was and just had every performer or presenter mention Michael while they were up there. So WE

  29. We should not bash them for trying. At least they tried. A re-vamped show of that magnitude is major. That’s all. And as for Neyo? He can’t sing. Jamie should have sang ” I’ll Be There” by himself. Done.

  30. I felt bad mainly because I could not imagine what it’d be like to lose a BROTHER especially one I was close with. I could only connect with that pain but so much because I still have my brother. Be strong Janet. I’ma go watch Scream in a second.

  31. I agee with Janet, Michael is famous to all of us, but to them he is FAMILY.

    May God Bless The Jackson family and MJ’s children.

    MJ and the 80’s 4ever!!!!!!

  32. Janet You’ll Be In My Heart And I Know That Your Probably Still Mad At Beyonce Of What She Said About Your Family Love You DaMita Jo

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