Janet Jackson Cancels Japanese Tour Dates

Janet Tour Janet Jackson’s tour of Japan has been postponed, with promoters blaming the global financial crisis. Japanese concert promoter Kyodo Yokohama said the singer cancelled five concerts due to take place in February. The 42-year-old Grammy Award winner had planned to perform in several major cities, including Nagoya and Osaka. Jackson, on her first world tour in nearly seven years, cancelled seven performances in the US in 2008 because of a bout of vertigo. The gigs in Japan will be rescheduled later this year, with new dates expected to be announced in March. The star was recently in the UK to support older sister LaToya during her stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house.



  1. Dark Sista I totally agree. They knew that the economic was bad a long time ago. Why do these stars lie about what is going to be so obvious in a few months. SAD that they don’t have enough respect for the people who will support them no matter what.

  2. well i guess will see the outcome people, but i already knew she was gon cancel jugding by her recent pics i saw in london, The thing is i know that her tour would do very well in japan because Janet and Michael have always had a lot of fans all over Japan, China the whole of asia as well as around the globe. So i jst wanna wish her all the best of luck in the future.

  3. I and my husband saw her at the version center she is a great entertainer one of the best.
    Good luck to Janet.

  4. Janet is the best entertainer to date, fall back, she might be preggo but so what? shoo these entertainers dedicate their lives to hollywood rejecting a regular life until they turn 40 and it’ s like damn i got a grammy, fame,monye, no kids, no life GREAT
    chile please

  5. I think she is pregnant too! I refuse to believe sales have been that bad.

  6. I think Ms. Jackson If You’re Nasty is running neck-in-neck (or shall I say cheek-in-cheek) with Deelishis’ ASSets.

  7. I heard that her and jermaine broke up. Heard it this morning on the radio.

  8. I still and always will luv Janet no matter what is going on with her career or personal life. Also, I certainly don`t see any of todays female artists who can touch her performance wise. Some may quickly say Ciara. However, in my humble opinion, I see Ciara as more of a dancer rather than a true performer; there is a difference. I look upon a true performer as having stage presence/showmanship.

    If an artists is a great dancer as well as has stage presence then that makes for a great performer/showman, i.e. Janet, Michael, James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr, Jackie Wilson, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Madonna, etc. Anyway, much luv to Janet.

    MJ & The Golden 80s 4ever!!!

  9. I doubt she is canceling any of the concert dates due to poor sales. According to Live Nation the concert was very successful (even though half of the dates were canceled). I think she is either pregnant or dealing with some type of behind the scenes management/career problems. More than anything she needs to get some better management (she needs a Matthew Knowles type manager to back her) and a decent record company that can commit to a project for more than one single. (or she needs to release her own albums independently)

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