Rumor Control: Janet Jackson and Wisam al Mana Call it Quits


Maybe, Maybe Not: Janet Jackson and Wisam al Mana Split

Have Janet Jackson and husband of five years, Wissam al Mana, parted ways just months after welcoming their first child? Well, if online reports are to be believed, they have. Everyone from People magazine to US Weekly are claiming Janet left Wissam due to his overbearing ways and push for her to convert to Islam.

Sources have reportedly told various media outlets “Sadly, Janet and Wissam have decided to separate after agreeing things just weren’t working out. They’re determined to be good parents to six-month old Essai and graciously request that their privacy be respected during this very trying time.”

The couple began dating in 2010 and married in a secret ceremony in 2012. They’ve quietly split their time between homes in London and Dubai.

Remember… believe it when you hear it from my lips. – Janet Jackson

Janet’s marriages have always been a thing of mystery, with people usually only finding out she’s married once she’s filed for divorce. She never speaks openly about her relationships and is notorious for keeping her private life out of the press. I’m personally going to call this rumor false until Janet says otherwise.

I don’t think Wisam is overbearing. I don’t believe he’s trying to force Janet to become a Muslim and I don’t believe they’re divorcing just months after welcoming a new baby. Haha. No Muslim dude is gonna allow that anyway. They try to keep their families together and don’t believe in throwing their women to the wind and letting other men play daddy to their children.

Plus, let’s not forget Wisam’s recent open letter to his wife. This does not sound like a man on the verge of divorce to me.



  1. If true Wissam must’ve done something unforgivable. For a woman to leave her husband after just having a child he must have done really really bad. Worse than cheating even.

  2. Welp, it has been confirmed, from “her” lips, or her publicist’s write-up. 🙁

  3. I still need to hear it from Janet’s lips, though at this point it’s probably true. She knows the rumors are out there so if they weren’t true she would have said something like she did the cancer rumor.

    It’s unfortunate. People separate after things have been bad for a while. This marriage must’ve been on the rocks for a few years. I feel so bad for her and the baby. I hope they’re both okay.

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