Janet Jackson Announces Tour Dates + New Album is Up for Pre-Sale


It’s happening, Janet fans. It’s really, really happening this time.

Janet Jackson is back with a new single titled No Sleeep (yes, that extra ‘e’ is on purpose) and a just announced world tour that kicks off in Vancouver on August 31st.

Janet has so far announced thirty-six dates, with more scheduled to come in the next few days. Pre-orders for vinyl and CD copies of the album are also available today.

Janet’s longtime producers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, are helming the singer’s new album, as well as No Sleeep, which is rumored to dropping any day now.

Click here to get your pre-order groove on, early bird fans are promised quite a few goodies.

You can also check out a splashy new image below that now graces Janet’s official website. I’m totally loving the look and the platinum blonde hair, though something tells me I may have seen this image before.


  1. I hope this era isn’t lazy or gimmicky. A new label called Rhythm Nation, named for an almost 30 years old album. A photo shopped image of an older pic and a single named for a song Janet has already done is just not interesting. I don’t what silly way they spell it, she’s already recorded a song called No Sleep. Come on guys, you can do better than this. I hope the single is fire. Janet is only gonna get one chance to make a comeback. ????

  2. I’m just glad they’re no longer calling the single No Sl33P. I thought that was corny and dated. Janet is too old for such gimmicks. I was also hoping the title would be changed because like Dana said she’s done a song with that title already.

    If you guys have checked Janet’s website, there is a link to the single, but nothing plays. Is it just me?

  3. Janet never had a song titled NO SLEEP, unless u are getting the chorus from Go Deep mixed up LOL!. I am looking forward to her comeback. I am waiting for her to release those NY tour dates. At this stage in the game she has nothing else left to prove. She is a LEGEND and can do whatever she wants on her own record label.

  4. Janet never had a song titled NO SLEEP, unless u are getting the chorus from Go Deep

    Oh my gawd, as a longtime Janet fan I should know better. 🙁

  5. Janet Jackson is a Legend and ICON, she doesn’t need to make any comeback, because she has DONE IT. Period. The only thing Janet is coming back from is the Bank. For real Janet fans we don’t give a..about how great any first single is, because the album will be an experience. Janet is past the stage of ‘what have you done for me lately’. I will be buying the album and getting my concert tickets on June 22nd. Its going down. Oh Yes. The Queen is Back. Bow Down. Pay Homage. Throw Rose Petals. Kiss the Ring. ….Just please no shade…girlfriend has well earned our RESPECT. !Get Nasty!

  6. Wissam could have gave her some coins for a better tour poster. Although I like that its wild and she looks untamed, it looks low budget and amateur. Anywho…I am a fan and I know once Janet hits that stage, she will remind everybody why she is the BEST to ever do it. HANDS DOWN!!!

  7. Lol, I wasn’t being serious. And we have seen this photo before, it was back in 2006 during a 20YO shoot where Janet is lying down on the floor in nothing put a tank top, panties and heels. Either way you look at it, its kinda lazy and uninspiring.

  8. Lol, I wasn’t being serious.

    I know 🙂

    And we have seen this photo before, it was back in 2006 during a 20YO shoot where Janet is lying down on the floor in nothing put a tank top, panties and heels. Either way you look at it, its kinda lazy and uninspiring.

    I knew we had seen that photo before… and you are right, it is very lazy.

  9. While we all know Janet is an icon and shouldn’t have to prove anything, she does if she plans to keep releasing new music and touring. Artists never have to stop proving themselves either with their music or their performances. Neither Prince nor Madonna sell records anymore, not in the U.S. at least. But both still know how to perform and thus they continue to prove themselves. Janet is no different, icon or not. I hope she brings it all the way, not half way. Janet is too iconic to be releasing cheap photoshopped images from past photoshoots or using gimmicky spelled names for singles. Janet needs a topnotch team behind her and I hope she gets it before the album drops.

  10. Yep that’s the picture. I agree DANA, we all want Janet to win at the end of the day for she is the blueprint. I know with this new label, she is spending her own money but now is not the time to be frugal. The very first image from her new era should slay souls and this photoshop drivel is not a good look. Maybe Im being to hard on her, but after waiting seven long years for her return I need everything to be up to caliber and nothing short of stellar. Sometimes Janet can overthink things and I think this is one of those times…the last time she did the most was that ‘Nothing’ video lol…that outfit and wig was unforgivable.

  11. Janet has had seven years to get it right. She should have had all this stuff laid out months ago. I agree with all of you. We adore Janet and want her to come back slaying souls, not looking like a washed-up amateur. That picture is a mess. It looks like something a photoshop newbie would do. She can afford to pay for professional photos. Contrary to what people think, it has always been the artists who have paid for these things in the past, not the labels. Every dime labels spend artists are required to pay back and then some. Janet is an icon and needs to come back looking like one. Maybe Wissam should have upped some coins 😆

  12. I’ll reserve judgement until I hear the song. Jimmy and Terry produced it so I have high hopes. I just hope it doesn’t sound dated or isn’t too poppy.

  13. She didn’t use new artwork the last tour she used a blackglama image. I don’t care about that I just want a great album. She is probably still getting into fighting shape I am sure there will be new pics in the coming month or so.

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